If we give a little love, maybe, we can change the world.♥ {Ariana Grande}

This is for every single Arianator, who really loves & support Ariana Grande.♥


3. Homecoming.♥

Angle of view; Ariana.

I'm sitting right now in the car & think about what I could do better & I thought I had done well. Nevertheless, I am very happy for the madness is over & I can now with lightened heart go home with mother. Although I have not received an answer yet, I am still more free now & I feel like I can sleep a little better at night.

'It went well fine & now I feel a little better, although thoughts flying around. I think there were many newcomers over there, I do not know if I'm as good as them. Hey, by the way, then you should turn right here, because there are road works in the other driveway, 'I had said to the mother.

'I know that you are a good actor, if only you really bother you too can it here. I can be proud of you & I'm sure. They've certainly got something to think about sweet. Yes, I know, it's Frankie told me this morning, 'said my mother.

'Thank you, mother. Your support means a lot too much. '{Ariana}

'How, then we are home. Help me, with just the goods into, because when you were auditioning, so I traded in, we needed more food. '{Joan}

'Of course, Mom,' {Ariana}

How, now I have helped my mom & is ready for a game of fun, with loud music in my room. Perhaps, it is not the greatest, but I do not want alcohol & I think this is much better. Anyway, so I found a good book rather instead, it was 'Harry Potter', the best book I have ever read. I stretched myself so I could reach the top shelf & get on my 'Harry Potter' book. It's raining outside, but I can have fun with a good book, a blanket & a cup of hot tea. Now I'm just excited for a response from Dan Schneider.

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