Never had the words to say

Alyssa and Harry are normal teenagers, falling secretly for each others. But when the fame hits Harry, what Alyssa is going to do? Will she follow him? Or will she leave? And Harry, will he stay the same?


6. School

Alyssa's P.O.V

I woke up again in the night. I had a strange nightmare. I knew it was horrible, but I couldn't remember it. I tried to sleep again, but it didn't worked. I got up and walked fastly to Harry's room. I sat on the floor, next to the bed, next to his head. I looked at him. He was so cute. I passed my hand in his hair and he moaned. His eyes opened a little bit, then bigger. "Aly? Is everything okay?" he asked with his sexy sleepy voice. "yeah... well I had a night mare, and I was wondering if I could, maybe... sleep with you?" I whispered. "sure" he said. He moved to let me place in the bed. I slided under the sheets. He wrapped one arm around me, the other was one under the pillow. "sorry to wake you up" I said in his ear. "it's okay babe" he said. I putted my head on his chest. I was feeling much better now.

~The next day~

Harry's P.O.V

When I opened my eyes, I saw that Alyssa was not there. I got up and went to the bathroom. The door was closed. I knocked on it, then heard the shower and Alyssa's voice. She was singing one of her favorite songs. I leant against the door and listened.

"I'm all out of faith

This is how I feel

I'm cold and I am shamed

Lying naked on the floor"

"Illusion never change

into something real

I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn"

She stopped singing. "Hazz?" she said. "What?" I answered. "What are you doing?" She asked. "Listening to your beautiful voice"I said. I moved away from the door and putted some clothes on. I heard the bathroom door and turned around. "You're stupid" She said, drying her hair. She had a nice purple shirt and some black ripped jeans. "You know you can't put this in school, huh?" I said, looking at her pants. "I know, what's the matter?" she said. "Oh, you such a rebel" I joked, getting closer to her. "Maybe" she said. We kissed. Even if it was not the first time, I had butterflies again. "Guys, breakfast is ready" my mum screamed from upstairs. We pulled away and joined her in the kitchen. Aly ate fastly and was soon back downstairs. I finished my food and joined her. She was putting mascara on. "Baby, you don't need that" I said. "I don't care" she answered. I rolled my eyes and arranged my hair. As everytime that I wash them before going to sleep, it was a mess, but I just shaked my head and let it like that. She was finally ready. She took her bag, threw her agenda in it and we leaved for school.

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