Gotta Be You

Layla and Katie have an amazing opportunity to go on tour with Katy Perry but they stay in Briton to fall in love with One Direction


1. First Day

Leila's P.O.V "Hurry up" I shouted "we're going to be late for school" I ran down stairs and started to walk over to the living room where my best friend Katie was sleeping "Wake up" I started to get angry. She started to go up stairs. "Okay I'm up" Katie said like she had no sleep at all. "Oh no, the bus is here" I mumbled. Katie got dressed in some white ripped skinny jeans while I got dressed in a T-shirt I made myself and some shorts. Katie was tall with wavy brown hair while I was short with blonde straight hair. I got on the bus still brushing my hair because there was literally no time. I carefully put my brush back in my Lonsdale bag. "We've got to hand in that science project" Katie said to me but I didn't realize until like, a minute later. "Oh yeah" I said while I was staring into my One Direction book. Katie never spent the time reading 1D facts so she didn't know there published personalities. "Get your face out of that stupid book!" Katie said. Sometimes she scares me, and now was one of those times. "Why are you so annoyed by One Direction?" I said, walking off the bus. It's not, you're just so..... Obsessed with them. I struggled to get into class because everyone was rushing to see the 'prom' poster. I hated prom but Katie loved it, sooooo... I had to go. Anyway enough on that the first class was art. " I love when my students say they love school" Mrs Diamond, our art teacher said. " Me too" I said sarcastically After art it was 2nd period. I got my maths book from my locker, and all of a sudden someone came and pushed me against my locker. Katie started blubbering. " One Direction is coming from America to Britain" wait she doesn't like one direction I definitely said 'note to self Katie does not like One Direction'. 'OMG' I wanted to scream but the deputy principle was right in front of us " I know right" I tried to get to my locker but she wouldn't let me go.When she did let me go I had to run because it was two minutes past the bell. It was lunch after maths class. I couldn't wait Katie's P.O.V. I just came out of science to meet up with Leila for lunch. I was looking at the floor so I didn't realize a cute boy that was about to walk into me. When we collided we made a huge science papers went everywhere. "Oh my go-" I got interrupted by a cute boy apologizing while picking up my papers. " Let me help you" I apologized "What's your name?" He asked innocently "Katie" I replied immediately. "What's yours?" I asked almost as innocently as he did. "Niall" he replied. His Irish accent was so cute! "Well, I'll see you around" was all I could think to say. I really didn't want him to leave. Leila's P.O.V. Katie was taking forever. If she got a detention I will kill her.... No, not really. "Leila, I'm sorry I was so late, and no, you don't have to kill me, I didn't get a detention." Katie said while being rushed to the food line by me. I took out my One Direction book and started to read. I turned to Niall Horan's page. "Hey, who's that?" Katie questioned. "Niall Horan, why?" "Because I banged into him in the hall..."

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