New Life

Maddie's terrifying past is behind her, she's ready to start a new perfect life with her boyfriend Harry, and best friends Zayn and Louis. She's happy, free, relaxed, and in love. Will a simple mistake ruin everything for her future? Will a simple 5 minuets change her life forever?
*Sequel to 'Remembering Katy Perry'. You might have a hard time following along if you haven't read the first book, so check it out(:*


11. Realizations

Harry's Pov 

I numbly watch the door slide shut, hearing reporters bombard her with questions. What the fuck just happened? 

We were great on the plane, then fucking Perrie screwed things up, then the thing with the paparazzi. That caused her to break up with me? 

No, there's something more there. That girl loves me, I know she does. And I love  her. I can't just let her walk away like that. I have to find her. 

I reach for the handle and throw open the door to find fifty plus reporters with flashing cameras and loud microphones in my face. 

I keep my head down and try to push through them, ignoring the questions. 

"Are you and your fling over Harry?" 

"Harry! Was this even a real relationship!?" 

"Sex, right Harry? That's why you were 'dating'?!" 

"Harry! Tell me why your crying, love!"

Crying? Am I crying? I tentatively touch my cheek and feel a damp coldness. Huh. I didn't even realize. 

I shake it off and continue pushing through the crowd of people. Where is she, damn it! Which way did she go? 

I make it to the end of the blob of reporters and take off in a dead sprint down one of the hallways, toward the exit. I can't think with all these fucking people and I need to find her and tell her I'm sorry! I can't lose her. 

The thundering footsteps and shouting follow shortly behind so I take a sharp left and nearly run over a short girl who looks no older than twelve. 

"Sorry.. Excuse me.." I mumble, trying to get around her. 

She grabs my wrist and motions for me to be quiet, pulling me toward a door. 

What the hell is she doing? The shouts turn to screams as the reporters come closer, and I decided my best bet is to follow this girl. 

I nod my head as she pulls me in to a janitors closet. She pushes me down on a bucket, and presses herself against the door, not making a sound. It looks like this girls done this before..  

Oh God. Please please please don't let this be some plot to kidnap me! I wouldn't past some of out crazier fans. 

After a minuet she turns toward me and pushes her hand out. 

"Hi, I'm Louise!" she says in a high, squeaky voice. 

I cautiously take her hand and start to introduce myself. 

"I'm Har-" 

"Don't be stupid, Harry. I know who you are." 

I nod my head, not knowing what to say. She sits down in front of me and just stares at me. This isn't looking promising. 

After a few minuets of uncomfortable silence, I stand up. 

"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, but I really have to get going. Do you, ehm, want me to sign anything first?" 

She shakes her head and pushes her finger on to my lip, telling me to be quiet. 

"Listen. I know what happened between you and Maddie. My dad owns this airport and I can see and hear anything I want. Got me so far?" 

I nod my head, her finger still on my lips. 

"I know which way Maddie went, and I have the license plate number to the taxi she took. I can give you that number, for you to track down, for a small fee." 

Shit. What does this girl want? I pull back and stare at the girl suspiciously. 

"What do you want, Louise?" 

She pulls me down by the collar of my shirt, so I'm eye level with her, and pushes her face uncomfortably close to mine. 

"Just one little, tiny kiss, Styles."

Her strawberry breath covers my face, as she locks eyes with me. I can't kiss an eleven year old. It's just wrong. 

"How about a follow on twitter from all of us, a kiss on the cheek, and a hug?" 

"How you and the boys give me and my friends a private show and well take it from there?"

A private show. Yeah, I could get Paul to take us to do that. 

"Deal. Now what's the number?" 

She squeals and jumps up and down, clapping her hands together. 

"Thank you, Harry! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" 

I put my hands on her shoulders to keep her still, my patience running out. The reaction girls give in being told they're gonna meet us, though, never gets old. 

"Okay, Louise. Focus, love. The number?"

"06B-21J. Go find her, Harry!"

She pushes me out of the closet and shuts the door behind me. Ok. What now? Call management and tell them to track th- I don't have a mobile. 

So, find someone with a mobile, call management and tell them to track the number, and find Maddie. 

I start walking back toward the exit and stop, suddenly realizing I don't need to track Maddie's cab. She told me she's going to be at Zayn's tomorrow. 

Reliefs floods through my body, knowing I'll get to talk to her tomorrow. I slow down my pace a little bit and run my hand through my hair. 

You'll get to see her, Harry. And talk to her and tell her your sorry and that it can't end like this. It's only a five hour drive to Zayn's, so there's no point in going tonight. I'll go as soon as I wake up in the morning. 

"Harry?! Where are you??" 

Shit. I completely forgot about mum! I'm going to have to explain this all to her. Even though I'm still not sure how to explain it to myself. 

I walk toward the voice, and see mum walking toward another one of the exits. 

"Mum!" I yell out, getting her attention. 

"Right here, mum." 

She turns toward me and sighs. Time to get ready for a scolding. She puts her hands on her hips and starts tapping her foot, impatiently waiting for me to go to her. 

I slowly make my way over and stand in front of her. 

"Hey, mum." 

"Harry! Good lord! You had me waiting by the car for ages! What the he- where's Maddie?"

I look up and glance around, not wanting to look at mum.,

"Ehm, we kind of had a fight and she left" I answer quietly. 

She pulls me into a tight hug and I let myself relax a little bit. 

"Oh, honey! I'm so sorry! Do you want to talk about it, love?" 

I shake my head and pull away, grabbing her hand. 

"No, but I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go talk to her." 

I pull her toward to car, hearing her agree, and giving me a few tips. I don't want to listen to mum right now. I really don't. All I want to do us go home, and sleep this off. 

We finally make it out to the car and I hop in, waiting for her to get in the other side. 

"Are you ready to go home, love?" 

"Yeah, mum. Let's leave before the paps see us." 

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