The 'H' Factor

When the UK’s number one band, One Direction, members are chosen to fight against each other to the death to save their own friends and family they are broken apart causing many problems. Being best band mates themselves, they work together in a group to live, but secretly find themselves plotting against each other imagining their own winnings. Will they work it out as five winners? Or will they kill each other off, inching closer to a lifetime of fame, fortune, and guarantee of safety for themselves, friends and family?


6. Chapter 6

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*Violet's POV*

A silence fell over the warehouse. The air suddenly became very cold and every positive vibe in my body turned into a negative one.

All of a sudden loud screeches filled the building and cries of pain were all around. I was stuck backstage though. My feet seemed to be glued to the spot where I was standing. The curtain separating the backstage from the audience was ripped down and fell to the floor. My ears were pounding and my eyes were struggling to make out what was happening.

Through the hazy mist I spotted Harry screaming in my direction, although I couldn't hear a single word he was saying to me. A large man had Harry pinned with his arms in a strait jacket position. Harry was trying desperately to set himself free. I broke my gaze from Harry struggling and found Tessa also fighting off a large man, and was surprisingly doing better at keeping his hands off her than Harry was. The man kept trying to grab her arm but she refused his touch by clocking him square in the jaw a few times before he quit trying to get her and started charging towards me. All of a sudden everything hit me like a ton of bricks. My hearing came back and I heard Harry screaming for me to run over and over again from across the warehouse. My eyes stayed on the man coming towards me, but I didn't run. I couldn't. So many thoughts were flowing through my head that it was impossible to make a decision.

Do I run and leave everyone else behind to fend for themselves from the governments men? Or do I fight off a man who is much larger than myself and risk my life? More thoughts buzzed through my head until I felt someone yank me by my waist and plow me into the wall. I groaned in pain as Harry shielded me with his body from the man charging towards us.

The man tried prying Harry off of me but Harry pulled me into his chest, gripping onto me for dear life. "Don't touch her!" he hissed at the official looking bloke.

The man only chuckled and grew a sly smile, "We don't want the girl. She can live happily, but since you are in violation of the new law, you have to suffer."

"No." I whispered into Harry's chest as I clung to his shirt.

The man now looked at me, "Sorry, Pumpkin, but if you let your boyfriend go now, he might have a chance at living." he said coldly with a sneer.

"What do you mean I might have 'a chance at living'?" Harry shot back at the man, rudely.

Clearly he didn't like that, for he clenched his fists together and growled at Harry. "Now we're just gonna have to see what I mean, won't we?" And with that the man pried Harry's grip from me and dragged him and the rest of the boys out the back of the old run down building without another word from anyone.


*Niall's POV*

After having to leave our girlfriends and fans behind, we all were in a white room together sitting at a long table staring at the new Prime Minister of the country, Edgar Hasselton himself. His face was painted with disappointment and anger as he glared at each of us long and hard.

The room remained quiet until Hasselton decided to speak. He cleared his throat and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Do you lot know what you did to end in this situation?" he asked in his deep rustic voice. We all avoided his death glare and suddenly found our hands fascinating.

Hasselton tried again, "Do you know what the consequences are for what you did?" We again avoided meeting his gaze.

"God dammit! Answer me when I talk to you!" Hasselton pounded his fist on the table and stood to his feet startling us all a bit. I noticed he got all of us to look at him this time. "You," he pointed at Liam, "Now you look like the responsible one. Tell me, who's idea was this fiasco?"

Liam swallowed hard. "Harry's," he whispered, barely audible. Harry leaned back in his chair and close his eyes, rubbing his temples. Hasselton didn't look pleased with Liam's mumble and continued blankly staring him down. Liam cleared his throat and spoke again, looking Hasselton directly in the eyes. "Ha..Harry" he said a bit louder.

Hasselton moved his dagger eyes to Harry, who conveniently looked away. "Very well," Hasselton sat back down in his seat and angrily sighed. We all waited for a lecture to come, but it never did. He just sat with his fingers intertwined silently watching our every move.

"Mr. Prime Minster, sir, but are we free to go now?" I pipped up, finally.

Hasselton tisked me and lightly chuckled to himself. "Silly boy, your never free to go. You all will pay for what you've done. I'm sending you five to The 'H' Factor."

"The 'H' Factor? Is that like The 'X' Factor, because we ranked fairly well on that show." Louis aimlessly asked.

"Oh no. Not even close. In The 'H' Factor, you'll find yourselves no longer friends. You'll become one another's enemy." Hasselton explained further once he noticed our horrified expressions. "You see, The 'H' Factor was created for criminals like yourselves to punish what they've done against the government. Basically, without a choice, you're enrolled into The 'H' Factor and placed inside a dome where you have nothing but natural resources to keep you alive, plus what the government provides for you. There can only be one winner. And to become winner, you have to killer each other until one is left standing. Winning means an eternity of fame, fortune and guarantee of privacy and safety for you, your friends and your family. Enjoy yourselves. I'll see you tomorrow when you start your training, until then, best wishes." and with that Hasselton stood up, shook each of our hands and walked out of the white room, leaving us with pale faces and shocked expressions, speechless.

Suddenly, I had the urge to win. For me, my family, my friends. For Tessa.

Suddenly, I hated the four who sat before me.

Suddenly, I decided I WAS going to win.


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