The FMS Girl

I had hurt for 12 years.But when I had to go on life support because I stopped breathing because of the stress of the pain,the doctors said I had FMS of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.My BFF Harley bought front row and backstage tickets for a get well present.I meet One Direction.Will one of them fall in love with me?


5. Starting an Adventure With Zayn

I just left the hospital.I am on crutches.I sat in the tour bus with everyone else.I sat by myself though.Harley was having a blast with Niall. Harry and Louis were getting to know her too.Zayn looked at me.I sighed.I starred out the window.To me everything was familiar.Zayn came and sat next to me."How about you tell me a little bit about here."Zayn said.I told him.Zayn was smiling.We went past my old home.I frowned."What's wrong love?"Zayn asked sweetly."We went past my old house."I replied."Forget them.You have me now." "Thanks Zayn." "Your welcome." I leaned up against Zayn."Did you have any brothers or sisters?"Zayn asked.That's when I started bawling.Harley looked over at us.She started to cry too."Zayn come here."Harley said.Zayn looked at me.He then got up."Zayn something really happened to Kaileigh.Something she will never forget.She had one little brother.He was the most precious thing ever.He was 4.His name was Drew.Drew had cancer.He fought hard.But he couldn't take it anymore.There was a pool.He jumped in the pool.Drowned himself.Kaileigh ran outside when she heard the splash.She dove in.But it was too late.She called an ambulance.She did CPR.But due to his cancer,his body couldn't respond.Drew died in Kaileigh's arms.Her parents blamed it on her.That's why her parents don't want anything to do with her."Harley said.I looked up and sang:

"I remember your bare feet,down the hallway.I remember your little laugh.Race cars on the kitchen floor,plastic dinosaurs.I love you to the moon and back."

Zayn looked at me again.I hid my face in my knees."It is all my fault."I said.Harley stood up."Kaileigh Brooke Hybarger!It was not your fault!Drew was going to die soon.Your parents couldn't see the things you did for him.Drew would be upset to hear you."Harley yelled."How do you know he was going to die soon?"I asked."The day when he was really sick and I came,I asked the doctors questions.You had left the room.The doctor said he was going to die fairly soon.I was afraid to tell you." "So he could of lived a little longer?" "Yea.For about an another year." I shook my head.I took my jacket.I layed it on my knees.I took the picture of Drew out.Zayn came next to me.He looked at the picture."I think he was a strong boy."Zayn said."He was.He loved to pretend that he was  the strongest man on earth.He used to say he could beat me up.I would always laugh at him.Harley enjoyed being around him too."I said.I pulled out a letter."I wrote this letter to him.Even though he was dead."I said.It said:

You were the best.I won't forget you.You will always be a strong little man.With God,you rest in peace.You will always continue to be in everybody's hearts.It hurt me to lose you,but you won't have to suffer anymore.In Heaven never forget my Drew.

I leaned against Zayn again.He put his arm around me."He won't suffer."Zayn said.I cried into his chest."I miss him."I said."I bet he wants you to stay strong." "Probably." "Did he worry about you?" "Yea.He would yell at me when I cried in pain." I hugged Zayn.

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