I'll Never Let You Go

Samantha “Sam” and her friends have just graduated from high school and they are spending the summer in London for the summer. Everything seems to be going well until she learns that her boyfriend is cheating on her. But when she tries to break up with him he refuses and threatens her to stay with him by abusing her. What will happen when Louis Tomlinson, from her favorite band One Direction comes and saves her? She develops to have feelings for him but she doesn't know if he really feels the same way. But is she really safe from danger? Read more to find out... I dare you.


2. Help!

Sam's POV


"You f*cking little b*tch!!! What did you just say to me?" my boyfriend Zack shouted at me. I had only been at his house for ten minutes and I'm being harshly yelled at. I was becoming frightened and I felt myself shrinking back down underneath my skin. Zack has never acted this way before. But he has also been acting cold towards me lately. I had only just accused him of cheating on me for the second time. I don't know why I even gave him another chance. I saw him hitting on another girl but he denied it. I am now having second thoughts about him. Do I really love him or am I just doing this for my friends? Why am I even still with him then? 

He stepped closer and closer to me pushing me up against the wall, squishing me between his body and the wall. His breath sent shivers down my spine, not in a good way but in a scared way, as I felt it on my neck. "What did you just say to me?" he repeated again, slightly louder this time.

"We're done! I'm done! You don't give a sh*t about me anymore!"

"You just made a 'big' mistake."

Next thing you know he begins roughly touching me all over my body making me very uncomfortable. I knew I had to get out of here before he did something seriously harmful to me. I gulped. But I soon had an idea. I kicked him hard in the shins and he staggered backwards, giving me literally seconds to wiggle out of his grasp.

And then I ran. I ran as fast as I could out the nearest door, anything to get away from 'him'. I could hear loud footsteps chasing me from behind. I hurried up my pace. I didn't dare turn around. I needed to lose him. I turned a corner in between two buildings hoping to lose him and not be a dead end. But with my horrible luck Zack found me and I had just trapped myself in a disgusting, dead end alley. He moved slowly cornered me once again, pulling a sharp knife out of his pocket. He tightly grabbed my black hair, feeling like he would pull it out. I winced and cried out in pain. He drew the blade to my arm and began cutting my arm. Blood seeped out of my arm and I screamed like hell, salty tears pouring out of my eyes. I tried screaming for help but no sound escaped my mouth except for my shrieks of pain and terror. This is it, no one can save me now because it is the middle of the night and there is absolutely no one around. All hope was lost until I saw a tall, slender figure approaching us. "Leave her alone!" angrily demanded a low, sweet voice with a strong British accent. He sounded familiar but I couldn't see his face yet. I could feel my head getting dizzy because seeing lots of blood makes me nauseous, no matter how bad the cut is. Once Zack heard the voice of the other guy he threw me hard against the cold, brick building wall. My head slammed hard against it and I again cried out in pain with whatever my voice could muster up. I could feel my eyes getting heavy, my head was killing me, my body was becoming incredibly weak, and my vision blurred into darkness. I blacked out, but no before seeing my mysterious hero attack Zack straight on and then stand over me to help me. I didn't see his face clearly at all but it seemed so familiar. All I remember was that I saw a blur of brown hair and beautiful green eyes filled with worry. I just couldn't think of where they were from...


A.N.: What do you guys think so far? Sorry about the bad language at the beginning, I needed to portray Zack as a cruel guy. Please comment and thanks for reading. :))

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