I Won't Give Up (One Direction Fan Fiction)

I was never one to get attention. Just stayed to the side… watched the drama, but was never a part of it; was good at school and other things, but never flaunted it; stayed to myself and didn’t have any friends… that was until I was abducted and raped repeatedly for about 5 months. And that changed me more than anything. You would think this would break me, make me depressed for the rest of my life, but it did the exact opposite. It made me stronger, but made me still to myself, and I made my #1 rule…. Stay away from boys. That was until my crush, Niall…. Suddenly falls in love with me…..


1. Chapter 1: My Broken Wall-flower


I heard his pencil tapping on his desk as he thought. I had already finished the test about 20 minutes ago, but Niall was still writing.


I tried to picture his adorable face concentrating on his history essay with his baby blue eyes staring at his paper. Probably chewing on his lip because he was so nervous. I mean, everyone was… but me.


History was kind of my thing, so I found it easy, but in Mr. McIzick’s class… it wasn’t even that easy for me, but I still found it a breeze.


The bell rang as I collected my books and heard groans and sighs from different people in my class as they had to turn in their un-finished essays.


I walked out of the classroom with my head down trying to push past the people to get to my locker.


As I was about to get to my locker a person bumped into me causing me to drop all of my books and fall to the floor. I groaned and began to pick them up, not expecting anyone to help, but then a hand reached out to pick up my notebook.


************HEY! Sorry it's short, i just felt like i should stop it there :) CLIFFHANGER! So tell me if you like it! This is my first story on this website so give meh feedback! and sorry it's not edited, :)


I looked up to see a man, about 30 years old, blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a dark black suit and looked like he was about to go into a meeting.


He handed me my notebook and mumbled thanks, but he didn’t respond, he just looked at me like he wanted to eat me alive. It was pretty creepy…


I looked down again and started walking up to my locker, but I could feel him still staring at me… but I tried to push the thought away.


I looked by my locker to see Harry Styles making out with yet another girl, of coarse a different one than yesterday, and the day before, and the day before….


I opened my locker, it was pretty simple, only the books I needed and my one and only picture. It was of me and my little brother 3 years ago when I was 14 and he was 10. We were standing by a little lake near our house, laughing at something completely ridiculous, looking like idiots. Every time I look at this picture, it kills me inside, yet I still like to look at it.


I took one last glance at it and grabbed my gym bag and headed to the locker room. I walked out side and let the warm rush of air hit me in the face. Every time I feel the warm air it reminds me that my junior year is just a couple weeks away from being over.


I smile as I walked to the gym locker room and change quickly, trying to ignore the whispers coming from the populars.


I walked out and stood against the wall waiting for the rest of the class to come out. Then the coach told us to go outside and run 2 laps. I started running and let it take over me. I didn’t want to stop. I started out slow, then ran a full-on sprint until I was done, way before everyone else in my class.


You would think me being the best runner would get me some attention… but no, still a nobody.


The rest of the day was pretty boring, the only class I had with Niall was History, so the rest of the day I just zoned out thinking about stuff, because I already knew all the info they were teaching us.


My walk home was always the same. 6 miles, just me to myself, letting me get lost in the music. My mom would pick me up, but she’s always at the hospital with my brother and my dad is probably drunk somewhere in Indonesia or some crap. He left us about 5 years ago.


‘I Won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz came on. This song would always make me think of Niall. I have had a crush on him ever since he came to our school about 2 years ago. Right when I looked into his eyes for the first time and heard his Irish accent, I was a goner.


All of the sudden, a screeching sound came from a car behind me. It was a black van and my eyes went wide. It all happened way too fast. A man jumped out of the car and put a cloth in my mouth before a scream could rise up in my throat. He put something cold up against my back and I froze… a gun. He whispered in my ear, “Be a good little girl, or this bullet will fly.” I just nodded my head


He pushed me into the car roughly. It was dark until lights came on inside the van. I looked to see the guy who brought me in here, and the man I bumped into this morning… And that was the last thing I saw before he stuck a needle in my arm and I lost consciousness 

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