The 'H' Factor

When the UK’s number one band, One Direction, members are chosen to fight against each other to the death to save their own friends and family they are broken apart causing many problems. Being best band mates themselves, they work together in a group to live, but secretly find themselves plotting against each other imagining their own winnings. Will they work it out as five winners? Or will they kill each other off, inching closer to a lifetime of fame, fortune, and guarantee of safety for themselves, friends and family?


10. Chapter 10

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*Liam's POV*

There I was, sitting in a shallow pond rinsing the blood off my sore bicep. I coughed once, wanting to heave more, but I was to frightened to make any noise. Each muscle was spasming causing a great amount of pain to shoot through my body. 

I honestly was not prepared for this one. The moment I stepped of the pedestal, I ran towards the middle of the field, where the best stuff was located but yet, the worst place to be if you wanted to live. I thought maybe I could fight everyone off, but to my unsatisfactory I was the one almost killed. 

A small red headed girl had charged me for the weapon I had picked up. It was a large butcher knife that came with dried meat strung around the handle. I could have easily chopped her then and there, but with the class of a real man, I refused to attack her back. She managed the knife out of my hand and began slicing at my skin. I remember groaning in pain before someone else, a large man, coming up behind her and ripping the knife from her hand. 

That's when I took my chance, I recollected my strength for a moment more and forced myself to my feet, sprinting towards the woods. I looked behind me one last time and remember seeing the small vicious girl running at full speed in the opposite direction, the tall man chasing her, hot on her heal. 

I dragged myself along the soiled ground until I came across a small creek. Not only did the water look good enough to drink, but also it looked clean enough to treat my wounds with. 

I ripped the bottom hem of my tee shirt off before soaking it completely with water and every so gently dabbing my cuts. The cuts were deep, therefore they would be hard to keep clotted for long periods of time. The slightness movement would tear them open again. 

I stared at the reflection of myself in the water below me, wondering how i could be so unprepared. I thought my strength was superb to everyone else's. Clearly I was wrong. I was beaten badly by a girl who must have been younger than myself. I know I couldn't have taken her, and now thinking back on it, I should've. I would at least have had a knife with dried beef and a body well enough to fight. That is what The 'H' Factor is about anyway right? Killing people. I doubt that girl is going to make it a week into the games. She was to fragile. Although I had the decency not to fight, I know someone else would gladly kill her. Including Zayn.

The boys!

I wondered where they were at the moment. Dead or alive? I was so caught up in the games that I forgot about the boys. Although I wanted them dead just as much as they wanted me dead, I still cared. I at least wanted to know if they made it through the hardest part. I know Zayn would do well, he was a killing machine in practice. Him and Niall had something going on between them, but I doubt they found each other among the hundreds of players. Louis was weak, he might be dead right now. There's no way he could live by himself for more than two days. He had no skills other than fire making. I felt bad for the boy. But I was glad that I wasn't the one he saw last before I killed him. Niall was a fighter, not much of a warrior, but his courage surely could pass him a few weeks. He wanted this more than anyone. I think he might be the one who goes mental in this whole shit show. For Harry, my thoughts were blank. If he made it past the beginning, there's no telling weather it was luck or skill. It wouldn't surprise me if he made it past today, but tomorrow and the next are what stumped me.

I let my thoughts drift from happy thought to happy thought until it reached Danielle. I became overjoyed immediately by the thought of her, but within seconds my heart ached for her. She was the one who would care for me when I was sick, or bandage my wound. She was perfect to me. Stunningly perfect. In ever aspect. The richest, most kind and generous, most beautiful, most popular and successful girl wouldn't even amount to Danielle in my mind. If she were here my pain would ease and mellow itself. My stress level would lower and my confidence in myself would rise. She knows me like she knows the back of her hand. I know if she's watching right now that its obvious to her that my mind is set on her. I lifted my arm in attempt to blow a kiss to the sky, sending it to Danielle, but was cut short by the action from the shooting burst of pain going through my body. 

I let my head droop back down before deciding I had to make a camp for myself with no supplies. I looked at my surroundings once more.

Trees. Trees. Trees. More trees. Even more trees. So basically, trees. 

I didn't dare climb one in risk of hurting my arm more and risk of falling without something to latch myself onto it with. 

An idea popped into my mind. It was weak, but easy to do, and hopefully no one would find me. 

I collected broken branches and leaves and brought them to a corner of three or more trees. With enough coverage and blending, I could make a small den for myself and make it look natural. 

I collected more materials before constructing my master piece. With the soreness of my body, it was nearly night fall by the time I got done.

'Worth it', I thought to myself as I climbed into the den. It was made a little less to my liking but was noticeably warmer than the raw outdoors and kept me safe from strangers until I was ready to fight again.

This time I swore to myself that no matter who attacks me, I'm not hesitating. I'm going to win this thing. For myself, my family and Danielle. 

I propped myself against a tree stump inside my burrow and managed to fall asleep on an empty stomach.

The last words that come out my mouth that night were simple but meaningful. Useless, but effective.

"I love you Danielle."

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