Meeting Your Fate

Kayla is a quiet girl with no friends. Only because she has no one to make friends with. She lives in the country with horses. There is no civilization for miles and miles. She does school with books and online if she's lucky. She only lives with her dad and has never met or heard of her other family. She finds out something that almost anyone would like to discover.


3. The Amber Spyglass

I sobbed and sobbed. Bells barked as she looked at Kath. I dragged her out of the river and ayed her on the grass. I opened the giant saddle bag and tucked her inside. I rode Peanut home and broought Kath to the garage. I put her against the wall and turned away. "Owww......" I heard. I turned around and saw Bells jumping on Kath and Kath whining and saying ow. I screamed in delight and hugged her. "Owwww...." I stood up and she kept whinig. I carefully loaded her into the car and went to out away Peanut and Bells. I heard my dad upstairs and quickly tethered Peanut. I opened th side door and put Bells inside thn got rid of the rope hanging from the roof. I walked back to the garage. I saw my dad slamming the car door that Kath was behind and turned to me. He ran to his truck and drove away. I opened the car door and saw Kath sitting there with blood on her and bright red handprints on her. I called the cops with our phone and they came. A paramedic came and examined her. The cops helped too. One cop came to me and said "It was your da we are sure of it. He starngled her and she is mute. She cannot say a word. I helped wipe the blood of her and then she was fine. The paramedics gave her medicine for the ebbing pain from the waterfall and they left. I got in the drivers seat and drove to a feild. I got out and Kath followed. I led her to a tunnel taht sloped underground. We stopped underground and I grbbed a flashlight from my pocket. I turned it on walked farther in. I knelt down and picked up two velvet pouches. I led Kath to the truck and explained. "I did some research on our family and discovered these. They are like compasses, but you focus and turn the hnds to pictures to ask a question. Then you watch and it points to pictures to tell you the definite answer. And you can point to pictures to talk to me. And they are made entirely of amber. I carefully pulled them out and picked up the one with a picture of a tree that matched the one that made the opening of my tree cave engraved on the back. I moved my finger over the twisted trunk and branches. I concentrated and spun the hand to a group of people, meaning family, and a picture of a house. I knew that would translate as Where is my family. I don't know how I knew but I did it automatically. Kath picked up paper and a pen from the car and wrote 'I can not do anything I don't understamd it at all!' "I understand but I would never be able to explain." I told her. She nodded and put hers away. I noticed on hers engraved on the back was a picture of the CN Tower in Toronto. I drove home after putting away the amber spyglass, as I knew it was called by the engraving above my tree. Before that I looked at the answer. CN Tower, house, big city buildings, and a mountain. Cn tower meant toronto, house meant in their house, City building meant by a city building and mountain meant journey, translated as far. So far away in their house in Toronto.

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