Vanessa is 17 years old and finds herself running into her favorite British band One Direction while on her daily run. Her boyfriend Andres was not thrilled with the idea of her meeting up with the teen heartthrobs. She decides to not listen to him and go meet up with them. Her boyfriend was not happy with what she did...


1. Normal day... for now

I woke up to my sister, Camila, blaring One Direction on the radio in her room. I could hear her singing along. It usually didn't bother me since I liked One Direction and their music, but this time I was annoyed. I had went to sleep really late since Andres, my boyfriend, had come to my house to watch movies. I went to her room and banged on the door really loudly. I heard the music come to a stop and the door flew open. Camila was 13 and she was obsessed with One Direction. Her room was full of One Direction posters and merchandise. She had been to the July 1 concert at Bank Atlantic Center. Ever since then she had talked nonstop about them and how much she loved them. Louis was her all time favorite and she worshipped him like he was a god. "What do you want?" she stated clearly annoyed. "Do you have to put the music so loud?" I replied with shock of her rudeness. "Um... What kind of question is that?" she said looking at me as if I were an alien. "Just lower it a little bit at least" I replied, "fine" she said while rolling her eyes. She shut the door and I could hear the music at an obnoxious volume. I laughed and rolled my eyes. I went to my room to change into my black exercise shorts and pink cropped 'Paris' shirt with a black sports bra underneath. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. I grabbed my brush and brushed my long brown shiny hair. I picked up a hair tie and I put my hair in a pony tail. I put waterproof mascara on and found my eyes to have changed colors. Before they were green and now they were blue. I turned around and went to my closet to get my pink running shoes. I put them on and left my room. I went downstairs and found my mom sitting on the couch reading a magazine. She looked up and asked "Where are you going?" "I'm just going out for a run." I quickly replied. "Ok honey have fun" "Thanks mom" I replied. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge to retrieve orange juice, eggs, and bacon. I served the juice on a cup and made the eggs and bacon. I ate everything quickly and grabbed my phone, headphones, and my water bottle. "Bye mom, Bye Camila" I quickly said leaving before my mom and sister had a chance to say anything. I put my headphones in my phone and started playing 'Live While We're Young'. Then I started jogging along the sidewalk.

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