New Life

Maddie's terrifying past is behind her, she's ready to start a new perfect life with her boyfriend Harry, and best friends Zayn and Louis. She's happy, free, relaxed, and in love. Will a simple mistake ruin everything for her future? Will a simple 5 minuets change her life forever?
*Sequel to 'Remembering Katy Perry'. You might have a hard time following along if you haven't read the first book, so check it out(:*


13. Cheers

Harry's Pov 

I turn over and anxiously glance at the clock. 2:43 am. Damn it! It's only been ten minuets. So much for sleep tonight. 

I throw the blanket off and pull out an over night bag from under my bed, filling it with whatever my hands touch. Time to go. 

I quietly make my way down the stairs, toward the front door and stop in the kitchen, pulling out a pad of paper and a pen. 

'Mum, couldn't stay. Left at three. I'll call you tomorrow. Love, Harry' 

I leave the note on the coffee machine, knowing that's the first place she goes when she wakes up. 

I grab my bag from the counter and sneak out the back door, starting up my Audi. I toss my bag in the passengers seat and climb in the drivers seat, taking a deep breath. 

Here I come. 

Maddie's Pov 

I lift my head off Zayn's shoulder, and groan in pain as the rhythmic throbbing starts again.  

"Zayn.." I mutter, jamming my head back on his shoulder. 

He doesn't move so I try again. 


He tenses up, then relaxes again, turning  around on the couch and mumbling something in his sleep. 

Damn it, Zayn. 

I sigh and force my self in a sitting position, squinting and looking around the room. Ahh! The sun is bright! 

I repeatedly blink until Im finally used to light in the room. This isn't the living room. That's where we all fell asleep, watching Finding Nemo for the fifth time. I'm in Zayn's room. 

I ignore my confusion and throw the blanket off and look down. And I have no pants on. I'm in my panties and one of Niall's t-shirts. I don't remember changing out of my shorts and shirt. Oh well. 

I groggily get up and shuffle out of the room. Holy shit! My head is killing me! I find my way down the hall with my hands guiding the way. What time is it? 

I make it past the living room and into the kitchen. Pills, where the hell are those headache pills!? I dig through the cupboard till I finally find them. I twist the cap open and toss it on the counter, shaking three of the long white pills into my hand. 

"You know the doctor said no more than one and half of those." 

I throw the pills in the air and whip around to see Harry standing by the couch, my heart beating out of my chest. 

"God damn it, Harry! You scared the fucking shit out of me" I gasp. 

"Sorry" he mutters, not looking at me. 

"But if you take to many of those, it'll screw with your other medicine." 

"I know what I can and can't take, Harry" I reply coldly.  

The throbbing in my head worsens and I start to feel nauseous. I thought I would be able to take Harry being here, but obviously I can't. It's so much harder then I thought it was going to be. 

I grab the bottle and shake four of the pills into my hand. That should take away this headache and keep it away. 

I shakily make my way to cupboard, grab a glass, and fill it with water. 

"Cheers" I mutter to myself sarcastically before taking a big gulp of water. I raise my hand to drop the pills in but am stopped by Harry. 

"Let go" I growl, attempting to snatch my wrist out of his grip. 

He shakes he head, and grabs my other wrist, turning me toward him. I crane my neck the other way, refusing to look at him. 

"Maddie, what the hell happened at the airport?" 

"We broke up" I spit out. 

"But why?" his voice breaks and I feel my eyes burn with tears. I'm not sure if the tears are from this insane headache, being this close to Harry and knowing he's not mine, or a mix of both of those. 

"Because you deserve someone better, Harry. Now let me go" I whisper through gritted teeth. 

He shakes his head again and tightens his grip on my wrists. 

"But I don't. If anybody deserves anybody better, it's you" he whispers intently. 

What the hell is he talking about? There's him: international pop star, millionaire, borderline playboy, and he thinks I deserve better? 

"Harry. Look at yourself, then look at me. We don't belong together. You deserve some model or singer that's as beautiful and talented as you are! You know that's true, Harry! Now let go!" 

My voice raises to a shout, as I try feebly to pull my wrists out of his grip. I feel the tears spill over, as my knees go weak from this headache.

"Please" I whisper defeated, looking him straight in his beautiful green eyes. 

He stares at me for just a second before releasing his grip. I silently thank him, not finding my voice to really do it. He sinks down to the floor and puts his head in his hands and I feel the blackness start again, in my stomach. 

Your doing this for him, Maddie! I fight every urge in my body to go sit next to him and comfort him, and make my way out of the kitchen, vision blurred from the steady steam of tears that are now falling. 

I get passed the living room and start into the hallway when I run into someone. Who is this? I can't see. 

"Maddie? Are you alright, babe?" 

Zayn! Oh, thank God! I shake my head and attempt to say no. It comes out more of a weird, high pitched, croaking sound. 

"What's the matter?" 

I point to the kitchen and choke out 'he's here'. 

"Who's here?" 

"Harry!" I scream. Why doesn't he understand!?! He should get this!! He nods his head and wraps an arm around my shoulder, guiding me into his room. 

I take off, and land on the bed, letting myself full out cry, not trying to hide anything. I bury my face in the pillows and scream my heart out, not caring who hears. 

I'm left in a sobbing heap on the bed, gasping for breath and no control of my emotions. 

"T-th-this i-isn't f-f-fair!" I finally cry out. 

Why does this have to happen to me!? Why couldn't I have grown up in a normal family, with a mother that's still alive, a step-father that's not in jail, and a brother thats still there! 

Why couldn't have I fallen in love with a simple boy from my town, that was out on the farm all day, and treated me normally? Not fucking Harry Styles!! Oh God! This isn't fucking fair! How much pain can one girl take? 

"Do you, ehm, want a glass of water or something?" 

I sit up immediately, startled and see Niall standing at the door way. Shit! How long has he been there? I quickly wipe my eyes and sniff, attempting to look somewhat normal. 

"N-no. I'm f-fine."

He laughs a little bit and let's himself in, shutting the door behind him. 

"You are anything but fine, Dee." 

He makes his over to the bed and plops down next to me. He's right. No point in hiding it. I'm not fine. Harry's out in the living room, and guess what? He's not mine! He'll never be mine again! 

I'll never get to feel his hug, or hear his heart, or taste his kiss. He won't be there to calm me down when I wake up with nightmares or pick me up when I get homesick or sad. 

"You're right" I spit out with a sarcastic laugh. 

"You're right, Niall. I'm not fine. I'm not even close to being fine." 

I lay back down and cover my face, beginning to sob again. I feel an indent on the edge of the bed and a hand on my calf. 

"I'm sorry.. Is there anything I can do?" 

I sit up and crawl into his lap. 

"This is g-going to b-be weird, but w-will you hold m-me? L-like my broth-brother used t-to?"

I stare into his bright, ocean blue eyes and beg for him to hold me. He hesitates only a moment before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close. 

"Only cause you look so sad, Dee." 

I let myself relax in Niall's warm, comforting grip and silently let my tears soak his shirt. He gently runs his hand up and down my back, whispering that it's going to be okay. 

"Is Harry mad at me, Niall?" 

I know I shouldn't ask but I have to know. I couldn't bear it Harry was pissed at me the rest of his life. 

"Mad? No, not mad. Confused.. And hurt." 

A wave of emotion hits me with blunt force as I lose my breath and squeeze my eyes shut. 'Confused.. And hurt' the words echo around in my head, squeezing my heart into nothing. 

I didn't mean to hurt Harry! That's the last thing I ever wanted to do! I think I'd rather have Harry mad at me. 

"You understand why we can't be together, right?" I ask desperately. 

He shakes his head and pulls away, so I can see his face and he can see mine. 

"Nope. I don't. Neither does any one else. You guys are just so.. right for each other. I don't know, Maddie. He won't find another girl he likes as much as you." 

Damn it, Niall! Thats not what I want to hear! I want- no, I need someone to tell me I'm making the right decision here. That I'm not fucking us both up for life. 

I crawl out of Niall's lap and look around the room for my shorts, wiping away runny make-up from underneath my eyes. I need to go out and get some air. 

I can't stay in this house anymore right now. I need to go take a walk, think, and talk to Kath about all this. She's had her fair share of boyfriends. She'll know what to do. 

Niall half covers his eyes while I throw my shorts on, ripping off his t-shirt and tossing it to him. 

He catches it and stares at it for a second. 

"Hey, when do you want me to meet up with that one girl you met on the plane?" 

Shit, Brianna! I nearly forgot about her! 

"Shit.. Uhm.. I'll text her and ask her, Kay?" 

He nods his head and lays back on the bed, shutting his eyes. I guess its time to go out and face Harry. 
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