Never had the words to say

Alyssa and Harry are normal teenagers, falling secretly for each others. But when the fame hits Harry, what Alyssa is going to do? Will she follow him? Or will she leave? And Harry, will he stay the same?


8. Bad students

Harry's P.O.V

The door opened. "thanks Mr. Sheperd" a man said. "It was nice to meet you Mr. Wayne" the principal answered. The man leaved. "Harry Styles. Not you again!" the principal said with a smile. "Sorry Mr. Sheperd, but I couldn't start the week without seeing you!" I said. He showed me the way to his office and I took a seat. "What have you done this time?" He asked, closing the door. "I answered to a question from Miss Monroe" I said. "Harry, you know what I think of Miss Monroe, but that doesn't give you the right to do what you want we she's there, you understand?" he said. "I know, I'm sorry but honestly, why is she still there? Even the teachers don't like her!" I said. "I know, but for now, there's not a lot of substitute teachers for the moment. I promise you that she'll be replaced soon" he told me. I smiled an thanked him. "Now, go back to your class" he said. The bell rang as I got up, so I joined Alyssa at her locker.

Alyssa's P.O.V

I saw Harry coming, a big smile in his face. "Here's my bad boy!" I said, laughing. "Hey, that's me!" He said. Abby arrived. "Harry, you're a genius! We did nothing at all during the period!!" She said. "Really? what happened?" he asked. "Well, William got up and said 'Get up if you want to follow Mr. Funny at the principals office!' and Mad was going to say something..." "But I got up, then Abby followed me and all thee class stood up!!" I finished. "No! Really?" Harry laughed. "Yeah! And after that the teacher said 'I'm done, I hate you all and you all hate me, I'm done!' and she leaved the class" Abby said. "So we laughed and we talked together for the rest of the period." I added. Harry was laughing hard. "i can believe you did this! I'm so proud of you!" he said. We heard the sound of the school messages. "Your attention please, Harry Styles, Alyssa Wilson, Abbygaelle Sullivan and William Kane are asked to come at the principal's office right now. Thank you" We looked at each others and bursted out laughing. We went at the office. Will joined us as we were on our way and everyone were high-fiving us. We enterred in the office. "Hi Kate" I said. She smiled and pointed us the door. "He's waiting for you guys" We knocked and got in. "Guys, guys, guys. What will I do with you?" Mr. Sheperd said. We stay silent. "Did you know that Miss Monroe had resigned?" he asked. "She did?" William asked. "Yes, she did" the principal said.

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