The 'H' Factor

When the UK’s number one band, One Direction, members are chosen to fight against each other to the death to save their own friends and family they are broken apart causing many problems. Being best band mates themselves, they work together in a group to live, but secretly find themselves plotting against each other imagining their own winnings. Will they work it out as five winners? Or will they kill each other off, inching closer to a lifetime of fame, fortune, and guarantee of safety for themselves, friends and family?


13. Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

*Violet's POV*

"Violet? Violet. Violet!" I was jolted awake by the constant shaking of my body and stern calling in my ear.

I slowly peeled my eyelids open and looked up to see Eleanor weakly smiling. "Were here," she whispered.

I quickly sat up in my seat on the jet airplane and looked out the tiny window. Sure enough, down below was a dome looking shape for miles on end. I sighed and nodded as I stood to my feet and looked around for the other girls. Perrie was waking Tessa up and Danielle was pacing back and forth.

"Ready?" I heard Eleanor's voice quietly hum to me.

I tried my best to smile at her as I bit my lip. "Yeah.. Are you?"

She laughed lightly and shook her head before letting a shaky breath out, "No."

Tears were brimming at her lower eyelids as I pulled her into a reassuring hug, "Shh. El, we'll be fine. Don't you worry." I tried to convince Eleanor we were going to make it, but truthfully, I wasn't too sure myself.

Without warning an official looking bloke burst into our tiny cabin.

"We're going to lower you down into the dome now. Please, step onto that platform," said the plane stewart before nodding and adding, "and good luck to you all." He smiled. He actually genuinely smiled to us. I almost took pity on him for having such a demanding job, but then again, he wasn't doing anything to stop us.

The girls and I mumble a small 'thank you' to the man before he watched us step onto the platform. He gave us a saluting signal and pulled a lever, which jolted the platform and lowered us through the domes ceiling.

I screeched as I was pulled from my friends and the platform disappeared from under my feet. Gravity was yanking me to the ground, and fast. I barely had time to think about what I was going to do once I was on the ground before I hit a hard surface and pain went shooting through my spine.

I exhaled deeply and waited for my eyes to dilate back to normal. Once the pain had been relieved from my body, I sat up and looked at my surroundings. The girls were no where to be seen. That means they were probably separated as well. Great, I was alone, had no way or self defense, had no idea if I was being watched, was still in mild pain and didn't have any skill, let alone any knowledge to even build a simple fire for self protection.

The thought of dying right in the middle of the woods made me want to break out into fits of tears, but before I did I reminded myself that, one, that wouldn't help my case of being lost, and two, I would come across weak to the audience watching me.

I picked myself up and dusted myself off, making my way through rubble and such. The ground was covered in leaves and twigs, making my foot steps sound louder than intended. I tried tip toeing around the unwanted nature, in attempt to make myself less findable, but unfortunately my cautiousness didn't help at all.

The day looked new, the birds were calling, the sun was peaking through the horizon and if I wasn't in a death hole I would have admitted that the up coming day would have been a nice one.

I screamed out in frustration before I heard the crack of twigs, much like my own foot steps, but further away.

My mind began to race as I whipped my head around frantically in search for any form of life near me.

"Hello?" I called out bluntly. Fuck. Why did I do that. As if my killer is going to answer.

"HELLO!?" I accidentally yelled out again. Why am I so stupid?

I slowly backed myself up against the trunk of a tree and covered my mouth to prevent myself from heavily breathing or calling out again through my own idiocy.

The woods were quiet for what seemed for a second before the sound of running foot steps approached.

Suddenly a blow to the head hit me as I dramatically groaned in pain. I tried to make out my attacker but failed to keep my eyes focused. The last thing I remembered was reaching up to touch the tenderness on my head and bringing my fingers to my face, seeing red sticky blood saturating them.

Half an hour into the game and I was done.

My eyes fluttered close and blackness took me over.


"How could you!?"

"I didn't mean to! How could I have know it was her?"

"Be more careful next time, god dammit!"

"I'm sorry! You said to attack anything I saw! This is all on you!"

"Don't blame it on me you right foul git! You could have killed her!"

"If I knew it was her, I wouldn't have attacked! ..What is she doing here anyway?"

"I....I don't know"

My surroundings were quiet from then on. I didn't hear anything but a ringing in my ears and an occasional shuffle of foot steps. Why wasn't I dead?

I tried to speak but only a small groan from the back of my throat emerged out of me. I was laying on something, or rather my head was propped up on something while my body laid on the cold hard ground. It felt like a jacket of some kind under my wounded head.

Suddenly someones hand found its way to my forehead and pushed the stranded hair from my face.

"Violet?" The voice frantically asked. They knew my name. The voice sounded familiar to me, but my head ached to much to search my mind for everyone I knew and pin it to a face.

"Violet, are you okay?" The voice tried again, "Violet, baby, come on, open your eyes.." The voice was pleading by now.

I slowly pried my eyes open and looked at a blurry head full of messy chocolate curls.

"Violet! Babe, how's your head?" He sounded excited and relieved. I hadn't a clue who it was though.

I blinked a few times before my vision cleared and I recognized his face, ignoring his question completely.

My eyes widened and a smile reached my mouth, his facial image mirroring mine.

"Harry?" I croaked.

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