I'll Never Let You Go

Samantha “Sam” and her friends have just graduated from high school and they are spending the summer in London for the summer. Everything seems to be going well until she learns that her boyfriend is cheating on her. But when she tries to break up with him he refuses and threatens her to stay with him by abusing her. What will happen when Louis Tomlinson, from her favorite band One Direction comes and saves her? She develops to have feelings for him but she doesn't know if he really feels the same way. But is she really safe from danger? Read more to find out... I dare you.


8. Truth or Dare?

Sam’s POV


It was almost time to go to the boys’ house and might I say my four best friends were literally freaking out right now. We were all wearing our new clothes, mostly short shorts or skirts and a tank top, and we had already applied a bit of makeup. I have to admit I was a little nervous too. I just wasn’t in panic mode like the girls.

We arrived at their house with no problems. I already told the girls a million times that they’d be fine if they just stay cool and be themselves, the boys liked to be treated like normal guys. We slowly walked up to the door and I rang the doorbell. The door swings open within seconds to reveal five grinning, cute guys.

“Hey Sam.” Louis says to me.

“Hey Lou.” I smile back shyly. “Hey guys.” I say hi to the rest of the boys and they say hi back.

“Are you guys gonna let us in or what?” Scarlett asks after a minute of standing outside.

“Oh. Sorry.” All the boys mutter and step aside. We walk in and they lead us to the living room where we take a seat on the couches and the boys sit on the floor because there aren’t enough seats for everyone.

“So um… what are your names?” Harry asks. The girls tell them their names one by one.

“Scarlett… That’s a pretty name.” Zayn says to her, which makes her blush. I look over and see Rosie and Liam getting along quite well too. So were Nat and Harry and Niall and Bella. Ooooh. Harry was flirting with Nat. I smile happily to myself. I glance around the room and I notice that Louis has disappeared.

“Hey, do you know where Louis is?” I ask the others. But before they could even respond I hear someone shout behind me.

“Boo!” they shout as I feel hands suddenly grab my shoulders. I scream and jump a little. I quickly turn around to see a mischievous looking Louis.

“Lou, you scared the crap out of me!” I exclaim.

“Well then you’re welcome.” He replies still grinning and the others are now hysterically laughing from my reaction. Louis takes a seat on the floor in front of me. I give him the evil eye but he just continues to laugh.

“Hey Niall?”

“Yeah Sam?”

“Where do you keep the carrots?” As soon as I said that Louis’ face freezes.

“You wouldn’t!” Louis glares at me.

“Niall, where are they?” I continue, ignoring Louis.

“If I tell you will you give me some?”

“Sure.” I reply with an evil grin on my face and a plan begins forming in my head.

“Niall, if you tell her then I swear I will hide all of the food in this house.” Louis shots back.

“Niall, I’ll take you to Nandos.” I knew he wouldn’t say no to Nandos.

“Ok. They’re under the sink in the kitchen.” He says happily.

“NOOO!!!” Louis shouts loudly. I literally run to the kitchen as fast as I could because Louis was right behind me, desperately trying to reach the carrots before I could. Luckily I had a head start and grabbed the carrots before Louis could.

“Awww! No fair!” he whined like a little kid.

“Is too. This is what you get for scaring me.” I laugh. I push him out of my way, causing him to stumble, and I run back out to the living room. As I pass Niall I throw him some carrots and his eyes light up.

“Thanks Sam.” He grins.

“No problem.” I say.

“You better run.” Harry advises me. I see Lou come skidding around the corner and down the hallway.

“Hurry! Go upstairs, we’ll hold him off.” Zayn and Liam chuckle.

They hold off Louis while I quickly race up the stairs. I run down the hall but I turn my head and see Lou climbing up the stairs. Well that was some stalling, I giggle to myself. How did Lou manage to get past both Zayn and Liam? I run into the nearest room and it happens to be Louis’. It looks the same as earlier except that the room is shockingly clean. “Wow.” I mutter in amazement. While I’m distracted Louis sneaks up behind me and tackles me on to his bed.

“I got you now.” Lou cries in success. He grabs the bag of carrots from my hand and starts munching on a carrot.

“Lou, you’re squishing me.”

“Sorry.” He laughs. He rolls off of me and sticks out his hand, which I take and he helps me up. I stare up into his eyes and he looks down into mine. We stand there in awkward silence. 

"We should probably get back to the others now." I say quietly, breaking the silence.

"Oh, um yeah." Louis replies and it looks like he blushed ever so slightly. I couldn't tell. We make our way back down to the living room where we see everyone sitting on the floor in a circle.

“Hey guys. We were just about to start a game of truth or dare. Would you like to join us?” Liam asks as we walk in.

“Sure.” Louis says excitedly. I just nod and Louis and I join the circle.

“Ok. Who wants to go first?” Louis grins evilly. I definitely don’t want to go first. But Louis has other ideas. “Sam… why don’t you go first.” He turns to me and smirks. I shake my head.

“Oh. Come on. It’ll be fun.” Nat encourages. I glare at her.

“Fine.” I give in. Everyone cheers.

“Ok. Truth or dare?” Louis asks me.

“Um, truth.” I say, trying to play it safe since Louis is the one asking me.

“Hm. Truth… I got it. You must pick dare.” Louis grins.

“No, I picked truth now give me a question.”

“Sorry, but Louis doesn’t like playing fairly. If he is the one giving you questions he always makes you choose dare.” Zayn speaks up.

“Ugh. Are you kidding me?” I say slightly annoyed. “Fine. Give me a dare Louis; just go easy on me ok. I hate dares.”

He laughs but his face is smug now. “I dare you to… jump in our pool.”

“What?! I’m not jumping in your pool with my clothes on this late at night!” I exclaim.

“Well, you could always do it naked.” Harry suggests.

“I will not jump in naked Harry Edward Styles! You’re disgusting!” Everyone laughs at my reaction to Harry’s comment.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this Louis.” I say in shock, turning back to Lou, as I stand up. “Ok. Where’s the pool?”

Louis leads us all outside to the pool. The entire time he is smirking. I take my shoes off and walk to the edge and dip my toe in.

“The water is freezing. Are you sure I have to do this?” I complain but everyone nods and starts giggling.

“Fine.” I look down into the clear, freezing water. I position myself and do a perfect dive into the pool. I shiver as I enter the water. My head pops back above the surface and everyone is cheering and laughing. Louis is hysterically laughing and his face is turning red. I swim over to the edge.

“Hey Lou, could you stop laughing and give me a hand here?”

“Sure.” He kneels down by the edge and reaches out his hand. I quickly grab his hand and tug hard. He falls right in to the water besides me. His head pops up and he has a bewildered expression on his face. By now the others are laughing so hard that they are crouching over and starting to tear up and get red faces.

“Hey, that was so mean!” Louis whines.

“Haha, what are you gonna do about it?” I taunt him as I swim away quickly.

He starts swimming after me but I’m too fast for him. I scramble to get out of the pool just before Louis grabs a hold of me.

“You snooze you lose!” I tease him giggling. We all run inside and lock the door, leaving Louis outside. He bangs on the glass door.

“Guys, this isn’t funny.” He pouts.

“It is for us.” Niall laughs and we laugh with him. Liam comes in and tosses me a towel and some sweats and t-shirt.

“The bathroom’s down the hall on the left.” He smiles at me.

“Thanks Liam.” I go to change but when I come back I see them letting in a dripping wet Louis. He immediately comes up to me and gives me a big hug.

"Louis! You got me all wet!" I exclaim.

"That was the whole point." he laughs. I push him off me and he does the same to Harry before he can react. He goes to hug the other boys but they are ready and step back. Instead Liam pushes him to the stairs and tells him to go change. While Louis changes we decide to continue our game.

“Ok. Let’s see.” I say and scan the circle for the next victim. My eyes land on the perfect person. “Liam. Truth or dare?” I ask.

“Truth.” He answers without hesitation. I knew he would say that.

“Ok… If you had to kiss any of us girls in this circle, who would it be?”

“Umm. I would probably kiss… Rosie.” He says quietly and blushes. Yes! I was hoping he would like her. I see Rosie’s face turn bright red as everyone giggled at the two.

“Liam, you’re up.” Zayn interrupts.

“Ok then. Zayn, truth or dare?” Liam asks Zayn with a grin.


“I dare you to… kiss Scarlett for 30 seconds.” He says with a smirk. Now Scarlett’s face turns as red as a tomato. Zayn scoots over next to Scarlett.

“Ready?” he asks her sweetly. She nods as they both lean in. Their lips touch and I can see that they are really enjoying this. Zayn puts one of his hands on her waist and she puts one of her hands behind his head as they continue the kiss even though the 30 seconds have clearly past. A minute goes by when I hear Harry clear his throat, obviously ruining their moment. They pull away and both blush in embarrassment. I giggle at them. They would be great together. I hope Zayn asks her out.

“Moving on.” Harry says.

“Um. Scarlett, truth or dare?” Zayn asks his face still red.


“Will you go out with me?” he pleads.

“Awww.” I say excitedly.

“Yes.” Scarlett says happily and gives him a peck on the lips. The girls cheer while they boys make gagging noises.

“Come on. You should be happy for them.” I giggle. They just chuckle.

Just then Louis comes back and sits down next to me.

“Hey.” I sweetly say to him and smile.

“Hey.” He smiles back. He looks at Zayn who has his arm wrapped around Scarlett’s waist. “So… What'd I miss?” he asks. It looks like he’s already figured it out but I told him anyway.

“Zayn just asked Scarlett out and she said yes.”

“Ah.” He says, understanding completely. “Whose turn is it now?”

“Scarlett’s... Hello, earth to Scarlett. You’re turn.” I say.

“Sorry.” She giggles.

“Niall, truth or dare?”


“I dare you to not eat anything for the next two hours.”


“You heard me.”

“Niall, it’s only two hours!” I laugh at his shocked expression.

“Yeah, but to Niall it’s more like two days.” Harry tells us. That makes everyone laugh. Niall crosses his arms and pouts.

“Niall, we were only joking.” Bella says sweetly to Niall, trying to make him feel better.

“I know. But thanks. They just love teasing me for my love for food.” He replies, his expression softens for her.

“Ok. So who hasn’t gone yet?” Niall asks.

“I think it’s just Harry, Louis, Bella, Natalie, and Rosie.” Liam pipes up.

We keep playing until we’re down to the last person, Louis. Natalie was asked if she fancied Harry and of course she said yes. So I bet you can guess what Harry was dared to do. He and Nat had to do seven minutes in heaven in a closet. When they came back Harry announced that he’d asked Nat out. Two couples down, two (possibly three, but I’m not saying anything about it yet) to go. Bella was dared by Niall to talk in an Irish accent for an hour. At least she got an easy dare, probably because Niall liked her. Lastly, Rosie was dared to do Gangnam Style in front of everyone. She seriously can’t dance so it was hilarious to watch her. Harry even pulled out his iPhone and put the song on.

Now it was Louis’ turn. I hope he gets a really funny dare.


A.N.: I had to split this into two chapters because it was getting kinda long for just one chapter. Hope you guys like it. Please keep commenting, I'd like to know what you think. Thnx. I'll post the next chapter soon. :))

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