My One And Only : Best Friend And Lover

A girl named Jessi moves to London to find out she has a family relation with one of the boys and she might possibly fall for one or two of them. She has a horrid past she would like to forget but will she or will she still have that horrible memory or scar to remind her everyday of what happened.


5. Heartbroken

I woke up the next morning in Louis' room and i wasn't quite sure how i got there. I got up and went downstairs and found Louis asleep on the couch so i went and jumped on him. 

Jessi: GET UP!

Louis: What? *Le Sexy Voice*

Niall: I'm hungry

Jessi: Well if Louis would get up maybe we can go get some breakfast

Louis finally got up after what seemed like forever. I dragged Louis upstairs so he could get dressed. He walked over to his phone to check it and got a worried look on his face.

**Louis' POV**

I felt Jessi jumping on me to wake me up. She is so cute.....Wait What? Think Eleanor Lou! i got up and got dressed and checked my phone and saw a text from Eleanor.

From: El<3: hey Babe! We need to talk ASAP!

Oh no this can't be good. I quickly got ready and told her to meet me at Starbucks. I saw El and she looked mad/sad.

Louis: Hey Babe! *Le Kissing Forehead*

El: Hi

Louis: So you wanted to talk?

El: um yeah, have you made a new friend lately?

Louis: Yeah why?

El: well i saw a picture of you and a girl hugging and was wondering who she is

i explained to her about jessi.

El: well i have something to tell you

Louis: Okay what is it?

El: I'm........Pregnant!

Louis: So that's why you have been so moody lately.

Her Smile disappeared. Uh Oh!

El: Yeah but it might not be yours.

When she said that my heart broke into a thousand little pieces.

Louis: what do you mean it not be mine?

**Eleanor's POV**

When Louis asked that i knew i had to tell him about the other week.


Perrie: lets go clubbing

El: i dont know

Perrie: oh c'mon El

El: i dont feel comfortable going with out Lou

Perrie: Please?

El: Okay

we got to the club, we walked in and grabbed a seat at the bar. i felt someone staring at me but i just shrugged it off. Perrie ordered us a round of drinks and another and another and i was drunk. 

Louis Impostor: Hey Love

El: Hi

Louis Impostor: I think it's time to go

El: Okay

we left and went to his flat and you know what happened next......I woke up in a place i did not recognized and felt a warm body around me, i remembered what happened and remember leaving with Louis, which i was relieved but when i turned to face him it was not Louis. It was.......

*~End OF Flashback~*



hey loves its been awhile and im sorry for that i have been busy with school but anyways i really like this chapter and i cant wait for you guys to figure out who was the Louis Impostor!:D Well bye Loves!(:

                                 -Care Bear(: xx

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