Only you can save me

This story is about a girl that new zayn malik her who life and the last time she saw her was at her moms wedding. She decides to run away. Zayn turns her life around gets her back to her old self.They fall in love while he helps her.


2. new york

It was 10:00 at night when i made it to new York, new York. It was gorgeous at night. The taxi driver said welcome to new York traffic. The cars were bumper to bumper, completely stopped. The taxi driver said we were going to be an hour. About 30 minutes went by and i saw i mean not literally he was on billboard with 4 other guys. I read and saw that they were having a concert. I thought i should go since i haven't seen him in forever but it would be to much money. The traffic let up and we were actually driving. He pulled over in front of a hotel. Here we are ms. He said. I grabbed my stuff and got out of the taxi. I took a second to let it in. I made it, I actually made it, i couldn't believe it. I walked in the hotel. It was gorgeous and huge. I walked to the front desk and asked if i could stay for a week. They said maximum was 2 weeks. I toke it. I gave them cash up front. The woman told me their may be disruption the next 2 weeks. I said its fine. I went over to the elevator and you only see these elevators in malls where i lived. Its one of those that was see through. I walked out and walked to my room.

When i walked in my room I was struck. The hotel just got better. I closed the door behind me as i walked in. It was like walking into some rich persons apartment. It was so pretty. It had two couches facing each other. At one of the heads of the couch. There were three stairs to get to a desk. Behind it was a balcony. I walked out onto the balcony all the lights made the night gorgeous. I sat on the chair that was on my left next to the table. I sat there. I started to cry. I didn't think she even remembered me or new i was gone. I got up and headed to my room. When i walked in i saw a kitchen. It was pretty big for a hotel. I opened the fridge it was empty. I went to the cabinets. I grabbed a cup. I grabbed me a glass of ice water. I grabbed my suitcase and my drink to the room. The room was big it had to be a California king bed. I put my bag on the bed and put my drink on the dresser. I took a shower. I put on a gown that i made look more well the new me. I grabbed my drink and walk back to the balcony. Its amazing how new York was still pretty at 11:00 at night. I sat down staring in the sky, the moon, and the lights. I got up about 30 minutes later. I went over to the ledge when there was a gate. I got up on the gate. I stood there staring at the ground. It was so far that it scared me. I jumped back. I grabbed my drink and went inside. I walked over to the couch. I turned it on and watched about an hour of TV. I felt tired so i turned it off and went to the room. I watched the TV. I guess i fell asleep.
I was in a white dress that flowed so beautiful. I was walking on a beach. The sun was setting. I ran into him. He had brown hair, and brownish green house. he was about 5'7 i think. He was so handsome. I put my head towards the horizon so he didn't notice me. But he was actually running towards me. He said hi. we started talking it was like we were married. I laughed at what he said and put my head down. We were married. It must had been the honeymoon of my dreams. None our friends were there. He ran into the water and i ran after him. He splashed me. I splashed him back. This happened for a little bit. Then he came close to me. We leaned in for a kiss. Then i woke up.
I woke up and went to the living room and typed in my old name. The last news there was for me was about 1 week ago. I felt my heart sank like she already gave up on me. I pulled up MapQuest and printed a map of new York city. I went to my room. i put the room key in my wallet. I grabbed all my other credit cards and cut them in halve. I put the wallet in my pocket. I went shopping. I was walking back about 8:30 I saw a bus go but me with his face on there. I was seeing him everywhere. I kept walking. I made it to the hotel. I slowed down my walking when i saw his tour bus. I slowed down really bad i actually stopped. There were screaming fans everywhere. I kept walking when the door man said "are you okay miss" when i got inside i went to the elevator and went up. I put my bags up and about 15 minutes later the screaming was loud. I walked out and went to the balcony where you can see down they were walking in. I went back to my room and turned on my TV. I went to the kitchen and started making me fettuccine chicken Alfredo noodles. By the time I was done eating the screaming had stop. I cleaned the dishes i used and i turned off the TV. I went and took a shower and went to bed after words.

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