The FMS Girl

I had hurt for 12 years.But when I had to go on life support because I stopped breathing because of the stress of the pain,the doctors said I had FMS of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.My BFF Harley bought front row and backstage tickets for a get well present.I meet One Direction.Will one of them fall in love with me?


15. Let's Leave

Zayn's POV

My heart was in my stomach.I knew she wanted to leave,but the doctors need to keep an eye on her for a little bit.I kissed her softly.I layed in the bed with her.Kaileigh sobbed into my chest."I will try to get you out soon."I said gently.I put my arms around her.Kaileigh took a deep breathe.We both fell asleep.I heard someone come in.It was Niall."Hey Zayn.Wake up.We can leave."Niall stated.I woke up.I picked Kaileigh up. We walked out of the hospital.Our tour bus has been repaired.I layed Kaileigh on one of the beds.I sat at the end of the bed.I was like that all day.It was now 9:37 pm.I was the only one awake.Niall walked over to me."Zayn why are you still awake?"Niall asked.I just starred at Kaileigh. "Oh I see.You are just as nervous as Harley.She is so nervous for Kaileigh that I had to force her to go to sleep."Niall said."Why does Harley care so much about Kaileigh?"I asked."Zayn this is what Harley told me.Harley was the only one who believed Kaileigh about her pain.The doctors said she was lying.I know this is going to sting your heart,but do you see that scar on the side of Kaileigh's left arm?"Niall said.I looked at her arm.There was a scar."Yeah.What about it?" "Kaileigh was 7 when her pain started.Her doctors and parents words hurt her so much,she cut herself.Kaileigh told Harley.Kaileigh knew Harley would be the only one who listened to her." Niall was right,that did sting my heart."You see,Harley has protected Kaileigh.But Kaileigh protects her.When they were in 5th grade,Kaileigh was letting a boy hurt her and bully her because he first was Harley.Kaileigh said she would rather be bullied."Niall said.Harley walked over to us."You guys don't understand Kaileigh.She tells herself she is fat,ugly,stupid, and worthless to keep people from telling me it.Kaileigh once....."Harley started to say.She started to cry.Niall hugged her."Harley what did she do?"Niall asked."Kaileigh once beat herself because of it.She broke her arm from punching to hard.But she only did it for me.I was short.People made fun of me.When Kaileigh talked to them,they bullied her.But she let it happen.Her anger and depression grew worse."Harley said.Ok,now that hurt me.But how would anyone would want to hurt this pretty girl?And Harley.Why would they want to hurt them?"Harley why did they bully you guys?"I asked."Let me finish.After awhile,people just bullied Kaileigh.They didn't come after me.People laughed when her brother died.Now you know why Kaileigh cries a lot.She has no hope.She has no faith.Yesterday Kaileigh told me that you,Zayn,has been one of the best thing ever to happen to her." Harley said.I looked at Kaileigh."Let me show you two something." Harley said.She pulled a sock off one of Kaileigh's foot.On her ankle there was writing.I read the part Harley pointed to.It said:

I know a lot of things,but I have no clue what to do about life.I never know if I should stay or leave.Life is challenging.But I must win for the 2 people I love.Harley and Zayn.

Harley had tears run down her face.She pointed to the one below it.It read:

Sometimes I feel like I am forgotten.But I know someone loves me. Even if it did take awhile to find him,I am happy.No matter what,I must stay strong.

Now I am crying.I couldn't believe this.Harley ran to her bed.Niall followed.I layed down by Kaileigh."I love you."I said faintly.

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