Meeting Your Fate

Kayla is a quiet girl with no friends. Only because she has no one to make friends with. She lives in the country with horses. There is no civilization for miles and miles. She does school with books and online if she's lucky. She only lives with her dad and has never met or heard of her other family. She finds out something that almost anyone would like to discover.


1. Meeting

I grabbed my chestnut horse and jumped on her back. She fled to the forest across the street and stopped at a beautiful meadow. I jumped off and she ran backhome. I only needed her to sneek away from my dad, I was fine getting home. I made sure my hunters knife was still looped to my belt in its case, which I took for saftey. It was so I walked to the opposite end of the meadow, to the saftey of my trees. I walked in the opening and looked around. The trees were bent in a circle and some were twisted together. The branches held light green leaves and the ground was coated with purple wildflowers. They were a complete circle and you could not see in from the outside. The door was an open arch which branches with leaves shadowing the opening. I sat on my seat, which was soft hay from the barn with leaves and wildflowers ontop. I took of my necklace which was a circle of small circle gemstones. There was a glistening ruby in the middle. All the gems were lined with black trim, and so was the outide of the circle. I clutched it in my hands and slowly put it back on. I slid onto the grass and layed my head on the seat. I closed my eyes and imagined meeting my family and how we would all react. All of the sudden there was a big BANG. I shot up and ran out the door, drawing my knife. I saw a girl around my age [I was sixteen], running out of the meadow. I put away my hunters knife and charged towards her. I grabbed the back of her shirt and dragged her into the circle of trees. I stood infront of the door and looked at her. She had chocolate coloured hair, a heart shaped face and glistening green eyes. An exact replica of my face. I gased and asked, "What is your name?" "Kath Linette." That was my last name. "I'm Kayla Linette. I live here with my dad." I answered. "My dad moved away and I think you are my twin." She blurted. I gasped and hugged her. I motioned for her to follow, and walked out and to the edge of the meadow, in the direction of my house. "You can not let my dad see you." I whispered. She nodded and I ran full speed back to my house. I stopped at the stable and quietly led Peanut, my horse, into her stall. I ran to the back of the house and asked Kath, 'Where are we from?" "Toronto." She said. I groaned and said, "This may be tricky so watch carefully and repeat." I backed up and ran towards the wall. I jumped at the last second. I landed on a railing infront of a window with no glass. I grabbed the window ledge and pulled myself up. I pulled myself onto one more ledge and leaped onto the roof. Kath made a pouty face and backed up. She jumped and just managed to grab the railing with her hands. She swung around and stood on it. She pulled a foot onto the first ledge and then she fell backwards. She hooked her foot on the edge and was hanging upside down. She stuck her other foot there and swung and jumped on the ledge. She clambered on the last one and I pulled her onto the roof. I led her over to a sunlight and opened it up. I jumped in and bounced on my air mattress than scooted out of the way. Kath slid down and looked around. "AAAH!!" She screamed. I turned around and saw what she was pointing at. She was pointing at a black bat hanging from the roof. It was not exactly a pet but it flew in and out of here. I waved her scream away and walked to my small desk. I slid a pile of books aside and grabbed my camera. I turned it on and walked back to Kath and held it in front of us. I snapped some pictures and labeled them 'me and my new twin! [Kath and Kayla]'.I turned the camera off "So tell me..." I said. "Well our mother is drunk more than she's sober but she is super supportive. And well we have this annoying weasel of a cousin who is like thirteen and he thinks he owns pranks. One time he switched my bed for a water bed and I accidentally poked a hole in it an I was wet for three days straight. And our stepdad is a workaholic and has six office jobs. Our aunt and uncle are like a mom and dad. Grandma and Grandpa have a house full of the most BORING board games. And I have a friend, Maya who is mischievous and another friend Alexandra goes by Alex and is super chatty." She filled me in. "Annd.." She asked me. "Well our dad is not normal. He is nice, but he is outdated on dad stuff so he doesn't know how to act like a dad. That is why I sneak away from here and in here. He wouldn't be mad but he doesn't know what to make of it and I save him of confusion." I said. She nodded and I took off my necklace. I stared at it and remembered something. I jumped up and put the necklace on. i stood on my bed and pulled out of the sunlight. I helped Kath up and tied a piece of rope to her. I pushed her off and tied the rope to a handle on the sunlight. The rope was big enough that she was only hanging two feet from the ground. I jumped down and untied her. as I led her out the back I heard her mutter something, but I wasn't sure what. I ran to the front and grabbed keys hanging from the wall. I walked into the open garage and got into my pickup truck. Kath gingerly got inside after taking off her sweater and laying it on the seat. She buckled up and I sped at 110. I drove for half an hour and stopped at the pet store. I hope out and dragged Kath out. I led her in and walked to the back of the store. I stopped at the back and stared at the adorable puppies. I stood in front of Golden Lab and said, "I want this one." A worker came back and took her out of the cage and into a carrier. "Bells is her name." The worker said.

Bells POV. I whined as a girl walked up to me and crouched down. Then I saw a duplicate in different clothes walk up. I frowned. How could there be two of someone? Another person came and picked me out of the cage. She put me in a plastic box and closed. The door was criss crossed so I could hear and see through it. The person who put me in the plastic said "Her name is Bells." I was Bells. "I'm Kayla and this is Kath." Said the girl I had whined at. Kath must be the duplicate. Kayla took the box and handed the nameless girl some green papers. I whined and Nameless walked to a shelf and put a blanket and some toys in my box. I laid on the blanket and fell asleep. When I woke up I was in a car. Kath was  beside me and Kayla was in front. I barked. I backed up and ran into the door. It popped open and I jumped into the front seat. Kath scooped me back up and put  me in the carrier again. She closed the door and put a circle and loop thing on the part that opened it.

Kath's POV. I scooped Bells up and put her in the cage. I closed the door and put a lock on it. Ten minutes later we pulled up outside. We al got out and I carried Bells. Kayla grabbed a harness and I followed her to the back. She tied the dog carrier to the rope that was still hanging there and harnessed me to the top so I was sitting on the carrier. She jumped up with the window ledges and pulled on the rope after untying it from the sunlight. It heaved up a foot. She pulled again and e banged into the brick wall. The door of the carrier broke and the criss crosses were gone. Kayla lost purchase on the rope and we slid down. Bells ran through the door but got stuck halfway because it was too small. She kept running and the whole carrier went with her. As I was harnessed to it and had no idea how to undo the harness, I came too. Even if I had known how, I would still be stuck because it was a harness where your hands got strapped down. They were totally covered in rope which was tied around the whole carrier. Bells bounded on into the woods.

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