New Life

Maddie's terrifying past is behind her, she's ready to start a new perfect life with her boyfriend Harry, and best friends Zayn and Louis. She's happy, free, relaxed, and in love. Will a simple mistake ruin everything for her future? Will a simple 5 minuets change her life forever?
*Sequel to 'Remembering Katy Perry'. You might have a hard time following along if you haven't read the first book, so check it out(:*


14. Bitter-Sweet

Harry's Pov

"T-th-this i-isn't f-f-fair!"

I hear her scream from a room in the hallway and shove my hands over my ears. I don't want to hear her cry anymore, especially knowing I'm the reason why.

"Harry? You alright, mate?"

I look up to find Liam standing in front if me, hand extended. I gratefully grab it and pull myself up.

"No, Liam. I'm really not."

"Are you and Maddie like in a fight or something?" He asks confused.

I sigh and lean back against the counters. How do I explain what happened if I can't even figure it out myself.

"I think she just broke up with me" I say more to myself than Liam.

Shock spreads across his face as he tries to digest the news. I know how you feel, mate. I can't believe it either.

"What?! No way! You guys were so good and.. and just so good for each other!"

I shake my head fight away the tears. Don't you think I know this, Liam? Its not like I had much say in what happened. If I did, this would not be happening.

"Yeah, Liam. I know" I choke out.

"Do you have any idea w-"

We both hear footsteps and look up to see Maddie in the doorway. Her blue eyes are red and sore, and tear stains mark her cheeks. She makes a little hiccup sound and stares at me. My heart breaks.

She was crying her eyes out and is trying hard not to now. Because of me. She runs her hand through her tangled blonde hair and gives a quick shake of her head before trying to run back down the hall way.

She doesn't get far before she runs into Niall who wraps an arm around her shoulder, guiding hee into the living room.

What the fuck is he doing?! Him and Maddie aren't even close! Why is he comforting her and not me? She's the one who wanted this fucking thing, not me. She should be happy she's gotten rid of me.

I suddenly feel my blood go hot as I see her lean into Niall's shoulder on the couch, covering her face. Why the fuck is she upset?! She has no right to cry! She broke up with me! She should be out partying or some bull shit like that! Not sitting on the couch mocking me with her pathetic tears.

I walk over to the fridge, hoping the cool air will calm me down a bit, and to maybe find something to eat. I throw open the chrome door and stare absentmindedly.

The house is completely silent when a sob escapes Maddie. Whatever small control I had on my growing frustration and anger slips away.

I slam the fridge shut as hard as I can, causing everyone to turn and look at me. I stare bitterly at Maddie and tear streaked face.

"Fuck you" I spit out, disgusted.

I visibly watch her heart break as the color drains out of her pretty little face and her shining eyes turn cold and dark.

"Woah, Harry. Don't you think that's a bit harsh?"

Liam stands half way in-between Maddie and I, trying to break the stare down between us. I slowly slide my gaze over to him and watch him cross his arms.

"Why are you defending her, Liam? You've known her three weeks" I hiss.

He tenses up and squirms where he's standing. He absolutely hates fights.

"Because I care about her. And so do you. You need to calm down, Harry."

"I agree, mate. Go take a walk and cool off" Niall shouts from the couch.

So now Niall's on her side to?!

"Why are both of you defending her?! Shouldn't you be helping me?!"

Maddie stands up suddenly and sprints down the hall and into the bathroom. Great, make a scene, Maddie.

I sigh, annoyed, and help myself to a glass of water.

"That was not cool, Harry. She's just as upset as you are."

I nearly choke on my water as Niall scolds me. I slam the glass down and glare at him.

"Just as upset as I am, Niall? She's the one who dumped me" I growl.

"Because she thinks she's not good enough. She thinks you can do better" Liam attempts to explain.

A wicked smile comes across my face as a certain face pops into my mind.

"I can do better."

Before they can say anything I grab my coat and car keys and storm out.

Maddie's Pov

I can't listen to this any more. I can't. I can't. I can't.

I jump up and run down the hallway, not stopping until I'm in the safety of the bathroom. I slam the door shut and lock the door, so no one can bother me.

I find my way to the wall and let what I just heard sink in. Harry hates me. Legitimately hates me.

This is the last thing I wanted! I just want him to be happy with someone he deserves! I didn't mean to hurt him.

Suddenly it dawns on me. I'm a horrible person. I've hurt everyone I've ever loved.

I left Katherine and our future behind, which absolutely killed her. I'm pretty sure when Michael found out I was in the hospital, it hurt him. And now I've just broken Harry's heart.

I'm a horrible person.

I glance around the bathroom in a panic and see a bag of shaving razors on the sink. My heart stops.

"No, Maddie. Its been a whole year. Don't ruin that."

A little voice in my head tries to talk be out of it, but a louder, more commanding voice drowns it out.

"You know you deserve it. Its not like any one will care anyway. Harry fucking hates you with all he has and the boys were only friends with you because of him. Do it, worthless. I know you want to."

I tentatively reach if the bag and tear it open, pulling out a single shaver. The plastic cover falls off and the light shines off the smooth metal blades

"Do it." The voice commands.

"Tear it apart and do it you worthless piece of shit."

I strategicly pull apart the shaver, stripping it down to three thin, short pieces of razor sharp metal.

My heart seems to beat slower and louder than normal, as I thrust my left wrist over the sink.

I glance anxiously around, listening for anyone coming and hear nothing.

"Its now or never, fatty" the voice taunts.

With shaking hands I press the cold metal to my skin and drag it across, instantly feeling the bitter sweet bite of pain. I hold my breath until I pull the razor away, then let out a sigh, a mix of pain and pleasure.

"Don't you feel better? One more time."

I listen to the voice and press the metal against my skin one more time, putting a little more pressure than before.

"Maddie? Are you okay? Liam told me what happened.."

I jump, hearing Zayn on the other side of the door and drop the razor, watching it fall down the sink. Shit! What the fuck do I do?!

"Uhh.. yeah. Fine Zayn" I choke out, looking around in panic. I need to stop the bleeding!

"Can I come in?"

Fuck fuck fuck!!!

"N-no! Give me a minuet."

I whip around trying to find a towel and knock the whole bag of shavers over, listening to them clang on the floor.

"Maddie? Are you okay? What's going on?"

The door knob jiggles and grab my wrist in panic, not finding anything else to stop the bleeding. My hand is instantly coted in the thick, warm, crimson stuff.

"Maddie! Let me in!"

"I-i can't!" I stutter, backing up against the far wall.

A huge thud comes from the door as it flies open. Zayn's standing in the doorway, paralyzed by what he sees.
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