True Love

The last part of my trilogy. Mekayla loses her memory. Will she get it back? Will Niall and Mekayla last? Will Liam and Jackie last? Find out in this story.


4. Plan B

Jackie's POV
I left in a heart beat. Niall, Zayn and Harry followed me. |
Harry: Don't go, Liam will be broken hearted.
Niall: You will be too.
Me: I guess I'm leaving broken hearted.
Zayn: Don't go your family to us.
Harry: Even Louis. He's just upset.
Me: I'm gonna miss you.
Niall: Okay guys plan B.
Me: Plan B?
They picked me up and threw me in Niall's car.
Me: Hey! This is concidered kidnapping!
Niall jumped in the front and Harry and Zayn in the back.
Zayn: Not if you know the people!
Me: Ugh! That's true!
They started to laugh. We pulled up to Niall's house.
Zayn: You're gonna stay here for the next few years.
Harry: You mean days not years!
Zayn slapped himself in the head. I started laughing.
Niall: Once this blows over you can go home.
Zayn: Yea.
Zayn hit Harry.
Harry: What the hell man?
Zayn: You should have seen that coming.
Harry: True.

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