New Life

Maddie's terrifying past is behind her, she's ready to start a new perfect life with her boyfriend Harry, and best friends Zayn and Louis. She's happy, free, relaxed, and in love. Will a simple mistake ruin everything for her future? Will a simple 5 minuets change her life forever?
*Sequel to 'Remembering Katy Perry'. You might have a hard time following along if you haven't read the first book, so check it out(:*


19. Secrets

Zayn's Pov 

I roll off her, out if breath, and lay on the floor next to her. Her breathing is as heavy as mine and neither of us speak, enjoying the silence. 

"Maddie? Where are you?" 

Oh fuck, Harry. I just had sex with Harry's girlfriend! What's wrong with me!? Harry and I have been friends for almost two years now, how could I do that to him? 

He can't find out. I won't let him find up. I prop my self up on my elbow so I can see Maddie. Her eyes are wide open, vacant, staring at the ceiling. She's so beautiful.. 

Zayn! Knock it off, man! That's Harry's GIRLFRIEND. And she's your bestfriend! Think Zayn! Think! 

"Maddie. Listen to me. I'm going to head out and tell the boys you're getting in the shower, okay? We can not tell Harry about this" I whisper fiercely. 

She blinks her eyes slowly, as if she's waking from a dream. 

"Zayn.. That was amazing.."she mutters. 

I let out a little laugh and feel myself smile. 

"I know" I mumble, pressing my lips to hers. She presses back harder, and I let my hand slide to her breast, squeezing and rubbing, hearing her quietly moan. 


Harry's voice makes us both jump. 

"Shit.." I mutter to myself. 

"I have to go." 

She nods her head as she gently pushes me off her, tossing me my towel. 

"Go" she whisper, pressing her lips to mine one last time before I pop up and wrap the towel around my waist. 

I stare at her naked body, memorized by her beauty. Her soft skin glows in the bathroom light, along with her messy blonde hair. She's still breathing heavy as her chest repeats the process of rise and fall, rise and fall.  

"Maddie! Where are you?" 

I jump toward the door and quietly sneak out, trotting down the hallway until I'm in my room. The door shuts behind me and I lean up against it. 

What if Harry finds out? He'll hate me for sure. And if the media find out? Oh hell, if the media find out I'm fucked. It might be the end of One Direction. What will the fans think?

I can't keep this to myself. I need to tell someone. Obviously not Harry. Lou? No, he's to close to Harry. He'll tell him in a heart beat. Niall? Niall can't keep a secret to save his life. Liam it is.

I throw on my boxers, a pair of jeans and t-shirt. I don't bother with my hair and let it down to air dry. A quick peeks in the mirror and I'm off, out the door and into the hall. 

"Ahaha! Me to! ... Uh-huh ... Oh trust me, I know ... Yeah, so tomorrow at noon? ... Cant wait! ... See ya!" 

I glance at Niall curiously as he hits end on the phone. 

"And who was that?" 

He looks at me, startled, and starts to turn red. So it was a girl! And he has a crush on her! 

"Someone Maddie met on the plane. Her names Brianna." 

"Are you guys going on a date tomorrow?" 

He smiles shyly and shrugs his shoulders,  staring at the floor.


"Aw! Niall, mate! I'm happy for ya!" 

I clap his shoulder and glance around. Now wheres Liam? 

"You seen Liam?"

Niall looks up from his phone and points toward the back bedroom. 

"Yeah, back there taking a nap or something." 

"Thanks mate" I mutter, making my way toward the room. I don't hesitate in barging in, and find him sprawled out on the bed, headphones on and music up. 


He wearily looks up and rips out a headphone. 

"What?" he asks crankily. 

"Shut the music off. I need to talk to you." 

Nervous energy starts to rise inside me as the music ceases. I shut the door and begin pacing around the room. What he doesn't understand? What if he tells Harry? 

"Whatta need, mate?" 

Here's goes nothing. 

"Well.. I might of, possibly, kind of, sort of, most likely, had sex with Maddie."

His jaw drops open as the words tumble out of my mouth. Uh-oh. This doesn't look to good..

"You did what, Zayn?" 

"Y-you gotta understand, Liam! I didn't want it to happen! Neither did she! It just kind of did happen!" 

He runs his hand through his hair and my nervous energy starts to grow again. He looks pissed. He might tell Harry! He might actually tell Harry what I've done. 

"When did you guys..?" 

Heat rushes to my face as I mumble the answer, hoping he can't hear me.

"Like a half hour ago.." 


"SHHHH!!!!" I hiss at him, covering his mouth with my hand. 

"Fuck, Liam! Shut up! Harry might hear you!" 

He rips my hand off and tosses it away. 

"Well, shit Zayn! If you didn't want Harry to know maybe you shouldn't of slept with his GIRLFRIEND!" 

I jump on the bed and tackle him, trying to shut him up. 

"Liam! Shut the fuck up!!" 

He pushes me off him as we go tumbling to the floor. He lands with a thud and I follow shortly after. 

"Fuck you, Zayn." 

"Back at ya, Liam." 

I crawl over to him and firmly plant my butt on his chest. 

"Swear you won't tell Harry." 

He shakes his head and attempts to push me off again. With a struggle, I manage to pin his arms under my knees. 

"Get off me" he growls. 

"Not until you swear not to tell Harry!" 

"Tell me what?"  

We both whip around to see Harry looking down at us. Shit. 

"Uh.. Uhm.." 

"I think I should tell him, Zayn." 

I stare dumbfounded at Liam, and beg him not to tell Harry through my eyes. He wouldn't. 

"Tell me what, Liam?" 

He flicks his eyes toward me with a wicked smile. What is he doing. I hear my heartbeat out of my chest, slowly and nervously, while climbing off him. 

"Thank you, Zayn. Harry, you might want to take a seat." 

You fucking prick, you're actually going to tell him. I run my hand through my hair, close my eyes, and hold my breath, waiting for Liam to tell him. Good bye Maddie, good bye fans, good bye fame, good bye One Direction.  

"You see, our little Zayn here has done something naughty." 

He is getting way to much enjoyment out of this. Asshole. 

"You see, not to long ago, he might of, sort of, possibly.. Dropped your toothbrush in the toilette." 


"What?! Zayn!! Thats fucking disgusting! Why didn't you tell me, you dick!!"

"S-sorry. I didn't think about it" I mutter back, hardly able to speak. 

"Damn it, Zayn. Excuse me while I go rinse my mouth with fucking bleach." 

He storms out, slamming the door, and leaving Liam and I alone. I'm finally able to let the breath I've been holding out. 

"Your such a dick.." I groan, leaning back on the wall. 

He smiles proudly at himself and plops on the bed. 

"I know. But for real man, I won't tell Harry. But hooking up with Maddie is shady. Don't do it again, Zayn." 

And with that he puts his headphones back in, ending our conversation.

Maddie's Pov 

I step out of the shower clean as a whistle, yet somehow still feel dirty. I can't believe you did that with Zayn. Your first time having sex, and it was on a bathroom floor with one of your boyfriends bestfriends. 

Oh yeah, that's a story you'll be proud to tell your daughter. Speaking of kids, mother nature should be coming to get me with in the next few days and I need tampons. 

I wrap a towel around my body and hear a few quick raps on the door. 

"Who is it?" 

"Harry. Can I come in?" 

"Actually, I'm heading to guest room" I say matter-of-factly, pushing passed him into the hallway. 

He trails behind me like a lost a puppy, and I can't help but feel horrible. I cheated on him. With Zayn. 

I open the door, already taking my towel off, and jump back into Harry. Liam's laying on the bed, jamming out to music, and the towel slips out of my hand. 


I run behind Harry and attempt to cover myself. 

"Harry! Get him out!" I hiss in his ear. 

"Liam! Get out, mate!" 

Liam glances up and sees me, naked, cowering behind Harry, and covers his eyes. 

"Damn it! I'm sorry!" 

He feels his way out of the room with one hand and the other covering his eyes. 

He puts a hand on my butt by accident and I scream. 

"Not a wall! Not a wall! NOT A WALL!" 

Harry shoves him away with a bit of force and I run to the closet, so he can find his way out. 

"Sorry! Sorry! I didn't know! I couldn't see! I'm sorry, Maddie!" 

He finally makes it out and Harry slams the door behind him. 

"That. Was. Mortifying!" I pant from the closet. 

"Is he gone?" 

"Yeah. You can come out now, babe." 

I walk out of the closet a head straight for the mirror. I have got to lose some weight soon. I've went from a 7 to a 9 in the past month. I'll go to the gym as soon as my doctor says its ok. 

"God. Look at how fat I am. I mean seriously. Look." 

I shake my arms, and poke my stomach, watching it jiggle. 

"Maddie. You are not fat" Harry says sternly, walking toward me. 

"Harry. I jiggle" I reply, matching his tone. 

He puts his hands on my waist, and starts kissing my neck. 

"Nothing about you is fat, baby." 

I lean into him and close my eyes, letting him explore my body with his lips. 

"You're so fucking sexy.."

My heart stops, and my blood runs cold. Zayn said the same thing to me, not an hour ago. 

I pull away from Harry and start to walk toward the closet, where my suitcase and all my clothes are. 

"Oh no. I'm not done with you." 

He pulls me back to him and firmly plants his hand on my butt. 

"Harry, I'm not in the mood." 

"It won't be long until you are" he whispers,  dangerously low, against my collarbone. 

Oh my God. He's such a turn on. But I can't do this. Not right now. I'm still recovering from Zayn. There's no way in hell I can have sex with Harry right now. 

"Harry. I'm really not in the mood." 

I gently push him off me, against what my body is telling me, and run my hand through his curls. 

"I'm sorry, baby." 

He sighs and gives me a quick kiss. 

"I'll let you off the hook for right now. But later tonight.." 

He looks me once over with a wicked grin. 

"That ass is mine." 

I start to walk toward the closet and he smacks my butt. 

"Ow!" I yelp, jumping away from him. 

He laughs, and plops onto the bed. Damn him, that hurt. I gingerly rub my butt and throw my suit case on the bed, narrowly missing Harry. 


"Sorry. Do me a favor and pull out my pink and blue, striped panties and my blue sports bra. Thanks, babe." 

I throw open my other suit case and look for my yoga capris. Guess who's having a lazy day, today? 

I find them and shut my suitcase, walking over to Harry on the bed. 

"Did you find them?" 

He holds up the pair I wanted and I snag them out of his hand. 

"Thanks. My bra?" 

"You'd look better with out one."

I laugh a little, throwing on my capri's. 

"Oh really?" 

I hop on the bed and straddle his chest, leaning back on his knees. 

"Would I lie to you?"

He looks me over with a million dollar smile and heat rushes to my face. 

"You're so cute when you get embarrassed" mumbles, running his hand up and down my thigh. 

"Stop.. Did you find my bra?" 

I can't hide my smile and hop off him, trotting to the other side of the bed. 
Rummaging through my suitcase, I find every other bra I own, but not the one I want. He must have it. 

I sigh, and hold out my hand. 

"Styles. I'm not screwing around." 

A cheeky smile pops on his face as he stands up on the bed, dangling the bra in front of me. 

"Harry! Give it to me!" 

"Jump for it!" 

I groan and jump for my bra. He pulls it out of my reach as I fall back down to the ground. I try again, but he does the same thing, laughing at me. My frustration grows as I jump and jump. 

"HARRY! Give it to me!" I shriek. 

He finally drops it, and I snag it in the air, throwing it on. He falls to the bed, laughing his ass off and pointing at me. 

"That do wasn't funny, Haz." 

"What the hell do you mean?! That was hilarious!"

"No it wasn't!" 

I turn away from him, smile in my face, as I pretend to be mad at him. Let's see how long it takes him to apologize. 

"Oh come on, love. It was a little funny." 

"No it wasn't, Harry. I felt stupid." 

I feel arms wrap around my waist and his hot breath on my neck. 

"I'm sorry, baby." 

Not long at all. Holy shit, I'm tired. I lean back into him and kiss his jaw line. 

"I'll forgive you if you take a nap with me." 

He tenses up all of a sudden and pulls back. 

"I, uh, actually gotta go to the store. I'll be back in an hour, okay?"

He pecks me on the lips and is out the door. 

"Love you!" 

"Love you to.." I mumble back. 

Well, who am I supposed to lay down with now. I can't sleep alone, the nightmares will come back. I throw on a low cut whit tank and walk down to Zayn's room. 

*Knock Knock* 


"Can I come in?" 

The door opens and Zayn's standing in the door way in jeans and tee. He looks great. I shove my way in and close the door behind me. 

"You okay?" 

I glance up and nod with a forced a smile. 

"Yeah! Yeah. I just.. I need someone to lay down with.." 

He smiles and grabs my hand, leading me toward the bed. This isn't right Maddie. You should just wait for Harry.

But I'm tired now, and I'm just laying down with him. It's not like we're going to do anything. 
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