Meeting Your Fate

Kayla is a quiet girl with no friends. Only because she has no one to make friends with. She lives in the country with horses. There is no civilization for miles and miles. She does school with books and online if she's lucky. She only lives with her dad and has never met or heard of her other family. She finds out something that almost anyone would like to discover.


2. Waterfall

Kayla's POV.

I ran into the woods and stopped. I turned back and went into my room. I picked up my tracker, which I used for lot horses. I had made it myself. You type in the name, if it is human or animal and what gender. I jumped back out and grabbed Peanut from the stables. I jumped on her and typed "Kath Linette, Human, Girl." It loaded and told me to go forwards fifty miles. Peanut ran forwards and I stopped her at around fifty miles. Next it told me to go straight into the feild. Peanut ran there and I saw Kath, tied to the carrier, and Bells, dragging the carrier along. I jumped off Peanut while she was still running and ran as fast as I could to them. Bells ran right up into a river and they were pulled away by the cuurent. They were a horselength away from a giant water fall. I dived and grabbed Bells, thinking it would pulled them all to shore. But instead Bells slid right out and was free of the carrier. I put her down and tried to grab Kath but she slipped down as I reached for her. She flew down and I grabbed my rope from Peanut's saddle. I threw the end down and almost looped it onto the carrier, but misssed by a centimeter. I put the rope away and tied a tethering rope to a loop on the saddle and attached it to Bells' new collar. I jumped on Peanut and she ran down the slope. She stopped when the ground wa level and I jumped off. I waded into the water, glad there was no current here. I walked to the carrier and held it upright. Kath was still tyed down, put her eyes were closed and she was pale and unmoving. Kath was dead.

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