New Life

Maddie's terrifying past is behind her, she's ready to start a new perfect life with her boyfriend Harry, and best friends Zayn and Louis. She's happy, free, relaxed, and in love. Will a simple mistake ruin everything for her future? Will a simple 5 minuets change her life forever?
*Sequel to 'Remembering Katy Perry'. You might have a hard time following along if you haven't read the first book, so check it out(:*


27. Weak

Maddie's Pov

"Three-thirty sharp, Maddie."

"Got it, Dr.B, see ya then! You only reminded me fourteen times" I add a bit quieter.

Harry chuckles, and places his hand on the small of my back, leading me down the hall. Oh my God, I missed him. A whole month with out seeing or even talking to him. It was pretty much hell.

"Are we going home?"

He stops suddenly at my question and turns me to face him. Oh no. Something happened to his apartment. Or worse, Anne's house! Fire? Robbed?!

"Harry, what's wrong. What ha-"

He crushes his lips to mine and wraps his hands around my cheeks. I lose what ever train of thought I had and kiss back, putting as much passion and love into it as he is.

We're both left panting and wanting more, when we finally break. He wraps arms around me tightly and buries his face in my neck.

"I couldn't do that in front of the doctor, I don't think he would've approved" he mutters against my tingling skin.

"Ive missed you so much, Maddie. I don't you want you to have to ever leave me like that again."

"I don't want to leave, Harry. I want to go home and have things go back to normal."

I pull away from the hug and lock eyes with him.

"Promise we can do that?"

"I promise."

A warm feeling spreads through my body, starting in my heart and going all the way from my fingertips to my toes. I can go home now, and not have to worry about anything. I won't have to worry about falling apart or hiding my scars. I won't have to worry about Harry leaving me or the boys hating be. The only thing I'll have to worry about is what to wear the next day. I get to go home a better person.

"Lets go home."

He smiles warmly and entwines his hand in mine. This is it. I'm finally going to happy and well. I have a lot of things I need to come to term with, but now I know how to deal with it all. All I need to do is have hope its going to be better and believe it all happened for a reason. I know now not to hurt myself in any way, but to ask for someone to help me. Don't try and be strong for any body but myself.

"Can you take me to go get a tattoo tomorrow?"

He pushes through the set of double doors leading outside , exposing us to the hundreds of paps. The bright, blinding flashes come from every direction, as do the screams of questions.

"Fucking hell.." Harry mutters under his breath, looking around.

"Maddie! Were you cutting yourself for attention?!"

"Is Harry's fame not enough for you?! This is all to get the attention, right?!"

"Weak! The only word I can use to describe you! A weak, stupid girl!"

I turn over toward the scumbag who called me weak and storm over to him, blood boiling.

"Who the fuck are you to call me weak?! You don't know me! None of you ASSHOLES know me!"

The camera flash away and recorders come out, catching my every movement and word. If they want a show, ill give them one. I'll make sure every goddamn dirty, filthy pap get the story of their dreams: 'Harry Styles girlfriend shows her real side!'

"Go ahead! Flash away, you rotten bastards! Flash the fuck awa-"

Harry grabs my wrist and drags me through the endless sea of cameras. I make sure to give them all a special little finger and scream a few more choice words at them. He finally pulls me into the black van and slams the door.

I'm still fuming as the driver pulls away. My breathing is as irregular as my heartbeat, as I try to cool down my flushed face. How dare he. How dare he call me weak. He has no right! He has no idea the hell I have been through!

"I can't wait to see the story they have about you tomorrow."

The carefree Irish accent snaps me out if my thoughts. The boys are in here? I look around confused, beginning to be able to think rationally. Of course the boys are in here, and so are El, Dani, and Brianna.

"What happened? All I seen was you screaming at them, then Harry dragging you off.."

Dani trails off, waiting for me to fill in the details. I give a half-hearted laugh. Part of be expects Harry to explain for me. Well, what the hell is he waiting for? I glance toward him and see he's got his head in his hands.

Great. I upset him.

"One of the paps said something that pissed me off" I mumble, resting my head on the seat.

Everyone stares at me with a vacant expression, waiting for me to elaborate.

"Just because they made you mad, doesn't mean you cuss at them and call them bastards, Maddie" Harry says exasperated, not even bothering to look at me.

The van is silent now, the only sound to be heard is the hum of the engine and my rising temper. Did he honestly just say that?

"Harry, he called me weak" I say through gritted teeth, trying to control my voice.

He throws his hands in the air and slams them back down on his lap, locking eyes with me. He's just as pissed as I am.

"So what?! He called you weak! Big deal! You don't just fucking go off the way you did!"

He's truly upset I went off on them. He doesn't understand. He has no idea how much of an insult 'weak' is to me, how much it hurts. My whole entire life I've only wanted to be strong, strong for my mom, for Michael, for Ryan, for Katherine, for everybody. Calling me weak is probably the nastiest thing anyone could call me.

"You don't understand, Harry."

"Don't understand what exactly, Maddie!? You had a shit time growing up? I completely get that! Your family was assholes! I can't change that! You've got to get over it! Fucking move on and stop feeling sorry for yourself!"


Before the van even stops moving, I throw open the door and crawl out onto the middle of the street. I'm done. I'm not going to have him sit there and spew this shit to me.

"STOP, HARRY. FUCKING STOP!" I half scream-half sob into the van.

He leans out and rolls his eyes, bitterly laughing, "The paps are right. You are fucking weak. Your a fucking mess that can't deal with shit."

The sleek black door slams in my face and speeds off, leaving me alone in the middle of the streets in London.
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