The FMS Girl

I had hurt for 12 years.But when I had to go on life support because I stopped breathing because of the stress of the pain,the doctors said I had FMS of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.My BFF Harley bought front row and backstage tickets for a get well present.I meet One Direction.Will one of them fall in love with me?


2. The Concert

Me and Harley were driving to the concert.But I was upset from yesterday.I found out that I have to get surgery on my knee.I will never be able to run anymore.I hate that.But I have to stay strong too.Harley looked at me."Be happy.Why are you so down?"Harley asked."Yesterday I found out that I need surgery on my knee.I won't be able to run anymore."I replied."When is the surgery?" "Next week." "Oh." But there was something else too.I wasn't going to tell her though.You will learn later on.I had some tears roll down my face.

1 hour later.....

We were at the place for the concert.Harley and I walked in.We took our seats.One Direction finally came on stage.They sang Moments.Oh my god they were beautiful.Zayn starred at me.I finally waved at him.But something went wrong.I started having troubles breathing.I looked at Harley."I.Can't.Breath."I said faintly.I passed out.Harley started screaming."Kaileigh!KAILEIGH!!"Harley screamed.She shook me.

Harley's POV

Kaileigh had just passed out.She was turning blue.Zayn and the boys looked at me.Zayn literally jumped off the stage.He picked Kaileigh up."Help her please!"I yelled."Come with me."Zayn said.We ran backstage.The rest of the boys came."Liam get the security crew so they can get things to get her to breathe."Zayn said.Liam called security.I called 911.Zayn was giving her CPR.I started crying.Niall hugged me."What is wrong with her?"Niall asked."For 12 years Kaileigh has been in pain.The stress has damaged her.So she stops breathing.3 weeks ago she was on life support.She has Fibromyalgia."I replied."We need to get her air."Zayn said.Security walked in with an oxygen tank.They got her on oxygen.Soon paramedics came in.Kaileigh was rushed to the hospital.I am so scared.

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