New Life

Maddie's terrifying past is behind her, she's ready to start a new perfect life with her boyfriend Harry, and best friends Zayn and Louis. She's happy, free, relaxed, and in love. Will a simple mistake ruin everything for her future? Will a simple 5 minuets change her life forever?
*Sequel to 'Remembering Katy Perry'. You might have a hard time following along if you haven't read the first book, so check it out(:*


22. The Doctor

*One Month Later*

Harry's Pov

Today's the day. Today's the day she comes home. I take a deep breath trying to settle me nerves. It's been exactly one month since we decided to admit her to the hospital. Liam had called me up and said something was seriously wrong. I had rushed home as quickly as I could to find Maddie on the couch, sobbing hysterically, and trying to claw her way out of Liam and Niall's grip. 

Louis was on the phone with the ambulance, asking them the best thing to do to settle her down and the only thing they said was to give her some sleeping pills and drop her off. After screeching she wanted to die and Ryan won for an hour, the pills finally started to take affect. Her sobs slowly turned to whimpers and her breathing subsided to almost nothing as she lay pale and tear streaked on Zayn's couch. 

Louis told us about what operator said, and we all agree'd it was best for her. She needed time to cope and deal with what had happened to her, and now thinking back on it, moving her away from any sort of family she had in Michigan, probably wasn't the best idea. 

*Knock Knock Knock*

I turn to the sound and see Louis standing there, looking exhausted. 

"She's going to be happy to see you, Harry."

I look back in the mirror and stare at the reflection. The person staring back isn't me. It's the same green eyes, same curly hair, same nose, same smile, same everything, but that person isn't me. I don't know who the person staring back is.

"I don't know, Lou. I abandoned her to a place she's never seen or heard of, in a country she's never been in, and haven't even called her to explain what's going on."

He walks in and puts a hand on my shoulder. 

"Come on, mate. You had to do what's best for her. She clearly wasn't okay. She needed professional help so she could become her again. She'll understand."

I nod my head, not wanting to think about it to much, and walk out of the bath room, Lou on my heels. 

"Let's round up the rest of the lads and the girls and get going."


We find our self in the black van surrounded by paps. Zayn and I decided to sit next to each other, seeing as everyone else brought their girlfriends. Niall's crammed int he back next to his new girlfriend, Brianna. Eleanor is seated next to her, and Lou next to her. Dani and Liam are across from us, holding hands and not talking. No one is talking. 

As we arrive at the hospital, my stomach is in knots. The boys keep patting me on the shoulder and telling me it's going to be okay. The girls don't talk, just give me sympathetic looks. We pull up to the back entrance, where the paps can't find us, and unload. We tried our hardest not to let everyone find out about this, but people will give anything for a good story.

The doors are help open for us by a nurse in blue scrubs and we file in, one by one, with me at the front. Through the white hallway, all we can hear are the echos of our own footsteps. The closer we get, the faster my heart beats and the more sick I feel.

A doctor steps out from behind a corner and greats us with a warm smile.

"Ah, I presume you're all here for Madde?"

Almost simultaneously we nod our heads.

"Which one of you is Harry? She requested to see him in private before seeing everyone else."  

I raise my hand and stutter,"I-I am. I'm Ha-Harry I mean."

The doctor nods his head and grabs my elbow, pulling me away from everyone else. I look back for some sort of help, but am returned with curious gazes.

"I need to speak to you alone, Mr. Styles" the doctor says firmly.

My blood runs cold and my heart beat quickens, if that's even possible at this point. I'm so sick to my stomach, I'm afraid I'll puke at any moment. 

"Is she okay?"

The words tumble out of my mouth, and I wait for the doctor to tell me she's fine. Reassure me that nothing is wrong and she'll coming home healthy and herself again. Instead, I get a dropped gaze and a deep sigh. 

"You might want to sit down Mr. Styles."

Oh no. No no no no no. Not again. I can't go through this again. I can't bear to think what the doctor might say. My heart has stopped and I don't breath. He tries to lead me to a chair, but I stay firmly where I am. 

"What's wrong?"

He sighs deeply and speaks slowly, letting me absorb every word. 

"Maddie has many more psychological problems then we originally thought. Through many hours of intensive therapy, we found out that, not only was she abused by her step-father, but also her brother."

"Michael? I've never met the kid, but she's always said he'd never lay a hand on her?"

"Yes, she had created almost a whole nother fictitious world she could live in, where Ryan was the bad guy and her brother was always the hero. When in fact, her brother had always beat on her. Ever since they were kids, Ryan would intervene and stop Michael from physically harming her, but he couldn't do anything about the emotional harm Michael caused her."

He takes a breath and pauses, allowing for me to ask questions, which at this point, I have so many.

"So, Ryan never hit her? It was always her brother?"

The doctor shakes his head and leads me over to a chair. I sit down graciously. My head is starting to spin.

"No, after her mother died, Ryan did start to abuse her. Just never as bad as Michael did. What story did she tell you about Michael leaving?"

I try and think back to when Maddie told me about it. The memory is distant and foggy, but after focusing hard, I remember most of it. 

"She, ehm. He came into her room after a fight with Ryan and said he loved her and was leaving because he couldn't stay anymore, I think."

He nods his head, almost as if he's agreeing with what I say. 

"Yup, that's the same story she told us. There is truth to that, but the fight was because Michael had just found out his girlfriend at the time was cheating, and needed to get his anger out on someone or some thing. What better then a defenseless fourteen year old girl? Ryan had tried to stop him, but he managed to get up there anyway. He didn't tell her he was leaving. Instead, after knocking Ryan out, he went up stairs and hit her until she was out cold. She made up a story in her head, where her brother was the hero, and it was Ryan who did that. And after repeating it to herself so many times, she believed it. She believed that was what happened."

I close my eyes and lean back in the chair, trying to process all this at once. So, Ryan wasn't always the bad guy who hit her, it was her brother. But she didn't want to believe it was her brother, so she made up stories in her head where it was Ryan hurting her, not Michael, and believed them. I think that's it so for.

"But Ryan did hurt her. I seen him stab her in the hospital!"

"Yes, Ryan did hurt her. After so many months of  her constantly accusing him of things her brother did, he gave up trying to be the good guy and became who she thought he was. He started abusing her, physically, verbally, and emotionally. What do you know about her sex life, Mr. Styles? I know it's an odd question, but I need to know the answer."

Her sex life? Why does he need to know about her sex life. Isn't that quite personal? I mean, she hardly talks about it. 

"Ehm, not much. She doesn't really talk about it much" I say cautiously. 

"Have you ever wondered why she doesn't talk about it, Harry?"

My heart stops again and drops. No. What is he getting at? He can't say what I think he's going to say. He can't. Not her. Please, not her. 

"Harry, when she was younger, she was raped by her brother and his friends."

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