Unexpected Love

An average teenage girl named Avalanah she's 15 soon 16 one day she went to the parc..she was reading her book but all of a sudden a guy named Louis Tomlison started annoying(Funny way) her

Hope you will like reading my story -X(:


1. New Friends

One day Avalnah decided to go to the parc to read her book
"Bye Mom Love you"She yelled

"Hey missy where do you think your going?"Her mom said

"Maman im going to the parc"Avalanah said while rolling her eyes

"Okay but be careful sweetie but first wheres my hug?"Her mom said

Avalanah smiled and went to give her mom a hug

"Bye mom love you"Avalanah

"Love you too sweetie...Now go!"Cinthia said and smiled

Avalanah went and open the door and she walked to the parc it was 10 minutes away..She putted her hearphones on
13 minutes later Avalanah went to sit on the bench and read

"Hello their miss"Random guy said

"...."Avalanah said nothing

"Oh i see ignore me..Fine two can play that game"He said and sat beside Avalanah

5 minutes of silent

"Okay i give up yoi win i needed to talk so now you won so you could talk to me now"He said

"What?"Avalnah took off his hearphones

"Ohh Akward...Anyways hi im Louis"Louis said with a big smile on his face

"Heuu??Hey im Alanah"She said with a confuse look

"What you reading?"Louis

"Hunger Games"Alanah

"Why would you do that when the movie his at the store"Louis

"Well because i love reading books"She smiled

"Me too"Louis


"Nah not really its boring reading"Louis

"Not its not!"Avalanah

"Yes it is anyways would you my lady care to come to tim's with me?"Louis said and he got up

"What?..ive only known you for like 8 minutes

"Thats why i want you to come to get a coffe with me so we could talk"Louis

"No thanks"Avalanah

"Come on please its not far away its only going to take 10 minutes to go to tims"Louis

"Humm...Okay than"Avalanah

Avalanah got up and putted his book in her puma bag they started to walk to tims and they were talking to eachother and they smiled,laugh a girl came up to Louis

"Oh my god oh my god can i have your otographe and can i take a picture with you?"The fan asked

"Yeah shure"Louis smiled

Louis singned her stuffs and took a picture with her and the girl left with a big smile on her face

"Okay this is akward"Avalanah laughed

"Ahah get use too it cause im in a band"He smirked

"Really wich band?"Avalanah

"Wow you really need to go out mlre and im in One Direction"Louis

"i do go out"Avalanah

"I believe you anyways here we are....Shall we my love?"Louis Smiled

"Yes we shall my lover"Avalnah giggled and grabed the hand of Louis

They both found a place to sit

"What would you care to take my love?Louis smiled and tried not to laugh

" A capuccino please and thank you my love"Avalanah

You both laughed and Louis went to order you decided to call your mom but it went to voice mail


"Hey mom im at tims with Louis ohh he's a new friend that i made today"Avalanah

She hung up the phone,Louis came with the coffes well cappucinos

"Thanks my love"Avalanah smiled

They both drank their cappucino and talked to eachother

"Can i ask you something?"Avalanah

"You could ask me anything"Louis smiled

"What would you have done if i said no to you to come at tims?"Avalanah

"Oh i would of probably sing out loud to make you come with me"Louis

"Lucky i said yes"Avalanah laughed

"Oh damg right you are"Louis

They both finished drinking Louis got up and goes infronf of Avalanah on one knee

"Avalanah would you care to make me the most happy-"Louis git cut off by Niall

"Their you are mate!Wait whos she?and were you going to propose?"Niall's jaw opend wide and laughed

"Im Avalanah and no he wasent going to propose.....were you Louis?"Avalanah

"No i wasent"Louis got up and walked to Niall and gave him a bro hug

"Good cause your to young to get married"Niall

"Yeah your right and she's to young to"Louis

"How old is she?"Niall

"Niall i have a name and im 15"Avalanah

"Dude she's amazing"Louis

Avalanah blusehd and smiled

"Oh look she's blushing"Niall laughed

"Ah shut up braces face"Avalanah laughed

"Burn!!...Hop top Ava"Louis

Avalanah gave Louis a high five and laughed and Louis got his hand around Avalanah's shoukder

"Ah come on Louis its our thing"Niall winned

"Sorry bro she won"Louis

We all laughed even Niall

"Anyways i got to get going back at home"Avalanah

"Ah come on please dont go"Louis

"Sorry Louis i have to go"Avalanah

"Okay but atleast can we go all together?Louis

"Yeah shure"Avalanh

"Wait so if you say can we all go so it means i come to right?"Niall smiled

"Yes you can come"Louis

We all got out of tims and Louis was in the middle he putted his arms around Me and Niall's shoulder

"Ahh my two buddies"Louis smiled

We all talkedbut mostly Niall did all of the talking he kept going on and on,Niall stoped talking

"Wait can you hear that?"Avalanah

"No what"Niall

"Its quiet now its peaceful"Avalanah laughed

"Hop top Lou!"Avalanah

"No no...i just feel sad for you now"Louis said in a serious

"Hahahah Burnn...Hop top bro!"Niall laughed

They did a high five right in front of me and laughed

"Hahahah big boys are piking on a younger girl than them"Avalanah smiled

"No we arent"Louis

"i was joking"Avalanah laughed

"Anyways guys this is where i live so bye"Avalanah

"Hey wheres my hug?Louis

"Niall has it"Avalanah

"Ahh come on please Avalanah i take your hug back"Louis smiled

"Okay come were"Avalanah

We both hug Niall got his phone out and took a picture and posted it on twitter saying (Look at the newest couple and their so cute together:)) he had so many likes all ready Louis and Avalanah broke up the hug and Avalanah kissed Louis on the cheek,Avalanah walked to Niall and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek

"Anyways bye guys it was really fun talking to you guys"Avalanh said and opend the door

Louis called Zayn and told him to pick them up to Boulevard street
They waited and waited for Zayn to pick them up

"Look Zayn is overtheir"Niall

"Are you shure because people has cars like that too stupid"Louis Laugh

"Okay but why is it coming towards us?"Niall

"Oh never mind"Louis

The car pulled over by us but it wasent Zayn it was a guy



The guy went to Avalanah's house

"Who are you?!"He yelled so the guy could hear him

"Oh sorry for my bad maners him Tyler and who guys are?No let me guess you guys are Louis and Niall"Tyler

"Yes we are"Niall and Louis

Tyler came towards them

"So what are you guys doing here?"Tyler

"Well its a long story but we came with Avalanah"Louis

"Cool...She's really pretty aint she"Tyler smiled

"Yeah she is so tell me tyler what are you doing here?"Louis

"Came to see my girlfriend Avalanah"Tyler

"Oh cool she dint tell me she had a boyfriend"Louis smiled

"i came here too suprise her she dosent know im coming"Tyler

"Louis i think thats Zayn over their"Niall pointed

"Anyways bye nice meeting you guys"Tyler waved and went to the front door and knocking
Avalanah opens the door and she screams and jumps on Tyler and hugs him her legs are wrap around him

"Oh my god Tyler you came?!"Avalanah

"Anything for you babe"Tyler

Tyler putted Avalanah down and kissed her the car pulled over and Zayn got off

"See i told you it was Zayn"Niall

"Hey guys"Zayn

"Oh Tyler i love you"Avalanah

"I love you you too babe"Tyler kissed her cheek

They both came to see us

"Louis,Niall?i tought you guys have left"Avalanah

"Well we should have but Zayn took so long just to come"Louis was so serious

"Sorry guys but you know i dont know this town very much"Zayn smiled

"yeah we know that"Niall and Louis

"Anyways have you met my boyfriend Tyler?"Avalanah

"Yeah we did"Niall

"We've been together for 6 months now right babe"Tyler said with a smile on his face

"Ah Tyler im the most lucky girl in the world"Avalanah

"Come on god why do i always have to fall in love with girls that are allready inlove with their boyfriends?im just asking for one girl"Louis said to himself(in his head)

"No im the most lucky guy in the world babe"Tyler smiled

"Anyways giys we should get going Harry and Liam are waiting for us"Zayn

"Bye Louis Zayn and well you to Niall"Tyler

"Bye guys"Avalanah

"Heres are hug?"Zayn with a puppy eye

"Hahahahh old fashion arent you Zayn im going to hug you anyways since you are begging"Avalanah Laughed

Avalanah gave everybody a hug

"Babe heres my kiss"Tyler smiled

"Why do boys always do that?"Avalanah

She went and stand infront of Tyler and looked at his blue eyes

"Still Waiting"Tyler

"Your not going to find it with me"Avalanah

"Finw if you wont kiss me ill kiss you"Tyler

Zayn,Niall and Louis were just looking at them cause their was such a cute couple
Tyler grabbed Avalanah's waist and pulled her closer to him and they kissed Tyler grabbed Avalanah in a bride way and went to the frontdoor and opend the door and they went in they closed the door.


"i know right their so cute together"Zayn

"Yeah they are"Louis said but in a sad way

"So anyways we should get going"Niall


We all went in the car it was really silent but not in a akward way it was a 20 minutes drive back to out hotel

"Babe you know im jelous when your hugging other guys and that only proves that i care about you"Tyler said while my head was on his laps and he played with my hair

"Ohh sweetie dont be jelous of them because you have one thing that they dont have"Avalanah said and turned around to face him

"And what is that lover?Tyler smiled

"My heart"Avalanah said

Tyler smiled and kissed her cheek

"I love you babe"Tyler

"But i love you more"Avalanah

"Not possible and its FINAL!"Tyler said

"Please Sweetie say that you love me more"Avalanah said with a puppy eye

"Oh fine anything for you so you love me more but im also a good liar"Tyler smile

Avalanah slowly falled asleep on Tyler's lap when she woke up she saw Tyler asleep

"Oh sweetie your just to cute when you sleep"She whisperd smilling

Tyler was slowly waking up

"Hey babe"Tyler was slowly open his eyes


"When did you wake up?"Tyler

"Maybe one hour ago"Avalanah

"Woah shiet really?"Tyler

"Hahah just kidding 5 minutes ago"Avalanah smiled

"Your such a joker let me give you your punishement babe"Tyler smile and started tickling Avalanah

"Sweetie im soorey"Avalanah tried to talk but she couldnt because she was laughing to much

Tyler stopped tickilng her

"Your so beautiful"Tyler

"And your so handsome"Avalanah

Avalanah got up and sat on Tyler to face him and kiss they were french Avalanah was lifting the shirt of Tyler and he broke up the kiss

"No no babe please stop we said no sex until marriage"Tyler

"Thats why i love you your so sweet"Avalanah

"Ah what the heck forget what we said"Tyler took of his shirt and the shirt of Avalanah

"Im good with that"Avalanah

And you know what happend next
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