New Life

Maddie's terrifying past is behind her, she's ready to start a new perfect life with her boyfriend Harry, and best friends Zayn and Louis. She's happy, free, relaxed, and in love. Will a simple mistake ruin everything for her future? Will a simple 5 minuets change her life forever?
*Sequel to 'Remembering Katy Perry'. You might have a hard time following along if you haven't read the first book, so check it out(:*


6. Shattered Mobile

Harry's Pov 

I feel my mobile buzz in my pocket for the fifth time. Damn it! Why won't she stop texting me? 

I leave it in my pocket, and hope Maddie didn't feel it. She's focused on her mobile so I don't think she did. I need to see what shes saying. How do I check my texts with out Maddie seeing? If she does, she will lose it.

*Bzz Bzz*

Shit! I glance around, looking for a place to go, and rest my eyes on the bathroom. I can check there, and Maddie won't even know. 

"Hey, love, I gotta, uh, go to the bathroom. I'll be right back."

I feel my voice shake as I talk and try my hardest not to show something's up. I've always been horrible at hiding my emotions. 

She looks concerned and asks if I'm ok. 

"Yeah, fine. I just, uh, really need to pee." 

I stand up and push my way out into the aisle before she can ask anymore questions. Get it together, Harry! 
It's probably not even her. It's probably mum or Gemma asking where I am. The plane was a half hour behind and I didn't tell them. Whoops. 

*Bzz Bzz* 

Ahh! Shit! I hustle down the aisle till I'm at the bathroom. 

*Knock Knock Knock* 

I wait patiently to hear a reply, and when there is none I shove into the bathroom, pulling out my mobile at the same time.

Maddie's Pov 

I'm definitely going to have to hook Brianna and Niall up. The more we talk, the more I think Niall will like her. 

'To: Nialler :) - NIALL! The girl I'm sitting next to on the plane is a huge fan of you and she's super nice and sweet. Would mind meeting up with her one day?(:'

I glance over at Brianna and she's jamming out to whatever she's listening to with the biggest smile on her face. I'm so happy she gets to meet Niall. I know he won't say no. 

"Hey, love, I gotta, uh, go to the bathroom. I'll be right back."

I turn to Harry and see he's tensed up. 
His voice shook a little and he's clearly hiding something. Whats going on?

"Are you ok, Harry?" 

He whips toward me and even his voice his tense. 

"Yeah, fine. I just, uh, really need to pee." 

He stands up suddenly and shoves his way past me and Brianna, and practically jogs to the bathroom. What's the hells going on? 

I tap Brianna on the shoulder and watch her pull out her headphones, turning toward me. 

"Do you think something's up with him, or is it just me?" 

Brianna glances down the aisle way, toward the bathroom, then turns back to me. 

"Something was up." 

I knew it! I wasn't the only one who seen it. 

"What do you think it is? I've never heard him like that before." 

Brianna thinks for a minuet, then shrugs her shoulders, not looking at me. 

"Dunno, Maddie."

"He's cheating." 

The guy in the seat in front of Brianna turns around to look at me. He looks a lot different than the good looking guy that turned around earlier. He's very lean with messy, black hair, a thin face, and deep blue eyes. 

"Excuse me?" 

"What didn't you catch? He's cheating."

Who does this guy think he is, accusing Harry of cheating! He would never, ever do something like that! 

"What the hell makes you say that?!" 

The guy raises an eyebrow and sighs. 

"It takes a cheater to know a cheater. I've been with to many girls to count, I know the signs." 

My mind fills with memories of Harry and I, trying to think if anything suspicious he's ever done. I can't remember a time he's acted wired like that. My concentrated confusion must have been showing on my face, cause I hear the guy laugh. 

"Sorry, sweetheart. Pretty girl like you shouldn't go through that." 

He turns back around and leaves me and sinking heart. Harry can't be cheating on me. No, I won't believe it. 


"What do ya need, hun?" 

She puts her hand on my back comfortingly, and starts to rub small circles. 

"He wouldn't, right? Tell me he wouldn't." 

She gently turns me toward her and locks eyes with me. 

"I've seen the way he looks at you, Maddie. He like, legit loves you. I truly believe he would never do anything like that." 

I nod my head, and lean back in my seat. 

Harry's Pov 

"Louis! What the fuck am I going to do!? I can't let her find out!" 

"First of all, you got to relax Harry! You not helping anything by freaking out. Now, does Zayn know what happened?" 

Holy shit! I completely forgot about Zayn! He'll never talk to me again if he finds out! 

"No! I didn't even think about Zayn, Louis! God, I'm in so much shit!" 

"Ok, relax Harry! Tell me what she said again." 

I pull my mobile away from my face and pull up the messages, reading them out loud for Lou. 

"Hey, Haz, winky face. Now that it's over, we can pick back up, winky face. Don't ignore me baby. Oh come on baby, don't you remember us, winky face. Don't worry about your girl, she won't find out, winky face. Then she sent me a dirty picture!" 

Louis sighs and my panic increases. What am I going to do!? 

"You gotta tell Zayn." 

"What the fuck do you mean!? I can't tell Zayn! Louis! He'll never talk to me again." 

"But it's worse to hide it. You have got to tell him, and Maddie." 

"No! No fucking way, Louis! She can NOT find out!" I shout into the mobile. 

Louis sighs again and I can tell he's getting frustrated. 

"Listen Harry. You need to tell Zayn first, then Maddie and hope for the best. I've got to go. He's crying again. Bye." 

And with that, he hangs up. God damnit! Why does Zayn have to be going through this right now!? Fuck! 

I storm over to the sink and splash some cold water on my face, hoping to calm myself down. 

*Bzz Bzz* *Bzz Bzz* 

I pull my mobile out and answer it. 


"Hmm, you did answer. I was afraid you were ignoring me" a familiar, feminine voice purrs at the other end. 

"Listen. What happened between us was nothing, understand? Nothing will ever happen between us again." 

A smooth melodic laugh comes from the other end and I can feel my anger rising. 

"You really believe that, don't you Harry? I have the power to ruin not only your relationship with this 'nothing', but I can also ruin One Direction." 

"You wouldn't fucking dare" I growl.

"Try me." 

I'm stunned into silence. She would tell the media of our hook up if she doesn't get what she wants. I know she will. Shes heartless. 

"I'll take the silence as you'll do what I want. Meet me at my place tomorrow night around nine. Well see what happens."

"Fuck you" I spit out, listening to her laugh again. 

"That's what I'm hoping you'll do, babe."

The call ends and I chuck 
my mobile at the wall. I hate that girl so much! She's such a ruthless, cold, heartless, bitch! She would not fucking hesitate to sell our story to the tabloids! And she's right, that would be the end of Maddie and I, and the end of One Direction. 

I can't let that happen. I will not let Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall be punished for a stupid choice I made months ago. It won't happen. 

*Knock Knock Knock*


The small voice throws me out of my thoughts. 

"Yeah, uhm, yeah it's me" I stutter out. 

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! I drop to the floor and scramble around quietly picking up my shattered mobile. 

"Can I come in?" 

"Uh, hold on, love." 

I grab the last piece and shove in my pocket, hopping up and opening up the door. 

Maddie's standing in the door way, eyes filled with tears, and arms wrapped around her body. 

"Maddie, what's the matter?" 

I try to take her in my arms, but she pulls away, taking a step back. 

"What's goi-" 

"Who were you just talking to, Harry?"
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