The 'H' Factor

When the UK’s number one band, One Direction, members are chosen to fight against each other to the death to save their own friends and family they are broken apart causing many problems. Being best band mates themselves, they work together in a group to live, but secretly find themselves plotting against each other imagining their own winnings. Will they work it out as five winners? Or will they kill each other off, inching closer to a lifetime of fame, fortune, and guarantee of safety for themselves, friends and family?


9. Chapter 9

 I'm not liking this chapter much, I should probably add to it, but oh we'll. Here you all are! More drama, I promise, we just have to cover the bases first. Sooo hold tight. Love you all! Enjoy! ____________________________________________________________________________


*Nialls POV*

Once I was actually in the game, I was afraid of every crack of a stick, every chirp of a bird or any knuckle I cracked in fear someone would find me. I never knew I would be so unprepared in my life. 

Zayn and I had planned to find each other once the games had officially started, but with all the people who stood on pedestals along with me, it was impossible to seek each other out, so here I am now. All alone in the woods with nothing more than the clothes on my back and a bow with at least 25 arrows that I managed to pick up before I sought out my hiding place which happens to be a largish cave.

I managed to make a fire out of sticks and stones to keep me warm for the night, but it was hard to tend to due to the lack of oxygen in my cave. I finally decided to lay on my back and think.

My mind drifted to one subject to another until it stuck of Tessa. I just want her here with me now. Or rather, I want to be with her safe in my flat.

We would always make a large dinner and invite our giant direction family, as she was the chef along with Violet in our family and just all talk for hours about growing old together.

Now if only one of us boys live, we can fulfill our dreams of raising a family with children and making them successful in life and finally moving to a nursing home together and lastly die in each others loving arms. If only that could be me. If only.

Suddenly I was pulled out of my thoughts and brought to reality when I heard rustling leaves outside my cave. I shot up from the caves floor and grab a tight hold onto my bow and arrow, quickly knocking the arrow and aiming at the opening to the cave.

I heard a scream near by and within seconds a red head flew into my cave, wide eyed.

I didn't know weather to shoot her or leave her be. She didn't have any visible weapons on her and her face was so pale, I'm assuming she wasn't the type to fight. 

She shrunk back and leaned her back against the cave wall, sliding down it with ease. I set my bow down and started to make my way towards her. 

"Are you alright, love?" I asked her cautiously.

She looked up at me startled and nodded her head without any words.

"Would you mind telling me what happened?" I asked her again, in attempt to get her to speak.

"I..." her voice trailed off but I remained quiet, giving her time to spit out her words. She looked down at her hands she was fiddling with and tried again to speak, "I was running from a tall bloke that's been chasing me all day." I smiled once I noticed she had an Irish accent like me.

"It's okay, love. You can stay here to get away from him if you'd like. As long as you promise not to kill me."

She smiled at my kindness and reached her hand out to shake mine, "I'm Holly."

"Niall," I breathed out taking her hand in mine.

Her hair was long and strait with a reddish brick color tint to it. Her eyes were so vibrant with a rich blue and her cheeks were as pale as could be. Might I add, she was beautiful. But I had Tessa. And Tessa was my one and only, I knew that. Nothing could tare me from loving her.

Unexpectedly, Holly pulled me into a hug and buried her face into my chest, balling her eyes out. 

She pulled back a bit and looked me in the eyes, "I'm sorry, just...Thank you. Thank you for doing this for me." she smiled up at me showing her perfectly white teeth.

"Anything, love. Come sit down with me by the fire, tell me about yourself." I dragged her to sit with me by the fire as I listened to her ramble on about her life. 

She had a family that she cared for. Her mom passed away when she was younger and her father was a drunk so she had to take care of her four younger sibling the majority of her life. That's why she was stuck in the games, because she was caring for her family. She was caught by the government stealing a loaf of bread to tend to her families hunger since her father never provided money for anything but alcohol and drugs. All her own money went towards keeping a roof over everyone's head.

When she was done telling me her life story, she stayed silent for a while as I comforted her as best I could until she asked me to tell her about myself.

I told her about growing up with my mom and dad in Mullingar and my older brother. I told her about coming in third for the X Factor and how the band is really successful now. I then told her about the boys and their girlfriends and how were all a big family. I told her how I ended up in the position I am, stuck in The 'H' Factor. Then I told her about Tessa and how it was hard leaving her to come to the games. I told Holly that I loved Tessa and I had given her a promise ring before the games had started and I was going to try to win for her. Holly seemed happy for me and congratulated me on finding my true love.

Our conversation went on like this for a while until I told her to get some rest for the next day, for there were still many people out there looking for a decent kill.

After Holly fell asleep on my chest, in a friendly way, I thought a bit more about the next days coming. I planned on finding Zayn and pursuing our alliance together.

Not much more thought wandered through my head before sleep over came me and I was resting my head on Holly's wishing it were Tessa I had to cuddle. __________________________________________________________________________

So we're getting into the games a little more. Who do you think should win? Liam? Zayn? Harry? Niall? Louis? ..Holly? Comment and tell me what ya think! Remember to stay beautiful! -Andy xxo <3

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