The 'H' Factor

When the UK’s number one band, One Direction, members are chosen to fight against each other to the death to save their own friends and family they are broken apart causing many problems. Being best band mates themselves, they work together in a group to live, but secretly find themselves plotting against each other imagining their own winnings. Will they work it out as five winners? Or will they kill each other off, inching closer to a lifetime of fame, fortune, and guarantee of safety for themselves, friends and family?


8. Chapter 8

Hey everyone! I wrote another chapter! It kinda sucks cause it was rushed but I promise there's more drama on the way. I have a plan o.O




*Violets POV*

My breath was hitched in my throat as I watched on the large screen in  Harry and Louis' flat with the girls. I chewed my nails nervously trying to search among the many people who were enrolled in The 'H' Factor Games looking for at least one familiar face. I could tell the other girls were looking to, frantically might I add, before the timer hit zero and we lost sight of them in the blood bath. 

27 seconds to go, I noted to myself, my eyes now darting from person to person.

Suddenly I found a head full of chocolate curls standing bravely on the pedestal. I could clearly see right through Harry's expressionless face and knew he was more nervous and scared for his life than I was.

13 seconds more. By this time I was wishing time would freeze or an announcers voice would come on and say it was all a joke, but I knew it wasn't. Harry's eyes tore from looking into outer space and locked on something..or someone else's.

I followed his eye line and noticed he had found Louis. I tapped Eleanor and pointed, showing her Louis. All I saw was a slight nod from Louis and the timer hit zero and my heart stopped. 

Tears started to stream down my face silently. I lost sight of Harry, for I was too fixated on what Louis was doing that when everyone ran in the direction of the weapon they wanted and my eyes had made it back to Harry's pedestal, he was no where to be seen.

I started to panic. El squeezed my shoulder trying to assure me comfort, but it didn't work. 

Then I saw him. Well, the back of him. And Louis. They were both sprinting into the woods dodging gun shots and things being thrown. They were each holding a sac full of who knows what. But at least right now they were safe. As far as I knew. 


*Harrys POV*

I stood proudly on the pedestal waiting for the timer to hit zero.

My mind wasn't on the games though. It was on Violet. I just wanted to be with her. She was the only person who kept me sane. I wanted to win for her, but I knew without her reassuring heart I would never make it. I knew she was watching right now and I knew I couldn't look weak in front of her plus the whole nation. 

I tore my eyes from nothing and directed them towards a snapping noise.  Louis. He licked his lips once he got my attention and subtly pointed at me then at him, then directed his finger to the two side by side sacs that we were told were full of anything that we might need. He then pointed behind him into the woods. 

I got what he was saying. He wanted the two of us to escape into the woods and make it far from the blood bath. Then maybe we could have a chance.

I nodded towards Louis and he returned the gesture then the gun shot went off signaling the timer had hit zero. I didn't have any time to think, I just sprinted to the bags, dodging everyone in sight. Louis and I reached the sacs around the same time and both sprinted hand in hand to the dark mysterious woods.

I don't know how far we ran but by the time we stopped and looked around, there was no sign of human civilization at all. We were defiantly far from the blood bath.

"I wonder how many we're killed.." Louis finally spoke up. I looked at him through sorrowed eyes. I knew  what he was thinking, and I was thinking the same thing.

"Don't worry about it Lou, I'm sure the other three are okay." I reassured him, but truthfully I was unsure myself.

"Do you think the girls are okay, Haz?" I suddenly felt a knot in my throat at the thought of Violet. 

"Yeah. They're safe. I know they are. They're probably at our flat right now." my voice was shaky.

Louis only nodded and dropped the heart breaking subject. "We gotta find them. The rest of them." he again broke the silence, looking me directly in the eyes.

"No. They're our biggest enemy. They know our strengths and weaknesses. They will kill us given the chance." I said back strictly.

He nodded again and looked down. The sun was setting farther in the sky and night was slowly taking over.

"C'mon. Let's see whats in our packs." I said to Lou. 

He again nodded as we both decided to pull everything out of our packs. I noticed he had a sleeping bag, night vision goggles, a large bag of dried fruit, a rope and a small hand gun with very few bullets. One shot would not kill the enemy. At least seven or eight accurate bullets would do the job. 

Out of my pack I pulled a sleeping bag, night vision goggles, a tent, lighters and a small fishing spear. 

"Okay. We can make use of this, right?" Louis asked.

"Yeah actually. We did well." I replied.

I started to gather sticks together and make a fire large enough with my small lighter while Louis set up the tent and sleeping bags. 

Soon enough we were asleep and at peace all alone in our secluded place. But really, unknown, we were never alone and we didn't know what to expect next. ___________________________________________________________________________

Eh, I know. More drama next! I promise! And more action! And more POV's from different people! Love you all, -Andy xxo <3

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