The FMS Girl

I had hurt for 12 years.But when I had to go on life support because I stopped breathing because of the stress of the pain,the doctors said I had FMS of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.My BFF Harley bought front row and backstage tickets for a get well present.I meet One Direction.Will one of them fall in love with me?


12. You Are my Everything


Zayn was sitting next to me.My dizziness went away.I had my arms around Zayn.I could here the wind outside.It made me feel cold.I was really tired.I could only imagine how tired Zayn was.Well know I know.He feel asleep.I sat up on the seat.I was having flashbacks again.But why was I having them?I don't know why.I guess it is because I miss my two siblings.I miss them being there by me.I just can't bare the sorrow and grief anymore.I was just tired of it being like that.Only to find myself in a deep sleep.Oh well.Life is life.I soon fell asleep leaning on Zayn.We both woke up fairly soon.Zayn starred at me.He smiled.He leaned into kiss me.His lips met mine.It was a sweet soft kiss.I felt better after he kissed me."You know I would die without you."Zayn said."You would?"I asked."Of course." "You really love me?" "I love you a lot.You are my everything." "I love you a lot too Zayn."I hugged him.

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