More than this...

My names Sophie people call me soph I'm 18 years old I got to six form college with Harry styles were just really good friends until things pull us together this I the story of how it gets more than this, x

Enjoy people of movellas! X love Elise x ❤


1. You don't understand!

I woke up just thinking about how Harry, looked at me the night before I felt so stupid the fact I leaned in to kiss him my heart sank at the thought he just seemed annoyed that Niall kissed me i mean I was trying to stop the kiss but is was just to nice, I shook my head trying to remove the thought my phone went off I looked at it in a bored way it was Harry he had my hand bag I'd left it at the party he said he was home alone so come round the back door we only lived a block away so I threw on my old jeans and a random top I was already embarrassed enough from last night I really didn't care what he thought we were to good a friends for him to criticise me I ran round and knocked on the back door.

Come in I heard Harry's voice I walked in reluctantly he picked me up into his arms and kissed me "HARRY?" I shrieked part confused part upset and part in love "what?" He kissed me again this time on the cheek I'm sorry about yesterday... You deserve more than that I was just in shock from the fact Niall kissed you " he can if he wants to and you know that you don't own me Harry I'm just not in the mood for your bloody none sense!" Harry looked at me puzzled as he did just apologise didn't he?
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