True Love

The last part of my trilogy. Mekayla loses her memory. Will she get it back? Will Niall and Mekayla last? Will Liam and Jackie last? Find out in this story.


3. This Scar Will Last..

Jackie's POV I woke up and I saw 2 calls from Niall, 4 calls from Harry, 3 calls from Zayn and 7 from Louis. What was so important? I called Niall. '

*Phone Convo*
Me: Why have you guys been calling me all morning?
Niall: Liam's hurt!
Me: Where is he?
Niall: The hospital. We are all here.
Me: I'm on my way!
Niall: Hurry he's been asking for you all morning
Me: I'll be there in 20 minutes.
Niall: Okay, Bye!
Me: Bye!
I hung up. I threw on an outfit very quickly. I didn't even put on make up on. I drove there as quick as possible.
Niall: Thank God you're here!
Me: Where is he?
Niall: Follow me.
Me: Okay.
Niall leaded me to the room where Liam is.
Liam: You're here! Me: Of course I am!
I almost cried. (almost)
Me: How did you get hurt?
Liam: I was driving to see you and I got into a car accident.
Me: (softly) This is all my fault....
Liam: Don't you dare say that.
Me: It is.
Liam: It will never be your fault. What I do is my fault.
I cried. Zayn walked in.
Zayn: Are you okay?
Me: No, it's my fault!
Liam: No it's not!
I walked out in tears.
Louis: You know this is your fault right?
Me: I know.
Louis: You don't belong here.
Me: I know I'm going home and packing my bags.
Niall: Don't you dare!
Me: Like Louis said i don't belong
Niall: You're not going anywhere.
Me: Goodbye.

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