let's live while we're young

Found out if Rebecca will live to lead a normal life in Britain where she moved to ,after she left all her friends in oklahoma after she meets with one direction will her life ever be normal again


1. a start of a new feeling

As Rebbecca was on her flight, she looked back there was a old man,a fat woman and a person who had allergies. "God, i want to be back in oklahoma right now,"she thought. Atlast our flight landed my mom had jetleg mine were numb. I put my pandora on my phone one thing came on i mumbled the words to myself. OMG my mom said "maybe we could go see them in concert". I was fangirling like crazy in the airport i think some people thought i was retarted. Maybe this could be one good thing about moving to Britain. Maybe this was the start of a new feeling.  

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