My One And Only : Best Friend And Lover

A girl named Jessi moves to London to find out she has a family relation with one of the boys and she might possibly fall for one or two of them. She has a horrid past she would like to forget but will she or will she still have that horrible memory or scar to remind her everyday of what happened.


7. The Father is..........


A/N: When you read the first part when the doctor is saying who the father is, imagine Louis Jumping around and Eleanor with the biggest smile and giggling at Louis.<3


**Louis's POV**    

    The doctor was taking a while to say who the father was. I was getting a very annoyed.

Doctor: The father is Louis Tomlinson.

Louis: YES! I'm gonna be a father.

  **Niall's POV**

     When he said Louis was the father, a shot of relief went through me and Eleanor because we both had the biggest smiles on our faces. Louis was jumping  around  because he is gonna be a dad.

Niall: Well I'm gonna go home and tell Jessi the news. Congratulations I know you guys will be amazing parents. Louis, I'm sorry again for what happened.

Louis: Thanks and Niall, it's ok, mistakes happen when people are drunk. Thanks for being careful when you have a one night stand.

    I gave them hugs and left the doctor's office so happy because now I can ask Jessi to go out on a date with me.

**Jessi's POV**

     I just got off the phone with my parents and they have to go back to america because my aunt is in the hospital. They dropped my clothes off at Liam's parents house. Niall came back and looked extremely happy.

Niall: Hey Jessi, guess what?

Jessi: What?

Niall: I'm not the father! 

Jessi: That's awesome!

      I jumped up and hugged him tightly and he did the same, it felt good to have a hug. We let go of each other and stared at each other. Next thing I know his lips were against mine and I kissed back, we stayed like that for a few more seconds when Zayn walks in.

Zayn: AHHHH!!! IT BURNS!!! TOO MUCH PDA!!!        

            Niall and I blushed.

Niall: Oh shut it Zayn. haha

Zayn: haha well I guess I will leave you two love birds alone!

       With that Zayn went upstairs to his room and me and Niall just stared at each other in a comfortable silence.

Niall: So Jessi, I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me?

Jessi: Of course. But Niall?

Niall: Yes?

Jessi: I need to go shopping. Can you please take me to the mall?

Niall: Of course.

Jessi: Thanks.

      Niall was about to go in the kitchen when he stopped, turned around and walked over to me and lightly kissed me. I then ran upstairs to the guest room i was staying in and changed into some purple skinny jeans, a simple shirt and khacki colored TOMS.


We walked in and went to Jack Wills but didn't get anything because everything was out of my price range. I decided to get a skirt from a little vintage store we passed then we went back to the boy's flat.


     We walked in and saw Lou and Eleanor making out.

Niall: PDA! PDA! You guys know the rules, no snogging in the living room.

      I was laughing so hard and so was Niall. Louis grabbed El's hand and walked upstairs and laughed.

Louis: Haha so do you but that didn't stop you and Jessi kissing! So don't act all innocent Mr. Horan. haha

Niall: How do you know about that?

Louis: Zayn texted us. 

      Mine and Niall's faces were red as a tomato.

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