My One And Only : Best Friend And Lover

A girl named Jessi moves to London to find out she has a family relation with one of the boys and she might possibly fall for one or two of them. She has a horrid past she would like to forget but will she or will she still have that horrible memory or scar to remind her everyday of what happened.


1. Moving

As I am walking down the halls of my high school, I hear people whispering mean things about me and i knew what they were saying about me but i tried not to pay attention. I live in a pretty small town in Alabama and it was so small everybody knew everybody so word got around fast. I hated being in this awful high school and i have for the past 3 years because ever since i got here people have been so mean to me but it wasn't that bad back then but now it was more worse then ever. I used to have a really good friend until she ditched me to go hang with the people who bullied me and i just couldn't believe she did that but i eventually got over it. As i kept walking they acted like i wasn't there and ran into me like i was invisible and I hated it and i have had enough of it so I ran home and ran to my room and locked my door behind me. I cried till I fell asleep and when i woke up it was around 7 p.m. and went downstairs to find my mom and dad eating without me but I just walked passed them and grabbed something to eat. I ran back up to my room and remembered what happened at school today and started crying and I started cutting myself to try and get their words out of my head.    My parents found out and talked to me about it and i told them why (by the way my parents have no friends or aquatints here in Alabama) and they agreed on moving but they wouldn't tell me where and said it was a surprise. So i went to school the next day to get my transcript and went home and packed my room up then i heard a knock at my door and my parents walked in and said they wanted to tell me where we were moving...I was waiting for them to tell me where we were moving to another county in Alabama. They started to get a sad look in their eyes...I thought they were about to tell me that we weren't going to move but then they started listing the things i needed to pack and take to where we were moving. I sat there and looked at them till they told me, they looked at me and said ",ENGLAND!" They got all excited and said they have been wanting to go to London for awhile but they thought i didn't want to leave but they really didn't know that i have been wanting to leave since high school. They left me in my room to think about i felt about moving to London...I was thinking about the fresh start i would be getting and fell asleep.   

     I woke up to screaming coming from downstairs. So i hopped up out of bed and ran downstairs and saw my mom smiling. She saw me standing there and ran up to me and gave me a big hug, I gave her a weird look and she told me that the just bought a house over there and said it was beautiful and i was going to love it but she wouldn't show me what it looked like because it was surprise. i went upstairs and packed some more stuff, by that time it was dinner and i went downstairs to find my mom and dad going out to eat so i just went to the pantry and grabbed something to ea. I just called my mom and she said that our plane tickets came today and that we were flying out around 6:30 a.m. I went upstairs and got my stuff together then got ready for bed. I laid down and set my phone alarm for 5:30 a.m. 

     I got up the next morning around 5:30 to get ready to go to the airport. Our flight left at 6:30 so when we were done getting ready we left the house st 5:30 and got to the airport around 6:00 and we went through security and waited till they called our plane. I was sitting there day dreaming about London and then i heard someone say " PLANE TO LONDON,ENGLAND IS NOW BOARDING." We got up and got on the plane. We all saw the seat belt light, we buckled up and took off.




The Second chapter is a lot more interesting then this chapter...i had to explain what happened before she met the guys.....this is my first fan fiction so please leave comments if i should continue writing this or give advice... 

               Love, Care Bear(: xx

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