My One And Only : Best Friend And Lover

A girl named Jessi moves to London to find out she has a family relation with one of the boys and she might possibly fall for one or two of them. She has a horrid past she would like to forget but will she or will she still have that horrible memory or scar to remind her everyday of what happened.


2. New Place, New People

  The plane landed. The ride wasn't as bad a I thought it would be. We got off and we got our luggage, we were headed outside when we saw tons of girls waiting outside for someone. I wasn't exactly sure who they were waiting on, next thing i know they all started screaming, I turned to see who they were screaming about and I saw 5 guys, one had curly brown hair, next one had blonde hair, next one had brown and it was in a quiff, and the next one had light brown and it was also in a quiff and the last one had black/brown hair with a blonde strip in the front. I didn't get a good look at their faces because their fans were all over them and surrounding them. I'm guessing it was just a small UK band.

   My mom got a cab, we loaded our stuff up, got in the cab and told the cab driver the address. We pulled up to this big beautiful house, we unloaded the cab and paid the cab driver. We walked inside and it was so roomy and big. I LOVED IT! I ran upstairs and picked a room that had a king size bad with a canopy, a walk in closet and a bathroom attached. I unpacked and just chilled until dinner but mom and dad went site seeing so i had to fend for myself so i found a phone book and looked for places to eat, I felt like eating chicken so i looked for places that had chicken. Finally found one that stuck out to me and it was called Nando's. I went upstairs got ready and wore my hair down curly and put some blue rolled up skinny jeans on, toms and a flowery shirt. I left my house and walked because i wanted to soak in my new surroundings, finally i saw Nando's and walked in and grabbed a booth in the back, as i was walking to it i bumped into someone and i went to turn a around to say sorry and they did the same. As i looked at the person i bumped into i recognized his hair the remembered seeing him at the airport with the other 4 other guys. We stared at each and when i went to go apologize he interrupted me and apologized and he looked at me in excitement and asked what my name was, i said "Jessi" and i asked him what his name was and he said "Louis Tomlinson" he asked me to join him and his friends for dinner so i said "sure" and he immediately responded with "AWESOME" i followed him to his table and when we got there, they were all asking who i was. Louis calmed them down and introduced me, and said "Boys this is Jessi, I accidentally bumped into her and wanted to apologize by buying her dinner." then he introduced me to the boys and said "that's Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn" I said "Hey" and they smiled when i did and we sat down and Liam looked at me and asked where i was from because they knew i was not from here. "I'm from Alabama." I said. "WOW we have been there before" he said. All i could say was "REALLY?!" They all nodded and i asked "For what?" They all stared at me with amazement like i was supposed to know that. "What?" I said, Louis looked at me and said "You really don't know who we are?" "Nope" I said. Well.....We are in a band called One Direction and we just got back today from touring the us." I was so shocked because i was sitting at a table with worldwide famous band and all i could manage to say was "awesome" after there was an awkward silence and then our food arrived and in about 5 minutes i looked to see Niall with his face stuffed and his plate was empty and i started to laugh and they looked up to see what i was laughing at and they all started laughing and said "Oh how Niall loves his Nando's!" After we got done eating and laughing and they payed the bill and we got up and went outside and started to say good bye so i started waving at them and they stared at my wrist's and when i realized it and they started walking towards me and i felt a tear escape from my from all the bad memories. They started to comfort me which made me cry more. Louis was the only one comforting me and then i saw Niall come over and comfort me but I'm surprised they didn't ask what happened. The said bye and started to got their cars so i started to walk home and then all of a sudden someone grabbed my hand and spun me into them and i looked up to see Louis and asked if i was going to walk home. "Yeah" I said sadly and realized it was just him. "Can i take you home?" he asked. "I guess" I said.


   I followed him to his car and he opened  the passenger door for me and then went around and got in the driver side. It was awkward at first but then he did something that i have wanted my whole life.

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