Never had the words to say

Alyssa and Harry are normal teenagers, falling secretly for each others. But when the fame hits Harry, what Alyssa is going to do? Will she follow him? Or will she leave? And Harry, will he stay the same?


12. Memories I'll always save

Alyssa's P.O.V

The curly boy took me to his house. He took me downstairs. I sat on the bed and he sat in front of me. "So, ask me questions" he said. "Okay, where are we?" I asked. "At my house, in my room" he said. "Who's the lady with Abby?" I asked again. "My mom, Anne" he said. "Anne... And where are my parents?" "Your dad leaved away and your mom is in rehab, that's why there's suitcases here. They are all yours, because you're staying here for the time of her therapy" he answered. "Oh... you... Do you have like... I have met your sister? Or cousin or-" "Yes!! My sister, Gemma! We ate with her the day of the accident. After the substitute teacher leaved because of us" he said, laughing. "YES! Miss... I only have Miss Mad n mind..." I said, trying to find who she was. "Yeah we called her like this. It's Miss Monroe" he said. I looked at him. He was smiling but I could see he was sad by looking in his eyes. "You really love me, don't you?" I asked. He nodded. "You're everything for me. And I know I deserve that you don't remember me" he said, looking down. "No! nobody deserves this! Why do you say that?" I asked. His smile faded. "Because I decided to kiss you and I haven't realized that we were in the middle of the street. And I would give everything to be at your place, so that you remember" he said. "No! It's terrible I swear! Not knowing anything is the worst feeling ever... It's really weird... like, I know everything, but at the same time I don't remember anything... I hate that" I said. "I'm so sorry babe" Harry said, then he burst into tears. "Shhh... Don't cry Hazz" I hugged him. "Wait, did you just said Hazz?" he asked, pulling away. "Yes... it's your nickname?" I asked, not sure. He smiled. "Yes it is... Is there anything else you want to know?" he asked. "huh... I see ice. And snow, but I can't know why..." He grabbed my hand and took me out. We walked a little bit. I was starting to have feelings for him. I mean, I know he is my boyfriend, but at the same time... It's really weird. The way he was holding my hand was cute. He looked so determined to have my memories back... And I wanted to help him. I looked at everything I could see, but nothing reminded me of something. He took two pairs of skated and gave me one. We skated a little bit silently. "Where are we?" I finally asked. "Let me remind you" Harry said. He grabbed my waist, got me closer and kissed me. I had a flashback. Here, in the snow. He kissed me. Another thing. In the kitchen, when he was on top of me, flour everywhere. Another one. We were in his room. A blue and red towel, my hair the same color. Harry falling, my head on his shoulder. Everything. I remebered everything. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I was back.

Harry's P.O.V

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed harder. He took her even closer than she was, but we fell on the ice. We laughed. "When you told me you were scared, you were going to say that it was because of me that your heart beat faster..." she started. "Duh! you never realized... Wait, you remember that?!" I screamed. She nodded, a big smile lighting up her face. "That... and everything, babe" she said. "AWESOME!" I took her back to the house. Abby was there with my mom. "Abby... I'm proud of us. Miss Mad is finally gone" Aly said. "YOU'RE BACK!!" Abby screamed and hugged her. Aly hugged my mom too. "Wait, who's Miss Mad?" My mum asked. We looked at each other. "No one" we all said. "Let's celebrate this!" I said, changing the conversation. "Restaurant?" my mum said. We all accepted and prepared ourselves. When Aly got out of the bathroom, I told her to turn around. I got the little box out of my pocket. I took the small chain and put it around her neck. She shivered at the contact of the cold silver charm. It was a little teddy bear holding a colorful but transparent ball. She turend around and looked at me. "I saw it at the hospital shop and I it got me thinking of you, so I bought it and told myself that I would give it to you when you'll wake up" I explained. She smiled and kissed me. My mom called us : "Come on love birds! Stop kissing or whatever you're doing and let's go! I'm starving!" We laughed and leaved with them. We went to a really nice place, and it was just great to have my babe back.

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