The FMS Girl

I had hurt for 12 years.But when I had to go on life support because I stopped breathing because of the stress of the pain,the doctors said I had FMS of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.My BFF Harley bought front row and backstage tickets for a get well present.I meet One Direction.Will one of them fall in love with me?


14. It's ok I'm Here

Zayn's POV

I quietly shut the door.Niall was standing at the door."Did she tell you about her brother and sister?"Niall asked."Yes."I said."Harley is like traumatized.At least that is what I think." "I don't think she is.I think she is just in shock." "FYI,Zayn is right."Harley called from down the hallway.Niall grinned.I was going to laugh,but now wasn't the time."Want to go to the hospital's cafeteria to get something to eat?"Niall asked. "Sure."I replied.I starred at Kaileigh's door.Then walked down the hallway.I hope she will be ok alone.


I was asleep for a little bit.I woke up alone.Zayn wasn't in the room.I got up to look for him.But the nurse came in."I don't think you should go anywhere."the nurse said."What about my knee?"I asked."Your knee was not disturbed." "Ok." I looked at my arm.It was in a sling.I sat back down on the bed.Right before the nurse was going to leave I asked,"Could you find Zayn for me?" "Sure."she said.I layed down.I looked at my window. Why do I have to be back in the hospital?I asked myself.Oh well.Zayn walked in."Sorry I went to the cafeteria to eat." Zayn said.He gently hugged me.I could now feel the pain in my arm. "Ouch!"I yelled."Sorry love."Zayn said."I want to leave Zayn."I said. "I know you do,but you have to stay." "Please get me out of here." "I will try my best babe."

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