New Life

Maddie's terrifying past is behind her, she's ready to start a new perfect life with her boyfriend Harry, and best friends Zayn and Louis. She's happy, free, relaxed, and in love. Will a simple mistake ruin everything for her future? Will a simple 5 minuets change her life forever?
*Sequel to 'Remembering Katy Perry'. You might have a hard time following along if you haven't read the first book, so check it out(:*


4. Getting Caught

He presses back harder, sliding his tongue into my mouth. We fight for dominance as my hands get tangled in his chocolate curls. 

He moves his lips and traces my jawline  His hot breath all over my skin is driving me crazy. 

"Harry.." I gasp, unable to say much else, nothing on my mind but where this is going. 

He moves from my jawline to my collarbone, my weak spot. I let out a small moan and throw my head back, pressing him closer. 

How far are going to go? I don't really want to have sex for the first time in an airplane bathroom, but the way he's moving down my body makes me think twice. 

He stands me up and flips us around, so I'm pushed up against the wall. He rips my shirt off and doesn't hesitate resuming where we left off. 

"You're so beautiful.."he mutters against my skin, rough hands gently squeezing my breasts. 

My head spins and my breath quickens as he un-hooks my bra, sliding it off. I wait to feel his lips, but feel nothing. Oh my God. He doesn't like my body. I open my eyes, heart already sinking, and prepare myself for the worst. 

Instead of seeing him nearly puking, I see him with his hands in his hair, and cheeky smile plastered on his lips. 

"Wow" is all he says before tearing his shirt off. Now it's my turn to stare. 

I've seen him shirtless before, but it never fails to leave me speechless. 

"Now it's my turn" I say deviously. 

I grab his shoulders and pin him to the wall, pushing myself against him. His hands slide down my back until they find my ass, which he promptly squeezes. 

"Fuck.." he half moans as my lips move down his body. 

I find his belt, and with one hand tear it off, unbuttoning his jeans at the same time. My other hand is on his cheek while I kiss him with so much lust it's dangerous. 

When his jeans are unbuttoned, I shove my hand inside and grab little Styles and move my hand up and down slowly. 

Harry closes his eyes and leans his head on the wall. 

"Yess.." he moans. 

I slide down to my knees and pull his jeans and boxers down with me. I don't hesitate grabbing his dick in my hand, wrapping my tongue around his head. 

He lets out a loud moan and gently pushes my head on him, so I'm taking in more of him. I move my mouth up and down his shaft, never looking away from him. I read in Cosmo guys like that. 

"Oh my God.. Yes.. Madd-Oh fuck!"

I keep sucking, faster and faster, until I hear him shout and feel my mouth fill his cum. 

"Swallow baby" he pants.

I force the warm, sticky, foul tasting stuff down and open my mouth, proud of myself. He nods and smiles, lifting me onto the sink. 

"You so fucking sexy" he mutter, kissing the space between my boobs. 

I feel nothing but him all over me. His lips, his hands, his breath, his body. My heads spinning and my breaths come in short pants. He moves his lips all the down my body until he gets to the tip of my short. 

"Take them off!" I cry out desperately. 

I want him to see and touch all of me. Like now, or I might explode. 

He throws off my shorts and pulls down my panties, revealing all of me. I spread my legs, physically begging him to touch me, and feel his rough warm hand start to rub my clit. 

An overwhelming pleasure spreads through my body and I let out a huge moan. The sensation doesn't last long and I open my eyes and look at him, trying to figure out why he stopped, then feel a finger slide in me. 

I gasp and grab onto the sink, as a pleasure like I've never felt before takes over my body. I bite my lip to hold in a scream as another finger slides in, spinning around inside me. 

I barley hear him tell me how tight I am, not being able to focus on anything but what I'm feeling. The pleasure grows and grows until I honestly think I can't take it. 

"Don't cum yet" Harry commands. 

I open my eyes and lock eyes with him. He pushes in deeper and I let out a small cry, squeezing the sink as I hard I can, trying not to let myself cum. 


He repeatedly hits my g-spot with his fingers and I don't think I can take it. 


Oh my God. It's coming. I can't hold it! 


I let it release and scream Harry's name, feeling my pussy collapse over and over again on his fingers.  

*Knock Knock* 

I instinctively cover my self and turn toward Harry. Oh my God! 

"It's uhm.." 

"Occupied!" Harry finishes for me. 

"Are there two people in there!?" 

A deep, raspy voice asks shocked. 

Harry and I look at each other both trying to hold back laughter. We just got caught having sex in an airplane bathroom! 

Harry pulls his fingers out of me and I let out a small moan. Before hopping off the counter, I watch him lick both of his fingers. Oh my God. He's so fucking sexy! 

I jump off the counter and slide on my panties and shorts, searching for my bra and shirt. Harry's buttoning up his pants and I just stop and stare for a moment, taking in what just happened. 

I sucked Harry Styles dick and he fingered me. That's right. Harry fucking Styles. 

"Is this what your looking for?" Harry asks waving my bra in my face and snapping me out of my thoughts. 

I snatch it out of his hand and toss him his t-shirt. We finish getting dressed and I nervously open the door, scared to see who's on the other side. 

I'm met with a short, gruff man who's in his middle sixties. He gives me a disgusted look, then shoves me and Harry out if the way. 

"You damn kids should be ashamed. Making an old man wait to go to the bathroom so you could have some fun!" 

And with that he slams the door behind him. I turn toward Harry and bust up laughing. I love old people so much! I know we just got yelled at, but he was just the cutest little old man ever! 

Harry ends up guiding me down the aisle way with his hands placed on my hips. We get to our seat and Brianna immediately lets us through. She flashes me a suspicious smile and points at Harry and I. 

I slightly nod my head and watch her jaw drop. Hahah! Is this everyones going  to react when they find out? I hope so. 

I sit down and listen to the guys in front of us talk about what's going on with their favorite sports teams and decided to screw with the guy who was being a jerk. 

I kick his seat and wait for him to turn around. When he doesn't, I kick it again harder. He still doesn't turn around, so I lean up in between the seats and whisper, "Yes. I am part of the Mile High Club." 

He whips his head toward me and I wink at him, before leaning back into Harry's arm. The guy looks at us with disbelief and just smirk at him, knowing I won. 
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