The 'H' Factor

When the UK’s number one band, One Direction, members are chosen to fight against each other to the death to save their own friends and family they are broken apart causing many problems. Being best band mates themselves, they work together in a group to live, but secretly find themselves plotting against each other imagining their own winnings. Will they work it out as five winners? Or will they kill each other off, inching closer to a lifetime of fame, fortune, and guarantee of safety for themselves, friends and family?


11. Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

*Zayn's P.O.V*

I watched.

I waited.

I stalked

I stayed.

Liam sat tucked away in his little bush cradle. He was already sore enough. It would be easy for me to make my attack right now while he was so weak. But it wasn't worth it to me. Although he was the one that I feared the most and was my biggest competition, it wasn't worth it to me now to kill him. I would wait to kill him later.

I had been watching him all day. I was hoping that nasty red headed girl would finish him off for me, but sadly Liam had gotten away when she was chased by a larger man. After I had grabbed a large butchers knife, much like the one Liam had before the girl took it and ran, I secretly sprinted after him into the woods and followed cautiously behind. I wanted to know his every move. And once I had found his hiding spot and knew where he would be resting, I could start my search to find Niall.

Niall wasn't a threat to me. He was more of a useless addition to my team. I cared for Niall just as much as I cared for all the other boys, but I wanted them all out of my way. I knew I could easily win this thing with Liam gone. And Niall was going to be my connection to him. Liam trusted Niall. And Niall trusted me. My plan was perfect.

I stood up abruptly from my hiding place and took once last glance at Liam's bush shack before heading in the opposite direction in search for my blonde headed mate.

The night was drafty and with every crack of a stick or howl of a hollow tree, I would prepare myself, ready to be attacked at any moment. I needed to find shelter, and fast. Wouldn't want to be sleeping during the day when all the fighting was going on.

For all I knew, Niall could already have been dead. I might be wasting my time trying to find him. But I didn't stop.

My eyelids began to droop and it became hard for me to keep myself awake. I stopped walking and look around at my surroundings. One thing caught my eye.

It looked like a cave. I would have to spend the night there if anything. I slowly checked to see if I could spot anyone watching me. No one that I could see was around.

I hurriedly brought myself to the cave and stepped inside. I noticed the cave had a smokey haze to it, as if a fire had just burnt out inside of it. I creeped closer to the back of the cave and saw two small figures close together. I clutched my knife in my right hand and brought it above my head, ready to strike at any moment. My breathing became shakier as I cautiously made my way over to the two.

As I stood right before them, with my knife sharp and ready, I noticed blonde hair. I squinted my eyes, still not convinced and squatted beside the blonde headed bloke. I swiftly used my free hand to lift the hair from his face.

I was right. It was Niall.

I smiled widely to myself and exhaled deeply with relief until I remembered the figure snuggled against him.

I moved around to the other side of Niall and looked down at the red headed girl. What was he doing with her? I watched her almost violently kill Liam, until that man chased her. I looked around her body, no where did I see the knife with dried meat strung around the handle anywhere. She must have dropped it. That means she was defenseless.

The world would be better without this misleading little bitch.

I again rose my own knife above her head, bringing it down quickly to her neck. Before it reached the skin I felt something grab hold of my arm.

"What are you doing?!" I looked to see Niall sitting up, wide eyed, holding onto my right arm.

The girl had woken up now, she was staring down at the knife near her neck while silently letting tears fall. I looked back to Niall before growling

"What am I doing? What are you doing?! That girl is dangerous!" Niall almost looked hurt and amused as I stood up, away from the girl.

"Holly wouldn't hurt a fly!" Niall spat back at me. I sighed and dropped my hands to my sides, letting the knife clank to the ground as a scowl reached my lips.

"Bullshit! I watched her almost kill Liam." Once I had mentioned Liam's name, Niall suddenly forgot the girl and dropped his pissed face.

"Liam? Where is he?" I looked back at the girl who was now pressed again the cave wall with her knees to her chest and her face buried inside them, sobbing slightly.

All of a sudden the ground became very interesting to me as I shuffled my feet around. I didn't want to tell Niall I knew where Liam was hiding. That would ruin everything. In order to get Liam to trust Niall it has to be a 'accidental' bump in.

Niall tried again by moving closer to me and setting his hand on my shoulder. "Zayn. Where is Liam?"

I made the best sad face I could before looking Niall in the eye. "I..I don't know where he is. I lost him after the blood bath scene." I had lied. Right through my teeth.

Niall only nodded and backed away again. The only sound to be heard was the low whistle of the wind outside the cave until the irish girl whaled into her knees.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes, taking a step towards her again.

"Don't try to play innocent." I spat out at her. She looked up from her knees, her eyes wet and shiny from the tears. I could see through them though. She may have had Niall wrapped around his finger. But she certainly didn't have me convinced.

"Zayn, stop it!" Niall had his hand on my shoulder again and was pulling me back, away from Holly.

I whipped my head to look at Niall as he continued speaking, "You don't know Holly. She's not going to kill me."

"Hell she's not! I'll god damn kill her before she touches you!" I growled this time and raised my voice, swiftly bending down and grabbing the knife from the ground.

Niall's eyes went wide as he stumbled back at my rage. His eyes were now looking at my right hand which held the large knife. I kept my eyes on Holly though. She was gripping onto her pants, her knuckles white as a ghost.

Niall stayed where he was but spoke in a hushed tone, "She told me why she's here. She doesn't deserve to be in this wreck, she's just as innocent as a sleeping kitten."

I slowly moved my head to look at Niall. "Enlighten me," I spoke out sarcastically, "Enlighten me with her wonderful story as to why she's here."

Niall was taken aback by my comment but proceeded anyway, "You don't deserve to know her story."

I let out a snort and walked to the opposite side of the cave, sitting down and leaning my head back against the caves wall, the knife still firmly placed in my hand.

"Get to sleep you two." I said harshly. I looked between Niall and Holly, disgusted with both of them. Neither if them moved, both looking at my right hand.

"I said get to sleep! ..Here," I slid the knife across the cave floor, away from all three of us, "I'm not going to kill you." My eyes flickered to Holly's for a brief second before breaking eye contact.

I was still watching her though. The girl was still shaking, looking from me to Niall. But I wasn't paying attention to Niall. I was watching the red head intensely. To others she may have looked scared, but to me, she looked amused through her acting skills.

I noticed Niall held his hand out to the girl and helped her to her feet before wiping her tears and asking if she was alright. I saw her nod and move back to the burning fire and poking it with a long stick.

Niall did the same and looked over at me, almost as if he were going to offer for me to join them but thought against it and turned away.

He sighed out loudly and laid on his back, closing his eyes and mumbling a goodnight.

Holly as well laid down and rested her head on Niall's chest. I kept my eyes on her and tightened my jaw.

She sensed the tension for she lifted her head up and tilted it, staring me in the eyes. I sneered at her confidence to look me in the eyes. She didn't speak though, just stared before evilly smirking and ripping her gaze from mine and dropping her head to Niall's chest again. I clenched my jaw tighter, if possible, and refrained from bursting out.

"Bitch." I whispered under my breath as I rolled my neck back and looked away.

I closed my eyes, but didn't sleep. It was too dangerous to sleep. Not just here in this cave, but anywhere in these games. I let my mind drift from topic to topic.

I had promised to win for Perrie. And so I shall. But with winning comes great patience. And what I did tonight, getting off on the wrong foot with Niall, did not accomplish my first task. I reminded myself to fake apologize to Niall and Holly in the morning. It was all an act anyway. I would be the one going home in the end to my Pearbear anyway. I just needed Niall to help me with task one.

And so I decided I would start my mischievous plan tomorrow..

Task one, gain Niall's trust. Uncompleted.

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