My One And Only : Best Friend And Lover

A girl named Jessi moves to London to find out she has a family relation with one of the boys and she might possibly fall for one or two of them. She has a horrid past she would like to forget but will she or will she still have that horrible memory or scar to remind her everyday of what happened.


3. The Ride Home

**Louis's POV**

   Before we left Nando's Jessi started waving bye when we saw her wrists and they had cuts on them and she saw us staring and a tear escaped from her eye so we went and comforted her but i was the only one hugging her and then Niall did and it made me feel jealous, I don't know why it just did. I kept reminding my self about Eleanor. The boys started to walk to their cars and i realized Jessi was about to walk home and i grabbed her hand and spun her into me and she looked up surprised.

"Are you going to walk home?" I asked.

"Yes." She said.

"Can I take you home?" I asked hoping she would say yes.

"I guess." She said.

   We started walking to my car and got in. I looked at her.... she was so beautiful. I couldn't stand it and i wanted to kiss her so badly but i stopped myself.

"I know i shouldn't be nosy but why did you cut yourself?" I said very upset.

"It's OK, I was bullied from ninth grade up till now and my parents found out and we moved here and they really don't show me much love or care so thanks." She said with happiness.

"I'm sorry love... So where do you live?" I asked.

"A few blocks away." She said.

    I smiled and she smiled back. Why do I like this I love Eleanor!..... We finally got to her house. I hopped out of the car and ran and opened the car door for her and walked her to her door.

"If you ever need anybody to talk to, you can call me." I said giving her my number.

"Thanks." She said as she was opening the door.

     We hugged bye and went our separate ways.

**Jessi's POV**

    Louis dropped me off and said our goodbyes. He made me feel so loved and wanted and I liked that a lot! I went upstairs and got ready for bed and I texted Louis telling him thanks for buying my dinner. I grabbed my laptop to find more about them and their band One Direction. I typed one Direction in google and all these photos and articles popped up of them. I looked at their full names:

Louis William Tomlinson

Niall James Horan

Harry Edward Styles

Zayn Jawaad Malik (not sure what his exact middle name is cause some say its javaad)

Liam James Payne

   "OH MY GOD!"  I yelled as i ran down stairs to my parents and asked them if they had any brothers or sisters with a son named Liam Payne.

"Yeah that is my brother's son. Why?" My Dad said kind of angry.

"Well I believe he is in that famous band called One Direction." I told them.

"Well we already knew that but didn't want to tell you because me and my brother don't get along." My dad was telling me.

"OK Well i thought I would tell you that i ran into them tonight at Nando's." I told them

"That's great honey, I'm glad you made friends." My Mom said trying to get off the topic.

"Well Goodnight!" I said as i was walking upstairs in shock from what my Dad just told me.

    When I got back to my room I decided I wanted to hang out with them tomorrow

To: Louis(: - Hey it's Jessi again. I was wondering if you guys wanted to hang out tomorrow?

From: Louis(: - hey love that would be awesome...How about after me and the boys get done rehearsing and we come and pick you up?(: xx

To: Louis(: - Okie Dokie sounds good to me!(:


** I will put up the 4th chapter tomorrow **

As of right now i don't know who will fall for her or who she will fall for so please leave any ideas or if i should continue.....And i should have my next fanfic up ina a day or so(P: it will be called "Certified Directioners (Dreams Do Come True)" 

               Love, Care Bear(: xx


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