Unexpected Love

An average teenage girl named Avalanah she's 15 soon 16 one day she went to the parc..she was reading her book but all of a sudden a guy named Louis Tomlison started annoying(Funny way) her

Hope you will like reading my story -X(:


2. Fun and Love

Avalanah and Tyler woke up from the thing they did together

"Wow babe you your amazing"Tyler

"No you your amazing"Avalanah

"Lets just say we both were amazing"Tyler kissed her cheek

"im good with that sweet heart"Tyler

The phone rings

"ill get it"Avalanah

Avalanah gets up wraps herself with the blanket and goes answer the phone

"Oh my god babe still the most sexiest thing ive ever seen *Fut Fut*"Tyler whistles

"Very funny sweetie shushh now"Avalanah

*Conversation on the phone*


-Hey sweetie its mommy i want you to know that im not going to be home for maybe 1-2 weeks so no party miss(Mother

-What?Why?Where are you?!(Avalanah

-im helping a friend that is really sick her babysitter went in vacation so im here to watch her(Mother

-Okay bye maman love you(Avalanah

-Bye sweetie and please be careful(Mother

-i will(Avalanah

Avalanah hangs up the phone


"What"Tyler whispers in her ear and holds her waist

"Ahah i dint even hear you,yor sneaky"Avalanah turns around to face him

"Yes i am"Tyler

"Guess what"Avalanah

"That you love me"Tyler

"Yes i love your but its not it"Avalanah

"Hmm that im really handsome"Tyler

"Yes you are but thats not it either"Avalanah

"Tell me than or im going to punish you"Tyler laughed

"And what will be your punishement?"Avalanah

"tickle you"Tyler

"Okay im going to tell you,my mom wont be back for 1 or 2 weeks so i have the home to myself"Avalanah

"Okay so im going too stay here with you so i can protect you"Tyler

"Oh my own protector"Avalanah kissed the cheek of Tyler"Avalanah

"Yes im going to be your own saviour but first are you starting to be hungry because i am"Tyler

"Yes im starting...Do you want me to cook?"Avalanah

"No im going to cook for my special girlfriend"Tyler

"if you want to but before you gotta put your boxers and pants on sweetie"Avalanah Laughed

"No because im comfortable but ill atleast put my boxers for you"Tyler

"Okay but im going to put on my clothes on"Avalanah

"No you arent ive got a better idea"Tyler

Tyler grabbed the hand of Avalanah

"Okay Okay"Avalanah

"Here put that on"Tyler handed his shirt to Avalanah


"i still remember when we talkked in the phone and you told me that you wanted to put one of my shirts on for a hole day now im making your wish come true"Tyler

"Aww you remembered?"Avalanah

"Of course i did"Tyler

Avalanah putted the shirt of Tyler and her panties

"Thanks Baby"Avalanah

"For what?"Tyler

"For making one of my wish come true and remembering it"Avalanah

"Like i said before anything for my girlfriend"Tyler

"i love you"Avalanah

"im going to make you love me more by cooking"Tyler

"oh can you make me spagattie?Please"Avalanah

"Of course my lover but let menput on my boxers"Tyler

Tyler putted on his boxers

"Hey babe do you want to invite your new friends?"Tyler

"if you want to but ill love them to come"Avalanah

"Well im saying yes"Tyler

"Thanks Sweetie"Avalanah

Tyler called the guys

*Conversation on the phone*


-Hey dude its Tyler(Tyler

-Hey dude so why did you call?(Louis

-Well me and Avalanah would like for you guys to come and eat at Avalanah's place(Tyler

-What do you think guys?(Louis

-We would love to(The boys

-Wait youve got me on speaker?(Tyler

-Yeah anyways were coming(Louis

Louis hangs up the phone and after Tyler hangs up too

"So sweetie what did they say?"Avalanah

"They said yes"Tyler

"Oh my god okay lets get started"Avalanah

"Okay but first put on some thing because i dont want other people seing my girl in only her underwear"Tyler

"Oh right okay okay so what should i put on some shorts,Jeans or pyjama?"Avalanah


"Pyjamas it is than"Avalanah

Avalanah puts on his pyjamas and well Tyler puts his jeans they go down stairs and start cooking

*Ding Dong*

"it must be the boys"Avalanah

"Come in!!"Tyler shouts

Louis,Zayn,Niall,Harry and Liam comes in and take off their shoes
Avalanah goes to see them and hugs them all

"Hey im Liam"Liam

"Hey im Avalanah"Avalanah

"Your right Louis she's pretty even with her pyjamas on allready"Harry

"Hahah very funny"Avalanah

"Okay now so wheres your boyfriend"Niall

"in the kitchen"Avalanah

"Step aside"Niall

Niall goes in the kitchen and opens the fridge

"Babe why is Niall is in the kitchen and searching for something in the fridge?"Tyler

"How should i know"Avalanah

"Oh look a mirror"Zayn

Zayn goes looks himself infront of the mirror

"Welcome to my world"Louis

"Oh look a cat"Harry

"Harry dont move dont go to see the cat"Liam

"i cant he's just to cute"Harry

"Harry if you go see that cat im going to ground your cat from you"Liam


Short chapter ive got to go-.- anyways hope you like it<3(:
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