The FMS Girl

I had hurt for 12 years.But when I had to go on life support because I stopped breathing because of the stress of the pain,the doctors said I had FMS of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.My BFF Harley bought front row and backstage tickets for a get well present.I meet One Direction.Will one of them fall in love with me?


8. I was Listening


I could hear every word Niall and Zayn said.They are smart.I looked at Zayn."Now you now."I said.I sighed.I was crying my eyes out.Zayn picked me up and sat me in his lap.He held me close."I am so sorry."Zayn said."They never liked me."I said."Well I like you." "You do." "Yes." "Thanks." Zayn kissed me forehead.He was a mess about it too."Don't tell Harley yet."I said."She doesn't know you had a sister?" "No." "Ok."Zayn wiped the tears from both of our faces.We stayed up the rest of the night. I was some what tired.But I was willing to stay up.Zayn sat next to me.He never left my side.I think he likes me.I like him too,but I don't want to say.My knee was hurting."Zayn my knee really hurts."I said."Lets prop it up on your bed."Zayn said.He got one of his pillows.He put it under my knee.Zayn next to me on my bed.We talked for a little bit."Hey that song you sang earlier.Did you sing it because it relates to your brother?"Zayn said."Yea." "Would you sing it to me?" "Sure." I sang the song."You have a really good voice."Zayn said."I do?"I asked."Yes." "Thanks." "I am just saying what is true." I hugged Zayn.He held fairly close.I started to get butterflies in my stomach."Kaileigh could I ask you something?"Zayn asked."Sure."I replied."Would you be my girlfriend?" "Yes Zayn.I hugged him tightly.I can't believe he asked my out.I felt happy.Ever since the deaths I have been a mess.I kissed Zayn's cheek.He smiled."Zayn do you really like me?"I asked."Of course.Can I tell you something?" "Yes." "I have loved you from the start." "Thanks Zayn."

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