Only you can save me

This story is about a girl that new zayn malik her who life and the last time she saw her was at her moms wedding. She decides to run away. Zayn turns her life around gets her back to her old self.They fall in love while he helps her.


1. Leaving forever

                It felt like just yesterday i was with him. The one guy im myself around, the one guy that made me smile. last time i saw him was at my moms wedding she married this guy i didnt like. He had a record. After she came back from her wedding she ignored me. I felt that the only way i could get her to notice me is if i disapeared. Thats what im going to do tonight. I went over to my dressor. I grabbed my hair clippers and my hair dye. I cut my hair to the bottom of my ears. I grabed my hair dye and dyed my hair a dark purple. I walked to my suit case i started cutting my clothes so my mom wouldnt think it was me if she saw me. After i was done with my clothes i put them in my suit case.i went over to my laptop and went to the settings. I changed my name to lizzy. I changed the password too while i was at it.i went to my pictures and deleted all of them except the ones with me and him. His name zayn stoke their like nothing else. i put secret on the folder they were in and a password on the folder. i changed my background to a skull with pink hearts floating around. I put my laptop in my bag. I grabbed my shoes and made them completly diffrent. I fixed my clothes and my jacket. I grabbed my makeup and pulled out a black lipstick and put it on with a shimmer clear on top. I put alot of eyeliner on not as much as i used to where but not to much to make me look etrousious. I grabbed my bag and walked to my window. My window is one of those ones where u can just walk on to the roof. I opened my window and slid my suit case through it. I went to my door and unlocked it. I went back to my wndow and climbed out of it. I left my window cracked not where u can tell but where i would be able to climb back in. I threw my suit case down and waited 15 minutes. Then i got down. I grabbed my bag and went to my car. I drove for about 30 minutes out of the county at least. I pulled over and started walking i left my keys in the ignition.I walked untill it was morning and went over to the woods i strapped the suitcase to my back and climbed up a tree. It want until i was up top when i realized i can see everything. I toke the book bag off and strapped it to the tree. I eventually fell asleep. I had woke up when i heard something flap by me it was an owl. I realized it was time to start walking again. I spent about 2 days doing this. I havent heard anything nor did pople reconize me when i walked by my old friends. I decided that i would walk a whole daay and night and i would make it out of state. I felt hungry so i decided to get something to eat. While i was eating two cops walked in. I got a feeling that something bad was going to happen. I kept to my self but still listened to their conversation. They were talking about me but they didnt know it. I got really scared i didnt know what to do. I decided to finish eating. When i got up to throw my food away they stopped me. They wanted to search my bag and i let them i was sure they werent going to find out anything. They asked me where i was going. I told them to my aunts shes really sick. They let me go. I walked about a mile from there and went to a newspaper stand i was the cover. The headline news. I went to a bench and put the newspaper in my laptop bag.I finally made it out of state. I decided there wasnt any harm of sleeping in a confortable bed and getting a nice shower. I went to a hotel. I had no trouble getting a room. I went to my room, locked the door and closed the blinds. I opened my suit case and grabbed me some cloths to wear. I toke an hour shower. It felt amazing getting all the dirt out from under my nails, and in my hair. I got out i was drying my hair it grew a couple inches. I cut my hair again it didnt need to be redied yet. I walked over to the bed. It didnt take me that long to fall asleep. I woke up around 10. I turned on the news i was on it. How was i on the news when i didnt live in this state. I turned off the news and opened my laptop. I took the newspaper and took pictures of the pages and colums i was on. I saved it in 'secret' folder. I closed my laptop and put it up. I grabbed my stuff and checked out. It was about a week till i got to new york by taxi.

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