More than this...

My names Sophie people call me soph I'm 18 years old I got to six form college with Harry styles were just really good friends until things pull us together this I the story of how it gets more than this, x

Enjoy people of movellas! X love Elise x ❤


4. Harry's or Niall's?

My heart started to fade I felt my body malfunctioning as my heart gave way to death I saw Harry's face come towards me I was angry he did this to me he crashed the car my vision was blurred.

I saw Sophie lying there shaking frantically as nurses surrounded me "she has a hole in her heart she needs theatre now" the rushed her away my true love my one love Niall rushed beside the trolly she lay on as so did I she had stopped shaking and the machine had stopped they were trying to revive her a tear fell from my face, "this is all my fault I sobbed" Niall came over to me and punched hard around the face I felt my stitching on my ribs undo I moaned at the pain, a nurse ran over to me and took me into a separate room I saw Liam and Zayn rush over to me she sat there for ten minute redoing the stitches it hurt but I held back the pain
I was awake and Zayn asked me what happened "n, n Niall hit me" I stuttered I had no idea why he had hit me round the face he knew me at soph were together what his problem?

Sorry it's such a short chapter I'm tired xx
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