New Life

Maddie's terrifying past is behind her, she's ready to start a new perfect life with her boyfriend Harry, and best friends Zayn and Louis. She's happy, free, relaxed, and in love. Will a simple mistake ruin everything for her future? Will a simple 5 minuets change her life forever?
*Sequel to 'Remembering Katy Perry'. You might have a hard time following along if you haven't read the first book, so check it out(:*


28. Fights

Zayn's Pov

He slams the door in her tear stained, broken face, telling the driver to go. Everyone on the van stares at him, dumbfounded by his venomous words toward Maddie. How could he do that?

"Harry, we have to go b-"

"We are not turning this fucking van around, Louis. She can find her own way home."

What the hell is wrong with him? She didn't do anything to him. She was offended by the paps and stood up for herself, unlike so many of us.

"Harry! She has no idea where she is" I nearly shout at him, getting frustrated with his childish attitude.

"Not my fucking problem, is it Zayn!?"

"Stop the van!"

The van jerks to a stop in the middle road. Honks fill the air around us of annoyed drivers. What the hell is his problem?! That's supposed to be the girl he loves, stranded in the middle of London, crying her eyes out, and he doesn't even care!

"What are you doing, Zayn" Liam asks tiredly, grabbing my wrist.

"Going to get her! We can't just leave her out there!"

I pull out of his grip and crawl over Niall and Brianna to get to the middle of the van. Poor Brianna. She's only met us a few times, and here we are in the midst of the biggest argument we've ever had. I glance up and see Harry's sitting between me and the door, with a look as if to say 'I dare you, Zayn. Try and get through.'

"Harry. Move" I growl, tensing up.

He mearly raises an eye brow and smirks at me. That fucking prick. Involuntarily, my hands close together, my body temperature rising along with my heartbeat. A rushing sound fills my ears and corners of my vision are tinted red.

"Zayn, mate. Don't do it" Niall warns urgently, pulling Brianna behind him. The other lads pick up on what Niall's seeing and copy his actions, protecting their girlfriends.

"Harry, come on mate. Just move! Please!" Louis pleads.

He snaps his head up and gives Louis a look of death, warning him not to say another word.

"Get the fuck out if my way!" I roar, trembling with rage.

He doesn't move, only steadily stares at me, enjoying watching me get ready to blow. The sound of shuffling bodies fills the uncomfortable, tension ridden van.

"Zayn! Here. Get out my door, mate."

Liam gingerly turns me toward the open door on the other side. I flick my eyes toward him, silently thanking him and crawl over the seat. Finally. God, I hope she's still there. She doesn't haver her phone or anything. Well never find her if she's wandered off.


Harry roughly attempts to yank me back in the van. That's it! I'm done! I pull myself out of his grip and throw a punch, colliding with his jaw. It takes him but a second to recover as I go flying out of the van from his retaliation. The girls scream in the van as Harry pops out after me, landing firmly on his feet.

I tenderly run my finger over my throbbing nose, feeling the thick, warm blood run out.

"You bastard" I spit out, pulling myself up.

I don't bother swinging and run at him, taking him down. I wrap my self around his torso, repeatedly hitting him in the face and screaming profanities. He struggles underneath me, taking blow after blow.

"You're a filthy fucking liar! You said you loved her and you've done nothing but hurt her!"

Hands collapse over my arms, pulling me off him. He pops up with in seconds and nails me in the gut before Liam and the driver could grab him. I double over and depend on the arms for support as I try to regain my breath.

"Bring it on, bad boy! Come on, Zayn! Come fight like a fucking man!" Harry screams at me.

I try to break free of the grip and lunge at him, but their grip is to strong. The pull me the opposite way, against my many struggles and protests and throw me down on a bench on the side of the street. Niall and Louis stare down at me, waiting for me to pop up.
Harry's screams and threats are still filling the air.

"You alright, Zayn?" Louis asks.

The adrenaline of the fight is beginning to wear off, and my body starts to throb and ache. I still feel the blood run out of my nose and various other cuts and scratches. I let out a moan and lean back into the bench, embracing the pain.

"Ill take that as a no, mate. You gotta go to the hospital and get your nose checked out. Looks like it might be broke" Niall observes.

The word 'hospital' snaps me out of my self-pity as I remember why Harry and I got into that fight. Maddie. She's still lost on the streets, alone, at night.

I pop up against my body's screams in protest and steadily start to walk down the street. Niall and Lou end up next to me, helping me walk to my surprise.

"You're not going to stop me and make me go to the hospital?" I finally ask.

"Nah. You were going to go anyway, we'd rather be here to help."

"Yeah, you wouldn't of made it by yourself. That was a nasty fight. I've never seen either you guys so mad!" Niall adds.

The frustration and anger I felt toward Harry begin to resurface.

"It was going to happen eventually, Niall" I say bitterly.

Louis and Niall glance at each other confused. I guess Liam didn't tell them. Whoops.

"What do you mean, Zayn?"

I stop walking, and take a breath to steady myself. Even thinking about it makes me sick.

"I found out a few weeks ago that him and Perrie slept together for like three months while we were still dating. So, Perrie cheated on me with my 'bestfriend'" I spit out.

Niall gasps and is left with his jaw hanging open, eyes darting between Louis and I. Louis knew the whole time too. I won't tell Niall that though. He still looks up to him so much, I don't want to ruin Niall's image of him.

Louis studies the ground and refuses to look at me or Niall. I'm not mad at him. He was in a tough situation, his best friend has always been Harry and he didn't want to hurt, so I figured I had no right to be mad at him. I have every right to be pissed at harry though. He slept with Perrie who knows how many times, I only slept with Maddie once, and instantly felt horrible.

"Damn, Zayn. I'm sorry.." Niall finally chokes out.

"Its alright. I'm over it and over her. Can we go find Maddie, now?"

The boys nod and each grab one of my arms, nearly dragging me along the dark, dirty street. We wandered silently for I don't know how long until we finally came across a sobbing heap on the sidewalk, leaning against a building.


We all take off in a run and drop to our knees beside her. My heart hurts seeing her like this, broken. She's got her arms wrapped around her knees and sobs quietly into her legs. She's also mumbling something under her breath that no one can make out.

"Maddie, love? Are you alright?" Lou asks gently.

"No" she answers simply, with out even looking up.

My heart swells hearing how hurt and defeated she sounds. She has no fight left in her, how could she? How many times can a person get knocked down before they stop trying to get back up?

"I'm done, guys. Harry's right. I'm getting my stuff from your apartment tomorrow and leaving."
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