Only you can save me

This story is about a girl that new zayn malik her who life and the last time she saw her was at her moms wedding. She decides to run away. Zayn turns her life around gets her back to her old self.They fall in love while he helps her.


3. Football and shopping

The next day i woke up by my next door neighbors. It sounded like they were having fun. I missed having fun with my friends. But i cant go back, I wont go back. I went to the TV and turned it on the news. I saw the heading 1st day of fall. I walked outside you could tell it was fall morning. It was a little chilly. I was pretty but to cold and i havent bout me a jacket yet. I went back inside and cooked me some breakfast. I made 2 sunny side up eggs, 4 perfect sausages, 2 pieces of bacon, and a glass of orange juice. I went over to the couch and sat down. The news said todays high-82 low-56 tomorrows high-79 low-55. I knew i was going to need a jacket. After i was done eating i washed off my dishes and toke a shower. I put on a Black shirt that said IMA BOSS. It was cut to show my sholders and cut to where when you lift your hands it shows your stomach so i wore a tanktop under it. I wore some skinny jeans and the pear shoes i wore on my way up here. I planned on buying new ones since they were worn out. I straightened my hair and put my bangs in a bumpet. I put on some eyeliner that lashes out at the end, some dark shiney purple eyeshadow, some red lipstick. I grabbed my wallet and left. I was putting my room key in my wallet and i ran into him. I looked up it was like looking at an angel. He was so handsome. He was playing football with his friend. His friend had blond hair and bright blue eyes. I probobaly could see his eyes from 50 feet away. His eyes were so pretty. He had an Irish accsent. Mine was a mixed accsent I had a carribean, irish,english, american, australlian, and new zealend accent. "Sorry" I said hesitante of even getting a word out. "its okay we shouldn't been throwing around the football in the halls anyway." his voice was so amazing. It warmed my heart from top to bottom. "No I probably would play football in the hall if i had friends to hang out with and if i knew how to throw one." I said with a joking tone." its really easy here ill show you." He said. He pulled me in his arms without me having a say. He put his arms around mine. He put one hand on a football and pulled it back and threw it. His muscles tensed when he went to winde up. I wish he new who i was but he didnt because my look is completly different. There now you know how to throw a football." He exclaimed. " Thats one down but i still need a friend to throw it with." I said while walking away. I faced the ground while walking to the elevator. I felt i knew i was blushing. I got in the elevator. There were not as much girls there as last night. I walked outside. It was still cold. I walked for about an hour. It started to warm up but it was still cold. I went into one store and bout me a jean jacket, a light jacket that was blue with purple skulls, a heavier jacket that was white and had fake animal skin on it. I also bout an umbrella that had skulls and tombstones on it. I went to another store and got me 3 purses and 6 wallets. It was about 6 when i went back to the hotel. I put my bags in my room except the ones with my purse items i put that in the living room. I went to the kitchen and got a drink when someone knocked on my door.It was zayn. I let him in.

Zayn was so hot but they were all. I didnt think he recognized me. Why would he i look completly diffrent i dont wear the same make-up or clothes, i didnt even have the same hair style or color. "Make yourself at home." I walked over to the living room and turned on the tv. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of pans. I started cooking. About 30 minutes later i was done. I made him a plate. I grabbed us 2 cokes since i was done with my water. I put the cokes on the coaster at the end table. I opened his and put his tab to the side. I opened mine and put the tab the opposite way. I went back to the kitchen and grabbed the food. I gave him a plate. He started crying. Why was he crying. "whats wrong?" I had no idea why he was crying and it made me want to cry. "My girl that grew up with me ran away a month ago and her mom is still freaking out. This is her favorite show and her favorite food. She always moved the cap over like you. Its like your the darker vertion of her." He was describing me. I knew he was. he started making me cry but i tryed to hold it in. "I'm so sorry." He looked towards the tv. "What makes it all worst she didnt tell me y and she always tells me everythin." He looked at his food and started eating. "She seems pretty important." I started eating to. "I would do anything for her and i mean anything."  I cant believe i hurt him that much. The rest of the night was pretty dull. After he left i put the little bit of food away. I cleaned the dishes and took a shower. I went to my room and got on my old facebook there were 76 messages. I logged back out i couldnt read them they would notice. I put my laptop up and went to bed.

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