Never had the words to say

Alyssa and Harry are normal teenagers, falling secretly for each others. But when the fame hits Harry, what Alyssa is going to do? Will she follow him? Or will she leave? And Harry, will he stay the same?


3. Next day

Alyssa's P.O.V

I woke up. It was still dark. I looked at the clock. 1 am. I closed my eyes, trying to go back to sleep. I heard Harry mumbling something. Then he kissed my head and wrapped his arm around me. I was feeling so good in his presence. He was like my protector. I felt like nothing could happen as long as he was holding me. He finally felt asleep 10 minutes later.

~The next day~

I woke up alone in the bed. I sat and looked around me. I heard some noises coming from the kitchen. I got out of the bed and realized I was still in Harry's jacket. I tried to find my clothes but it was nowhere to be found, so I followed the voices and went to the kitchen. Harry and his mum were cooking. "Hey there" Harry said with his deep morning voice. "Oh, hi! Slept well?" Anne said. "Yes thanks. Huh, someone knows where are my clothes?" I asked. "In the dryer. I thought you'd like to have dry clothes" She answered me. I smiled. "So what you guys are cooking?" I asked. "Pancakes. You want some?" Harry asked. "yes, please" I said, after a yawn. "okay, can you give me the flour please?" Harry asked. I took it and came closer to him. He turned around and hit me, not having seen I was there, so I dropped the floor. I opedned my mouth then cough because of the powder in the air. His mum was laughing and so he was. I started laughing too. "I'm sorry!!" Harry said. "no, I'm sorry!" I said. "It's fine guys" Anne said, before leaving the room. We couldn't stop laughing. Harry took some flour and threw it to me. I closed my eyes just in time and screamed. He turned around so I jumped on his back. He took my leg and got me in front of him, then laid me on the floor and started tickling me. "No, hahaha, stop, haha, please, hahahaha" I said. He was laughing too. There was still flour in the air and it was stifling. I coughed again and Harry stopped tickling me. "You okay?" He asked. He really looked worried. "yeah it's fine" I finally said. His face was really close of mine and I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful eyes. There was like a shine in his eyes that was so cute. Even covered with flour, he was handsome. "Aly, I..." He started. His face came closer to mine, and he was staring at my lips. I took a breath and closed my eyes. "Hey guys, I found this to..." Anne said. We both turned around, then realized how awkward we were. Harry got up and helped me getting up too. "sorry" She said. She handed us two wet cloth and we cleaned our faces. Harry then shaked his head and a lot of flour got in the air. I laughed again. When we finished cleaning up, we finished our pancakes and ate. I was really happy to be there, cause I know that with my mom, I wouldn't have do that. We finished, helped for the dishes and got back in the basement, in Harry's room. We decided to watch a movie. We were both silent when Anne enterred in the room and handed me the phone. "It's your mother" she said. I took the phone. "Yeah" I said curtly. "Hey darling" she started. Her voice sounded normal. I didn't say a thing. "listen, I know I wasn't nice those times and... after you leaved yesterday, I went to your room and realized how you probably hate me right now. I'm sorry for all I've done and... are you there?" She asked. "Yeah, I listen" I said. "So, I decided to go in rehab and I called a psychologist. I relly want the best for you and... I talked to Anne and I want you to stay at Harry's as long as I will be in therapy. Is that okay for you?" She said. "huh, yes. I can come and take my things?" I asked. I couldn't believe it. My mum was back. "Yes, when you want" she said. "okay I'm coming. Bye" I said and hung up. I looked at Harry. He was looking at me, unsure what was going on.  

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