I'll Never Let You Go

Samantha “Sam” and her friends have just graduated from high school and they are spending the summer in London for the summer. Everything seems to be going well until she learns that her boyfriend is cheating on her. But when she tries to break up with him he refuses and threatens her to stay with him by abusing her. What will happen when Louis Tomlinson, from her favorite band One Direction comes and saves her? She develops to have feelings for him but she doesn't know if he really feels the same way. But is she really safe from danger? Read more to find out... I dare you.


3. Superman to the Rescue

Louis' POV


“Hello?” I answered into my iPhone. “Where are you Lou? It’s been 2 hours!” my best friend Harry practically yelled in my ear.

“Sorry about that Hazza. I sort of got lost. I called a cab and I’m on my way home now.”

“Ok. But you won’t be let off the hook that easily, Boo Bear.” He laughed. “Niall!” I could hear Harry scolding him in the background. “That food’s for Lou.”

“Hey, make sure that little leprechaun doesn't eat any of my carrots!” I exclaimed. “I’m starving.”

“Don’t worry he won’t, right Niall?”

“Good. But if any of them are gone you and Niall will both pay for it.”

“Got it. See you in bit.” Harry tried saying without laughing before he hung up.

My tummy grumbled as I leaned my head against the cold glass window of the cab. I checked the time and realized it was almost midnight. No wonder why the boys were worried about me. The cab finally entered our neighborhood after what seemed like ages. “You can just let me out here.” I told the cab driver. I handed him some money. “Keep the change.” I told him. He thanked me and drove away.

The streets were dark, gloomy, and deserted. I stuffed my hands in my red chinos and swiftly began walking the rest of the way to mine and Harry’s flat. The cool air and spooky atmosphere gave me chills. I quickened my pace.

All of a sudden I heard a blood curdling girl’s scream. She sounded like she was in excruciating pain. I ran towards the sound of her screaming. I turned a corner and entered a dead end alley. At the end I could just make out a boy roughly gripping a girl’s hair. She was backed against the wall, almost on her knees. She looked startled when she saw me. Her fresh tears sparkled as they streamed down her face. She was beautiful and did not deserve to be treated this way. I then noticed blood rolling down her arm and the dude holding a knife as I cautiously approached them.

Now I was furious and I just lost it. I ran full speed at that b*tch. He threw the girl against the brick wall beside them. I heard a loud thud as her head collided with the hard bricks. It made me flinch. Her eyes fluttered shut and I knew she was unconscious.

Once I reached him, I knocked the knife out of his hand and it landed out of reach. He punched me in the stomach and I clutched my stomach as I staggered backwards. This guy was going to pay for what he did to that innocent girl. I kicked him in the gut and punched him in the face for good measure. He fell back, landing crumpled on the ground and surprisingly he was knocked unconscious. “Hmph. That’s what you get for messing with the Tommo!”

I kneeled over the girl. I finally got a good look at her. She had bruises on her face, arms, and legs. There was a long cut on her left arm that was still oozing crimson blood. It didn't like it was anything too serious but just in case I took off my jacket and wrapping it tightly around the wound. I had plenty of other jackets. She had a big bump on the side of her head. She was going to have a killer headache in the morning. I wiped her remaining tears off her face. She was gorgeous. Her smooth, soft jet black hair flowed down to just below her shoulders. She had a small cute nose and she had perfect, full pink lips. I hope she will be ok. I really do. I tear escaped from my eye. I couldn't stand to see her like this even if she was a complete stranger, but that would soon change. I gently picked her up in my arms and carried her away from that jerk quickly. She felt so light and warm in my arms that I didn't mind carrying her at all. I could feel her soft beating heart as I held her tightly close to my chest. All I cared about right now was her safety.

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